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Joomla Website Creation

What you will need to do:

1. Install Joomla
2. Install Template (I will provide template)
3. Organize Menu Structure based on content and a menu tree I will provide
4. Install Docman
5. Install Nbill with and Paypal extension. Configure Nbill for a 1 time purchase for membership access to site.
6. Create two forms that will be emailed to admin when submitted with 5-10 fields each.
7. Add 20 pages of pre-built content that I will supply.

What I will supply:
1. I will provide server access, mysql info.
2. I will provide each page of content (Around 20). Please make sure it is formatted with proper topography based upon template.
3. I will provide purchased version of Nbill with license key.
4. I will provide all fields for the two forms that will need to be emailed when submitted.

This is a pretty cut and dry job. Not that complicated for someone who understands Joomla and Nbill.

Please ask any questions before bidding.

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Worldwide Investors Database

Hi, I need someone to build me or find me a complete database of worldwide investment firms.

Here are the different database I need :

– Investments Firms
– Real Estate Firms
– Real Estate Brokers

They can be from anywhere in the world, but mostly Europe. I need the e-mail addresses and name of the company or person to contact.

Ask if you need any clarifications !

Database can be in ANY format, Access, MySQL, CSV – it doesnt matter.

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MySQL/PHP/Jaspersoft Online Database

I would like someone to build (on a web URL that I provide) a database that has the ability to store approx 100 discrete items in several tables, and a mechanism to do SQL searching across those items (like to be able to search across any of those parameters. Optimally would be able to link to JasperSoft for reporting and analytics. Would also need to support binary uploaded objects such as PDB/JPG/WAV stored in a cloud location and use a pointer to access.
Initial contract would be to build prototype. If successful, then there would be additional contracts to expand/update etc.

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