I am looking for a programmer who can build a web form that can calculate totals. I belive that this can be done in Javascript.The form also needs to integrate with paypal so that the customer can make payment for the total.

e.g. Imagine I was selling a product through a website – and I want to have different configurable product options and different options for shipping e.g. regular shipping, international shipping, express shipping etc.

Each of these shipping options will be priced differently. Each of this configurable product options will be priced differently.The form should be built in such a way that it can calculate the total price of the product i.e. the price of the product + configurable options + shipping = grand total?

Please see the form on the website below. This is a great example of what I wish to build.


. I just need a form with with various configurable options. The form needs to be able to calculate the total. The total then needs to be sent to Paypal for processing.

Can you complete the project? [PHP/MySQL/JavaScript Programmer]

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