Need Immediately:

Special Coupon code valid for 1 day:

The coupon will function as normal (we dont want to change all the programming), just need to do something like this:

1. This is a special code that does not have value for deducting from order total — user gets $30.00 Free Product with min. Purchase of $25.00.

2. We Need this coupon to reflect a special message on the /catalog/checkout_payment.php page (at the top where the regular message is).

3. We Need this coupon code to reflect a special message (or at the very least, the coupon code on the EMAILED client invoice).

4. Can Set the Value to 0.01 (to override the other settings) — we dont want it to display in the order total.

5. This code is only valid for one day, so I was hoping to have some .php if statements written so we dont affect any of the other codes in place. Also, the code, cant be used with other promo codes, just like normal — has valid product list too.

If you have better way, Im not too picky — we just need it to work as it will be used right away for the Holiday here in the US!

Special consideration for those who can work in US time zone. Must be working by Tuesday afternoon (11/23).

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