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Research On Renewable Energy

Akuo Investment Management is an international asset management group specialized in the renewable energy industry. In addition to asset management services Akuo Investment Management offers specialized investment advisory services and structures of investment products backed by cash flows from renewable energy assets.

To sustain our rapid international growth, we are seeking to establish contact with local specialist in renewable energy infrastructure such as wind, solar, biomass, hydro, etc. We are looking for regional or local experts having deep roots into their local business environment to subcontract market intelligence studies, studies on legal frameworks.

The idea is that once we select and establish a relationship with the right individual, he/she will be hired to write reports and gather data that will help us in the analysis of our investments.

Selection Process:

In order to be considered for a project/ job, we would need to see proof of your relevant experience in the industry as well as read an extract of some other reports written by the candidate; Once again, in-depth knowledge in the local renewable energy industry and fluency in English is essential.

Countries that we are interested in:

All EU 27 countries
USA / State
Brazil / State
Saudi Arabia

Examples of topics that are of interest to us:

Country specific government incentives for renewable energy
Market Analysis – size, competition, growth, etc
Analysis local developers/ actors
Analysis of the country specific electricity market
M&A deals

All reports must use up to date data and be properly documented including all sources and bibliographical references.

All individuals would be remunerated on a project basis, with prior agreement on a briefing of the deliverables of a given study.

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Online Teaching 20% Commission

im a teacher having an experience of five years. i do have practical knowledge and its implementation on the operation of business. i offer courses like banking laws and practices,marketing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, economics,
Offer Worldwide Through Online System
IF u can bring student for us we will pay u 20% commission on every course

Courses Fees Are Between $100-$125

Bid Here Fast
We Will Choose Approximately 3 Bidder Person

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Secure Payment

Hello , I need the following :

I must sell a software product . The payment is splitted in this way:
1. 20 % in advance
2. 20% January 1th 2012
3. 20% January 1th 2013
4. 20% January 1th 2014
5. 20% January 1th 2015

Now ,when I receive the first 20% (step 1) , I release to user the whole software.
I need a legal and financial consulting to require an INTERNATIONAL BANK WARRANTY , to avoid risks of loss money.
I never have had experience in INTERNATIONAL BANK WARRANTY.
Is there a template to be used ? if so I require a template from winner of this project
IS it this way the right one to secure my payments?
What are the risks with a BANK WARRANTY?
Whats the time to get a Bank Warranty ? ( week, months…)
Whats the better way to delivery software ? ( I mean online or with phisical CD ( for proofs question))
Please , according your know how, you are free to suggest me anything.
The consulting

Budget for this project : 50$

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Forex Advisor/trader/recommendations Needed

I need Forex advisor.

I want to receive recommendations on daily strategy (BUY/SELL, entry level, stop level etc).
Same for cfd, stocks or any other speculative market available.

Should you have any relevant counterproposal I am ready to discuss it.

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Interpreter Needed


I will be in Sofia Bulgaria from 11 to 15 of april 2011 and i need a interpreter (greek to bulgarian).

For more info please contact me

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Need Accounting,finance And Stat Tutors

We are looking tutors for accounting,finance, statistics courses experts who can handle online coursework .
It would be preferable if u have any experience in working with coursecompass.
We need people who could handle courses for our clients .
Statisticians must have a sound knowledge of statistics and must understand upper level stats.

Salary should be 500$ per month. Working day is 8 hour per day and 6 day per week.

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Just For Sapientias

This is the finance project

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Private Project For Shoaibeyg 2

Need Accounting help urgently. As discussed.

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