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Integrating Beanstream Hosted Page

We have changed merchat account to beanstream and want you to integrate their payment form with our site. At the last step of the order process you need to pass the price and some vairable to the their payment page.

And we need to access their web terminal through a form.

Its a very small job. Will pay $30.

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Verizon Isp User Can’t Access To My Web-page

Hi, I need help. I have had many reports from many of my customers that they
cant access my web-page from their internet provider verizon or comcast. I
myself have connected remotely to their computer to prove it. I can access my
principal web-page using my internet provider brighthouse, but the
people that uses other internet providers like Verizon can not see my web. this
is costing me many losses. Please advise I appreciate all your help. Thanks.

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Repair or rebuild access DB system

This will need to be done via remote access. Here are described issues by user.

System does not populate "Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code" Fields with information entered. Instead, it automatically plugged in "Name (or a two digit number) , Address, City, State, Postal Code". This did not effect all the database just certain members.
If I need to search for a particular member, the database doesn’t recognize it by name because it plugged in a number (i.e. if you enter a #10 it brings up all the members affected).

Cannot send out membership cards because the information in the Contact Info. Screen formation also populates the letters that are to be mailed with membership cards.

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