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Catalog Accommodation / Attractions / Events


1. The website should be a database with the following structure:
Where to stay ((catalog, functionality example – or or
What to see (catalog, functionality example –
What to do (catalog, functionality example – or
Schedule of events (catalog, functionality example –

2. Objects in the directory should be possible to view as a list of objects (example – ) and each object separately (example –

3. We need a simple tool for creating and updating advertisements by advertisers independently ( or At first it will be free of charge. But it should be possible to add an on-line tool for receiving a fee for advertising.

4. We also need an on-line tool for users to create their own trip plans (example –

5. We like design of these websites:

6. The web site should be bilingual. English and Russian.

7. If possible, we very much want to develop a website on a platform squarespace (
Otherwise offer other decisions with content management system. Give a clear answer right away, squarespace or another solution. Explain your position.

8. The basic features website:
Journal (Blog)
Journal Index
File Storage
Website Search
Change Tracker
Drop Box
Map Page
Contact Page
Form Builder
FAQ Builder
Rotating Banner

Best regards,

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Day Spa Website

– day spa website
– colours to be green and black
– balinese feel
– customer detail capturing forms
– home page
– services pages (waxing + tinting, hands + feet, facials, body treatments, massages)
– specials pages
– gift vouchers page
– about us page
– contact us page
– testimonials page
– pictures need to be supplied and need to refelect the service.
– needs to be able to be updated quickly
– facebook page symbol

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Website Directory

I am looking for a design agency to produce a website similar to but focused on office supplies instead of marketing services

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Need Male Narrator – Short Film

Short 3D Animated Film: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Title: Deja Vu

In order to be considered for this project, you must first submit a voice sample of the following script to its entirety. Your audition sample will not be used in any way to promote or advertise the film as you are not being paid for it.

You must submit the sample.


The air was cool with a slight summer breeze; the leaves were blooming, and the world seemed so full of life. Every person, unique and different… special in their own way. My name is Clark Winter; I was born in Manhattan after my mom was rushed to the hospital during labor. She nearly died they told her, but she managed to hold on. I grew up like any other kid, and there were very little things that worried me. For so long my life seemed well, and I thought it would continue that way. It was that very summer morning when the air was cool with a slight summer bre
eze that I decided to go for a walk in the park. Why I had the sudden feeling to go for a walk in the park eludes me; but I did it nonetheless. In the crowd of people, a single man stood out. He was not in a rush like everyone else; nor was he distracted by the people around him. He stood motionless, in deep thought. It was not long before he saw me looking at him, and so he began to move. He slowly walked up to me and crouched down to my level. I had never seen him before. He struck me as a nice guy, but I had no idea what I was dealing with at the time. This stranger spoke to me shortly before walking away into the crowd, never to be seen or heard from again. He said.. "If you wish for something long enough, one day it is bound to happen." And then he left. Just like that. What he told me has left me in question to this day, when it all became clear. That same day, as I stood near the ice cream shop, eating away at my ice cream, I heard something peculiar. Something I had never heard before. It was chaos.
I was unable to comprehend what was happening at the time, considering the fact that I was still a little boy.
My parents had passed away, along with many others in the chaos that had occurred. Only years later had I been told what really happend, for then I was old enough to understand and cope with it. I grew into my late teenage years. I began to change, and so did the world around me. I remember the day my parents died as if it were only yesterday. I remember the stranger who came up to me, and spoke to me, and every day I would be reminded of his face. Every day his face seemed more familiar than the day before. I remembered his words clearly, and I thought about them every day. I did make a wish, but it was an impossible one; all hope I had for my wish to come true since childhood had been gone; and yet… I continued to wish… I continued to pray. One day, as I was sitting in my living room, a strange feeling overcame me. It was not long before this feeling became overwhelming, and even more-so out of control. I believed that I was dying. It was not painful, but rather uncomfortable. It was my memories drifting closer, and sooner than later, they became a part of my present. Suddenly, I closed my eyes, and everything was silent. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in a city. Where I was became clear to me, but the why was a completely different story. Everything made sense, but at the same time it didnt. I couldnt explain it to you in words, because it was just a feeling. I felt like I had been here before, and I was right. My dream had come true, and I believed that others should have the same opportunity. I saw a lost and confused boy standing on his own; I walked up to him and kneeled down. And so I spoke to him. I told him what a great man once told me; words of wisdom that I would never forget. The child did not appear to understand what I had told him; but regardless, I did. I knew what kind of situation I had gotten myself into, and it was time to make the most of it. So, I went home. And there… I stayed.

