I need somebody that can code me a VBulletin plugin which makes users able to upload a picture to an Image Hosting website. The Image Hosting website is http://galaxyshare.com

The Plugin I need is the same like this plugin:
The only improvements to this scripts functionality is that the plugin needs the following things:
#1 I need to be able to select which USERGROUPS are able to see+use this plugin
#2 There should be a + button so users can upload up to 5 pictures at once instead one after another

Just try out the plugin from pimpandhost.com to see what it should be like.

You also need to tell me then what kinda PHP file I have to code and place on galaxyshare.com, so the forum-plugins request to a upload a picture will work.

Can you complete the project? [VBulletin Image Upload to External Site Plugin]

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