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Phase 3 – Turn Key Website – Rework

following steps are required:

– rework layout (color scheme, details, interface changes) based on mockups.
– changes to the website mechanics and content
– polish some features / admin functionality
– security review, code check

from the day the project is awarded allow a few days so we can deliver the mockups, flowcharts etc.

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Require Assistance To Complete Group On Website For Launch


The site is based on the groupon software by ndotdeals and I have set it up on my server.

However, there are a few things I need to edit and finish and some bugs to fix and also add a credit card processing method. If you can help me with this please bid. Some tasks:

– Launch of site
– Todays Deal at the top doesnt display todays deal
– Payment method at this point is only paypal, i would like to add a credit card payment method (not paypal)
-Some basic appearance enhancements
– Assistance with launch of the website – clean up the site
– i will also require the site to be fully tested before launch
– need to be reliable!

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Penny Auction Website Redesigning Plus Adding Some Features

Our penny auction website is open. Paid a high price for back end, site coding and all programming.
Everything is strong and ready, I just dont like the design work and I want to add some features….

Your job is to make small redesigning work…

And add features like the following:

Sharing Integration with Social Media Sites. Twitter FB and more

· Independent language module with the ability to add, modify and remove languages. (It would be a plus to have the ability to automatically switch between languages based on the visitors geo-location.)

· In addition to the normal registration process, we also need to have a Facebook Connect or OpenID without the needs of RPX for any users

· Ability to give users free bids for (for registering, winning their first auction, referring a friend and for buying bid packages for the first time). give cash

· Referral by email, MSN account, OpenID, Facebook etc. give more cash etc
– Blog/Forum section…

We are open for suggestions… please do not bid the price of building a website we will not consider.
Bid a reasonable rate to do similar features and redesign work.

Thank you

PS : we have several penny auctions that you will take care and maintain and more coming that we can give you if you show great communication, talent and results…

enjoy bidding

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Need To Find Testers For Finish Project.

For new website need to find group of people for website testing for QA, most be professional
options skills:
knowledge in finance/economy Market.

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Website Vulnerability & Penetration Testing For Social Site

We want penetration and vulnerability testing done a social networking website.

We will require a very detailed report and recommendations on how to solve some of the vulnerabilities that may be found. The test would include tests for cross site scripting, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL code injection and all the other standard tests and more because of the nature of the site (a social networking site).
It could also be helpful, but not necessary if service provider has expertise to help plug the holes or solve the problems that these test bring to the fore.

We would also be more favourably disposed to service provider who would be willing to sing Non-disclosure agreement. This is not a must, but if we receive bids from service providers who would be willing to do, well consider those bids first.

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EBay Template Fix

As you can see my reviews are GOOD. I respect your work! Another provider was not able to come up with a code to fulfill my needs. In the following link you will see the eBay template life. What I need is the ability to insert a table (in the attachment ) with information about my products on the white area (container)of the product description on ebay . The table looks like this on my website: is the one under "detail description" it has a flash and other information.

the same table needs to be inserted on the eBay template.

by the way this is just a test product on my website….

The problem is that when I insert the table(HTML code) on the product description (container) eBay template (white area) everything gets mess up, however the container accepts regular text as you can see on the eBay link.

Previous freelancer had all the src files (pictures) stored on his server, I downloaded them and are included in the Attached file along with the code for the product description table and the eBay template code.

This is a no brainer for someone with the HTML knowledge.

Send me questions if you have any before you bid

first milestone payment is $10, do not ask for more!

I need this done in 48 hrs

Just to let you know. the whole template looks good on any HTML editor (including the table with the product description) but when is uploaded on eBay is when it gets mess up! so I will provide an eBay account for the developer to test the code multiple times before I make the final payment.

Clear instructions about how to change links on the template must be given!

New freelancers with not feedback are welcome, payment will be released at the end of the project.

Bid if you are sure you can do this job "fast"

Max I am willing to pay is $40

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Web Scrape For Company Addresses

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites.

I need records for: Event planners, Event management companies, Event Planning companies and DMCs (Destination Management Companies).

I need: Company name, address, city, state, zip, phone, website url (if available), and email (if available)

I need as many records as possible.

Data must be accurate, thorough and organized in Excel. This data will be used to mail postcards and catalogs.

Please provide a bid for the entire project or a price per 1k records.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Talent In Demand

Help me to build a website that can produce some money every day, as much as possible. There are no restrictions on how the money is made, but of course should be a legal subject. Use your imagination to create something outstanding that is very attractive to people in general.
Most be sharp on SEO and a valuable content. You choose domain name and the hosting company.
All operating cost ( expenses) belong to me, as well copyright and other legal items.
Please provide complete information of what you can do for this project. Be specific in your PM.
Send me your ideas for this project and how much will cost. Ill answer to all persons interested in this venture.

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