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Informational Site – Copy And Redesign Existing


1. a redesign version of the following site:
2. Ability to add text/images and videos to the site
3. Two language support (english/russian) with a switch button
4. domain and hosting is with yahoo

looking for a good site design, flash is a plus

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Project For IServe (4_6_11)

As discussed. PDF re-make and image retouching.

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Website Community Oriented (forum, Point System, Etc.)

I need a solid website, community oriented.

Personal account, forum, points system, affiliation program inside.

Please contact me for further info and website examples.


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T Shirt Theme

We have 3 existing t shirt themes that we would like to have "re-worked"

Existing Themes/ Styles:

The themes are hunting related and in color. There is 1 image of a bowhunter that needs to be replaced (created from scratch by freelancer) in color for screen printing to transfers. The rest of the design is wording placed around the image.

Here are examples of the detail and style bow hunter we would expect:


Freelancer MUST take our theme/ design and incorporate it into the new theme. All 3 themes are the same except 1 word. We change that 1 word for different hunters.

Deer Hunters
Hog Hunters
Bow Hunters

Only the 1 word changes for different hunters. This is how our theme is set up.

Please provide detailed samples of your work to show your ability to create a bow hunter/ design in the level of detail and reality that is listed in the sample links. No samples will equal deletion of bid.

This is re-listed. No cartoon style, unrealistic work. No google images. No clip art.

50% milestone MAXIMUM Full payment on approval of final theme/s.
Unlimited revisions.
Freelancer MUST agree to release milestone if style/ design ability does not match listed links as a reference prior to award. MUST include "I Agree To Terms" with bid submission. Without this, your bid is deleted.

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Website Design

I need a website designed for an Mobile App development company.

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3rd Website Needed


Need this website to be very similar to this site above. You may need to go thru to get authorization etc. to prepare same offer.

If cant get the same offer from will need to go thru to get the similar offer via or

(Please only contact or bid on site design if you understand cpa offers and approvals)

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Web Design And Mascot Design

We would like from you to design a word press site, with a mascot and 7 banners. Flash for the banners and the web pages.

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Looking For Quality Designers For Different Jobs

Hello to all the bidder.

I need someone (maybe even more then 1 person) for long term to design for me things once in a month or so.
Basically someone that I can count on to do things for me in the way I want, someone who will understand my vision.
It is for our business and we have a lot of work (Blog and Websites Design, Brochures, Graphic designs, Work in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator. 3D animation, Animation, Concept Design, Advertisement Designs etc.)

The designs I will need are for printing (Brochures, Business Cards etc) and on the other hand for the web (Websites, Blogs, Banners etc)

For those who think they are capable of doing this, I have a challenge to test your seriousness and quality of work. something that for a good designer will be a piece of cake.

The challenge is:
I have 2 logos designed and ready. I will send you a JPG of them, and you will need to just remake them in Illustrator open file and make it look a little bit different so I will know that you really made it and worked on it and not just copied it, put your touch into it.

Second, to show your skills in Flash, make something nice in Flash with the logo, No specifics.

*Note: For those who have skills in both areas (Illustrator, Photoshop etc + Flash) you have a better chance.
But as I said. People who have other skills are welcome as well to try.

Note 2: The design will include Hebrew in the future, so you will have to have the ability to work with that (I will provide the text of course, but you will have to know to handle Right to Left languages).

Start your Private Message with this: axfg

Note 3: Provide in your PM your
where are you from (to know what times you are awake and active)
and portfolio website or add your works in attachment

Important: I do not care if you are new in or if you have 300 feedbacks. What I care about is your work only and the quality of it. What I do care is seriousness and dedication to details. I will not wait for all the bidders to send their designs. If I like someone, he will be chosen. Those who will be chosen will get 10$ for their effort.

The designer/s who will be the best in our opinion will work with us in the future and the budget for each project in the future will change according to the size and
Good luck!

