This is TEST Project to Find Skilled workers to Hire as a Full time(Salary Base) Freelancer at the end of the day.
If you pass this successfully and we choose you we will hire you :
1 – With Monthly FIX Salary (Even if you dont have work to do , we will pay your salary – We are looking for Longterm relationship)
2 – Working with a challenging team with newest technologies from your Home/City
3 – You need to have Broadband connection .

PLEASE Dont BID if you are not skilled enough
PLEASE Dont BID if you dont want to work as FULLTime Freelancer.

After successful hire of some of our team members in past , We are looking for Skilled PHP/Joomla Developer . Here we defined a Job to understand if you are skilled or no . This Test Job will not take more than 8 working hours and Bid should not be more than $30 .

We need :
1 – Your CV (Without CV , your BID will ignore.)
2 – Your Monthly Exception . (6 Working Days a week , 8 hours a day . High Bids will Ignore because we are looking to hire)

If you dont do the Job , you should release the Escrow WITHOUT ANY NEGOTIATION . (We will choose more than 1 winner , most clear and best code with best documentation will be our candidates .

After Bid for $30 and your CV you will receive details of the project.

Can you complete the project? [Highly Skilled PHP/Joomla Developers Needed(Salary Base)]

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