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Integration Notifications 2Checkout And My Web

Hello, I need help. I have a 2CO account, when someone buys my product, i´d like to send automatically a URL with a username and password to access. The username is the email of my client, and the password is randomly generated.I would like to automate all this process integrating 2Co with my web site.

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WHMCS Payment Module Customization/development

Id like to have WHMCS payment gateway module which allows accept PayPal payments via 2checkout gateway.

Currently, WHMCS has 2checkout module and it has a checkbox "Tick to use 2CO Cart Checkout Routine (Shows PayPal Option)". If this checkbox is checked, the customer goes into 2CO system and can choose a payment option: PayPal or credit card.
I need a module which send the customer directly to PayPal checkout via 2CO without any selections and questions.
This picture describes the flow:

PS. I dont want to use PayPal module and accept PayPal directly. I need accept it via 2CO system.

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Project Only For Leoostera

Project only for leoostera

i looking for few thigs on my website

1) need to add another 2 payment system on my website: mooney booker and 2CO
2) only pay order have to showing in member area
3) allow customer to fill form only one time and the form thez submit have too still on oder details
4) add upgrade options on member area under form submission link who will allow customer to update to another package, like if thez order 100 directory submission and 1 month after order another 200 thez will can from member area

best regards

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2co Checkout To Integrate With My Ecommerce Site Backshop

Two websites accept payments via paypal and 2cocheckout.

paypal sales are recorded in the backshop as registered customers and once customer pays appear as orders.

2co checkout does not. i have to manually check the email to see if the order was processed or the person exited at registration. Further more once a sale has been made via 2co checkout buyers are not notified the sale is processed. Then the manual task of copy/paste their emails and communicate with them. I did speak to2cocheckoutwho said the configuration can be done.

Sites is on prestoshop.

please read the above thoroughly and only REPLY if you know exactly what to do.

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Integrate 2CO With A2Billing

I need someone to write some PHP code to integrate the 2CO payment gateway into A2Billing (AsteriskNOW). The project involves writing code that seemlessly fits into the A2Billing (much the same as Paypal & Moneybookers) and takes care of all payment & validation processing. In addition on completion of a sucessful payment the users account is credit the purchased amount.

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Project Summary
Title: Pakistan press
Skills: AJAX, ASP.NET, Oscommerce, PHP,
Description: News Media industry portal

1. journalist, photo journalist , citizen journalist, news TV channels, news Agencies, political parties , governments , international journalists (every category have some sub categories may be one or two )
2. personal e-mail of the web site we can offer ! we have space with our host
3. site Messaging system
4. Search for above categories !
5. Notification about the above category in your area !
6. Portfolio for Categories !
7. Voting System !
8. Featured Members !
9. Member Registration (free , silver , ruby , diamond )
10. 2co / money bookers / bank check Integration
11. Member Login, Forgot Password
12. Blog, Forum, groups
13. Events Section
14. Admin side development
15. Points system for members
16. Online Messenger Support for communication ( if its costly then thread system )
17. Features (send kisses, flowers, presents, compliments, add friends, block / delete)
18. Awards system for members
19. Write petitions for or against any one and ask your friends for sign that !
20. I want in this 1 weekly digital automatic magazine which can be sent to selected members which will be based on our 100 top members by voting and 100 featured members who will having paid membership .
21. Submit news / press releases /events /vidoes /pictures
26. point system ;
this is the system which will give some points to every activity on the site for user automatically , and user can have some benefits for their earned points on the portal like user can use the point table to have some awards .
27.most important ; we want on main page at least 4 video boxes , from where we can manage / integrate some Pakistani and international channels to our main page or on that page of our web where we want !
28.we want to allow to our members that they can submit photos , videos , to thier profile ,can import and can invite there friends from any major social / email site ,
29.we will want to create our badges for at least 20 major social sites like twitter /MySpace /face book etc


No bid is acceptable with out complete detailed proposal and
Proposed web structure plus time line and proposed features,
2nd thing!
please send me your quotes as soon as possible keeping in mind that we are going to launch 10 portals from Pakistan with in next 12 months as per our board meeting decision , so we are here to choose a nice technology provider ,

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Joomla Payment Gateway

Looking for someone who can make a Gateway for Plimus provides a similar service as 2CO but I do not know how similar they are. Plimus also has a test site at which should help while building the gateway.

I know Joomla! is open source but if I pay for this I own it. You can not distribute it as an open source project once it is complete. I am open to suggestions if you would like to keep the gateway(like I pay a little not a lot).

I would like a Provider who has been around for a while because I would like to have someone who can update the Gateway in the future.

I set the project to very-small but if it will cost more we will work that out, so set your bid to 100$ as a placeholder bid.

Thank You

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Programmer To Make

Reverse-Engineer the layout and frontend/backend full functionality of the following site: — Make it look better and more unique, we are not looking for an exact clone, for that is against IP and GetAFreelancer rules

Create the best version OF You may use some features of however, the made site script must be as close as possible to with frontend and backend full functionality of (People can advertise on the directory, studios/agencies can add multiple women and advertise, etc. — EVERY piece of the backend of girl-directory must be represented in this script)

Install a chosen CMS and use the simplest one to work with — Choose whichever would allow for excellent back-end functionality

Test on your servers for working/functionality and then upload to our servers.

Make it look and function better than the original. We are looking towards having a template system built into the script as well / a theme system which we can edit via php like wordpress themes

Future projects will be given to the coder who brings us the perfect script — We will be split testing coders, unless if you feel you can do it better than all others.

We will own the script outright and you will also be allowed to update the script on a paid/ownership basis. The first edition of the script MUST be flawless and be even better than girl-directory while taking Paypal, 2CO and Google Checkout for ad payments

Escrow via GetAFreelancer

TIME FRAME: 5-15 DAYS TO COMPLETE PROJECT from acceptance of project.

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PP/2CO/Alertpay Order Page For WP

I have a WordPress site that needs an order form integrated. Here is what I need done:

1. Create and integrate a dynamic Web 2.0 style order form that will work with Paypal, 2Checkout, and Alertpay. I need to be able to have the option for recurring payments.

2. I would prefer the ability to edit product pricing and form fields from WP admin area.

Please PMB with details regarding your bid. (if it includes #2)

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magento store development to existing store

need the following work done to an existing Magento based store:

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Get OSCommerce working with 2Checkout

2CO Checkout

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2CO Clone

We need a web site that works like

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