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Design Artwork For Business Vans – Garden Company

We have recently launched a new brand and logo for our business

We now require our company vans to have a design created to suit our branding.
Here is the vehicle we need branded (white):×384.jpg

Please provide designs in EPS and high quality PDF versions (we will get the stickers printed and installed to the vans).
We would like 2-3 samples to choose from with revisions permitted.

We also have a new business card which you can use a similar design for (attached).

Please only respond if you have had previous experience with designs for cars and/or a portfolio/samples for us to review.


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Website Development For A Group Of 7 Websites

We require developer(s) for the creation/building of 7 professional company group websites. The websites are simple (around 4-5 pages for each one) and website content (writing) will be provided. Further work will be awarded if you do a good job. Full payment will be made at the successful and satisfactory completion of the job only. We will also pay for all reasonable expenses i.e. purchase of Getty images to go on the website.

It is important however, that you are able to complete all 7 websites within the next 3 weeks (25th April 2011). If you are unable to bid for the whole 7 websites then please state how many websites you are able to do within the next 2 weeks.

Please highlight all/any relelvant experience as far as web building/designing is concerned. Those who have built/designed consultancy/legal/medical/professional services websites before will be given preference.

Please note that the project is for the creation of 7 websites, and so bidding is for the group of 7 websites, and not 1.
You will need to communicate and liaise with us on a daily basis upon the development of the websites, and so reliability, transparency and good communication skills are a must.

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Website Development

We have a client who needs a custom website developed with a CMS (preferably WordPress) so they can edit the website content and images.

Quick Summary: They sell and install mobile electronics for car dealerships. They DO NOT sell directly to customers online,etc.

They want to create a website that allows their dealer clients to view product offerings, learn about the products and find answers to their customers questions, and allow them to schedule an appointment/order products directly from the website.They just want a function in which the dealer customer can select a product then it all goes into a basic shopping cart, then that form gets submitted and emailed to client. It DOES NOT need e-commerce/payment gateway integration.

We need home page design mockup within 3 days of selecting you. Website must be complete and live by (by 4/22). It must be 100% tested/bug-free and work on all web browsers.

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Domestic Presence

We are looking for a freelance web designer to create our lifestyle website. Site will feature interior design, fashion, and healty eating. We would like to include daily and weekly updates to site. In addition, we will need to incorporate a blog component. We are looking for a modern, clean design which is easy to navigate. We are looking to launch the site as soon as possible.

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WP Private Project For Adeelarshad

Private Project wordpress Theme Customization

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The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing Industries have an inspection system for the defects on Surface Mounted Device (SMD).There are five types of defects, namely, missing component, misalignment,
wrong orientation of IC chip, wrong parts and poor solder joints,component rotation etc. Sometimes industries want to measure the height of the component.
Although there are many components on one PCB and as the size of PCB become smaller the the defect inspection becomes cricial. There defects are very very thin but they causes the huge damages.For this purpose PCB inspection takes place in many PCB manufacturing industries before hand over the PCB to the customer.
To inspect the PCB; AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system is being used. This system has the 5 cameras (gray scale) and many LEDs. 4 cameras are in 30 degree angle and 1 is vertical over the PCB. This machine automatically loads the PCB. Images get captured by gray scale camera over the PCB. By doing some image processing we can examine whether the component is displaced or not and also the height of the component.
I have some 2D gray scale images of PCB inspection. I want to measure the height of the component (from 2D to 3D measurement). And also want to measure whether the component is displaced, rotates or not. And if it is displaced; then how many pixels it is being displaced and how much angle it is being rotated.
NOTE : For this I would like to use Open CV Image processing language. The attachment contain some example images which I want to inspect.

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Blog In Data Base


I would like to have a blog like blogger and have it all with my own server and domain been able to post entries, upload photos and everything I can do in blogger… kind of copy paste blogger …

how muchit would be and how long it would take to finish it ?


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Million Dolar Page Website

Must be a very competent programmer.

Very Important: Bid only if you are qualified to do this work and you can be ready in 2 Weeks!!!

Please check carefully the requirements attached document. I already have millionpixel script that needs to be modified. Please check the attached doc so you can see the hold document and you dont have surprises in the future.

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Google Map

This is my website:

It is a google map with diving positions in Croatia.

I would like my map to be organized with its own sub-menu like this: , when you click on menu to go to the particular position.

Thank you for your bids.


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