An English information platform requires 11 articles about the topic [Banking and eCommerce]. Please read this instruction carefully, because each point is very important for us and our work. If there is anything you want to ask, please dont hesitate to do so (only via Freelancer).

– The texts have to be written in an objective, interesting and informative style.

– The texts have to be written in perfect English.

– Please use the following 11 titles in connection with the given subheadings:

Front Page
1)The Payment Card Industry
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Payment cards
2)Debit card
5)American Express

More payment options
7)Mobile payments

10)Paying with PayPal
11)Trusted Shop Guarantee

– Please add one subheading within each article.

– Please highlight keywords if there are any.

– Each text has to be between 270 and 320 words long. Please dont address the reader directly (dont write: "You could…").

– Always write with a positive attitude towards the topic.

– Neither the text, nor any part of the text, may be copied or transcribed (no plagiarism).

– After finishing writing the articles, please send us a message through freelancer and attach them. Please dont contact us via e-mail.

– Every Text has to be a single word (.doc) document. Please make a zip file of all texts.

– We prefer direct payment through Freelancer for invoice reasons. If youd like to be paid by escrow, you need to fill out an invoice for us.

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