Hello everyone, new user here, would like to find a partner to work on various elements of a full website redesign. Good news is… there is a complete website up now to start work from. Bad news is it needs a lot of work and I may as well be starting from scratch. Because this is my first post, I cant guarantee this will be the final or only bid, or that I will be able to accept this bid at all. I really need to see whats out there, gather a few bids for price estimates, and make contact with the person who would ultimately become a partner in the design of this site and perhaps other services. Please only take the time to bid if you understand the terms.

Also, because Im new, Im not sure if it would be best to submit my request for a full site redesign, or submit multiple requests for the various parts…. Logo, Layout Template, Database, SEO, etc. This bid is for the complete redesign project, but it would be helpful if you could break down costs for each element. And I would also like to hear from experts in their own fields, ie if you only want to work on the Database programming, please let me know.

Lastly, I am only able to give more specific information (ex: current website link, company name and details, etc) after an initial dialog by email or pm. Of course it is a must that you view the old site before working on the new site, but I cant post the link on this page.

A little bit about the client: The website will be used for Mobile DJ & MC Company that provides entertainment services at events like Weddings, Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, and School Dances. They have a roster of DJs, MCs, Dancers, Lighting Tech, Video and Sound guys, and everything you need to throw a great party. The site needs to be an informative sales tool with a very clean, classy, sophisticated, organized, intuitive, easy to use layout and design. classy colors, horizontal navigation at the top, boxes and sidebars to put important information, promotions, etc. Here are two VERY BAD examples that I found at #1 and #3 when I searched google "wedding dj companies".
Hope this will show you everything we DONT WANT. No cheesy pics, loud colors, or "too simple" designs. Need sophistication and high design value as this service is very high end and needs a website to match.

These are the basic elements I require:

1. Company Logo for web and print – one or two versions of the corporate logo as hi-res vector
2. Website Interface Template – Basic site redesign loosely based on the original concept. Need a photoshop file that I can then edit, slice, save, going forward. I would be doing the heavy lifting of adding content, text, photos, etc. Just need someone to help with initial template… header, background, color scheme, buttons, boxes, lines, logos, navigation, footer, etc.
3. CSS – to accompany the interface design. Im assuming it would be best to use HTML and CSS for the site design. My only requirement is NO FLASH.
4. Database Element – This element may or may not be included in the final bid depending on what the client wants. I would like to pitch them a database that would be integrated into the site. I think this could be a great value add, just not sure how much time it will take to complete. Client currently uses Filemaker Database and the website would use either PHP/Filemaker connection or PHP/MySQL connection. Either way, the database would contain a list of clients, client logons, password protect areas of the website, allow clients to save and edit their account information , and perhaps a client invoice/payment system.
5. SEO – This is very important in our competitive market. SEO must be kept in mind during each step of the process and it would be great to have an expert on board to can continue to assist in the future.

Thanks for your time, look forward to building a long lasting work relationship.

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