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Easy Access Database Project

I need somebody to make a complete database in ACCESS; with tables, reports, queries, etc. You will be creating a database from scratch, you will have to come up with a company name and information for the database and tables. You will create tables, table records, forms, queries,sql, reports, switchboard. Read attached files for complete description of the project. You don’t have to mail it. Project will be sent via email in two separate zips, one with the full project so I can just burn it to a disc and the other will have all the files and a list of which files ordered and ready to be printed along with detailed instructions. This has to be done in Office Access 2007, you can use a database you already have made but you will have to make all modifications to meet my assignment requirements. I WON’T PAY MORE THAN $100 so don’t even bother to bid more than that.

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Repair or rebuild access DB system

This will need to be done via remote access. Here are described issues by user.

System does not populate "Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code" Fields with information entered. Instead, it automatically plugged in "Name (or a two digit number) , Address, City, State, Postal Code". This did not effect all the database just certain members.
If I need to search for a particular member, the database doesn’t recognize it by name because it plugged in a number (i.e. if you enter a #10 it brings up all the members affected).

Cannot send out membership cards because the information in the Contact Info. Screen formation also populates the letters that are to be mailed with membership cards.

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