Some of you may find this familiar. I had to cancel my last project in order to make a few changes. When contacting me please send only the link of your site/portfolio or any documents you find suitable. No need to give me lots of links of your work, since i cannot see them all due to time needed to do so.
Please find below the description of my project with changes.

Need to build a brand for my company. The company will be about luxury products. It will provide information about high end expensive products and services, eg luxury travel, aircraft, toys, etc.
Clients are people with large bank accounts, sophisticated, and that love to spend money in the good aspects of life so company image needs to be modern, sophisticated and luxurious.
What i need:
-website (can be only html, with contact form. Max 10 pages. Possibly it will have a shopping cart. No need to me custom. An existing cart will sufice. Provide recomendations. Site must be quickly updated, so a backend software might be needed)
-Collateral (letterhead, business card, envelope);
-Wordpress template for blog;

Please provide information of time needed to complete the job, project price, payment options and conditions

Please provide bids not based on the project budget, but based on your value and experience

Can you complete the project? [New Company Brand]

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