Need 3,000 new twitter followers for an old twitter account. You must meet ALL of the following requirements otherwise you wont be paid:

* Followers must be real accounts, no bots, no fakes, no automated programs and no spam
* US Followers only, all must be active Twitter users
* Followers must not be SPAM accounts, or those at risk of being quickly suspended
* The 3000 followers must be added gradually over a period of 28 days
* Followers must follow me, but I will not follow them
* If followers are added in a way that results in my account being suspended, you will not be paid.
* The 3,000 new twitter followers must remain 2 days after completing your work in 10 days. Any lost followers must be replaced by the end of the 28 days, which is when payment will be released if youve done the work correctly
* MUST follow all Twitter rules and guidelines

Your final work will be thoroughly checked by several people familiar with Twitter.

Please include with your bid:
* Price
* Accurate date of delivery
* An overview of your method to gain Twitter followers

WILL HIRE AGAIN after that project if properly done.


Can you complete the project? [3k US Twitter Followers]

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