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Need 10,000 Fans On Facebook Page

Hi we need Facebook fans to one of our pages, this is an initial order.

First we would be testing you with 500 fans on one page then with 10000 fans on one other page.

The maximum we are giving for this order is $35 also let us know the time till when this order would be completed.

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100,000+ Facebook Fans For Facebook Page

I am looking for 100,000 fans from anywhere in the world for my Facebook Page.
Please bid only if you have experience in targeting Facebook fans quickly.

All fans must be real people with active Facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended
– All fans must have at least 50 Friends
– Please use only good practices for inviting fans
– If my page gets banned for too fast friend adding you will not be paid

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Facebook Fans Needed (USA Targeted)

Facebook Fans needed on Regular Basis. For then 50 fans page projects available.

1. All Fans Must Be Real.
2. USA Fans Accuracy should be 70%+

1. Paid Via Escrow

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1K Fans To Facebook Page

I need 1,000 fans from the USA / Canada/ UK (make it a nice mix) added to a Facebook fan page. 100% of the fans must be from these countries only! No other countries mixed in.


1) No nude or pornographic images of women profiles.
2) All fans added must be real, active Facebook users – no fake accounts.

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10,000 Facebook Fans From HUNGARY Needed On Fb Page.

I need tenthousand (10,000) fans on my facebook page. They must all be from Hungary, most from Budapest (min. 85%), most female (min 65%). Please explain in email how you would do this! Thank you

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2500 Fans For Facebook Page

I need 2500 fans in USA and CNADA only,
Time – 4 days,
I will check one bye one all fans, Not of sigle Fake AC,
I have more then 800fans is not include.
I will give you additional support,
I wont make you admins of page,
Plz bid if you can do it with in the time,
Budget $35-$40,
Payment will done with 12hrs after finished,

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Add Fans To My Facebook Fan Page

I need someone to add 100,000 fans to my facebook fan page.

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5000 Facebook Fans Needed To Page

We are looking ONLY for qualified and proven facebook providers to bid on this project. We need 5000 non-targeted fans added to our facebook page. The fans must be REAL! No Fake profiles or duplicate profiles and duplicate names will be accepted! If this is the case please do not bid or else we will not release escrow. Much work will be provided to honest providers with good results. We are only looking to select wholesale bids. If you give us retail pricing, your bid will not be considered. We have a team of providers that we currently work with and we are looking to add to our list of providers. If you can match our current providers pricing we may be able to work together on many future freelancer works. Our current pricing we can pay is between 13-20 per 1K worlwide fans and between 23-30 for 1K USA targeted fans. If you can be competitive with this pricing and can provide quality fans in a timely manner we would consider you for our team. We look forward to your bids.

Thank you!

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Add Fans To Facebook

Add fans to facebook fan page

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Add Friends To Facebook Page


I want someone to add 10k+ fans to my facebook page

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Need 2,000 UK Facebook Fans – Urgent

I need 2,000 UK Facebook fans added to a fan page as fast as possible. 100% of the fans you add must be from the UK only.

Page currently has 212 fans.


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15k Fans To Facebook Applicatiion

I need you to drive 15k facebook fans to my application in 30 days period.
all of them should be us
all should be real and active
only good practices
page shouldnt be banned after the project is completed

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Need Someone To Add 100,000 Fans To My Facebook Page Please

I am looking for 100,000 Facebook fans fast for a specific Facebook fan page. Please bid only if you have worked with USA fans and have access to them quickly.

Need 100,000 Facebook fans IN 3 MONTHS for a fan page.

The added Fans must meet these requirements:

* All fans must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon-NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
* Fans must be from USA only.
* All fans must be 50+ friends and a minimum of 4 photos
* All fans must be aged 21 and over FEMALES
* All fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 15 days
* I will give you couple of keywords to target


*Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.

* You will be paid 2 weeks after you are done just to see that fans are real and not disappearing..
* Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
* Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

When bidding please include:

* Price
* Accurate date of delivery
* URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page work

ONLY SERIOUS BIDS PLEASE! No trials, no funny comments about the budget etc will be waste of your efforts.

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USA Fans For Facebook Page

I want 2000 targeted USA FANS for my facebook page. It is better if the fans are above 25 years.

The minimum allowable accuracy percentage is 80%.

This means atleast 1600 fans should be from USA.

Page insights will be shared with you at the start and end of the job.

Time line is 15 days.

All fans to be real, not be fake, not be bot, ACTIVE facebook profiles (no mafiawars/no farmville)

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WANT: 50,000 Facebook Fans For Fan Page – US/Canada Only

Hello, looking for 50,000 fans for my fan page. 100% real and active profiles, from USA and Canada only. Let me know how many fans you can provide! Would be interested in more if they can be provided…

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We Are Looking For 5K + Facebook Page US Fans For Facebook P

We are looking for 5K + Facebook page US fans for Facebook Page.
Please bid only if you have rich experiences for facebook US fans marketing and can access to them quickly.

Project descriptions and requirements:
– All fans must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts)/ accounts of being suspended
– All fans must be 50+ friends
– All fans must be aged 18+
– All fans must have status updated that go back minimum of 60 days
– All fans must be approved to live in US
– provide the track record work will be highly preferable
– Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
– Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

When bidding please provide below information:

– Accurate date of delivery
– Provide the examples of previous Facebook fan page you have worked on.

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Random Fans On Facebook Fan Page

I need a provider who can deliver fans from random locations on my page. But i dont need fans from Asia, Africa.
Please bid with previous experience.

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Facebook Fans Targeted , Landing Page, & Twitter Targeted

Simple, Solid, and Serious : a starter campaign to see how we do together.

Targeted Facebook Fans & Twitter followers for USA based Talent.

1) 5k Facebook targeted fans, 70% US, 20% Europe, 10%Asia and other

2) 2k twitter followers non-spammy, non-followback contingent. 80% ONE WAY followers.

3) Facebook Landing Page :
A simple but grabbing landing page for our Facebook personality. NO more than 1 hrs of
work as we have all the pictures, fonts, and/or material – the creative part is you choosing the way the elements
will work together, and we will not push you beyond basics.
We realize you are bidding in a creative endeavor and will not require you to do more than simple code implementation, cropping for pixel width, simple layout, embed video code, and treatment simple.

If youre fast 1-1.5 hr… and if youre obsessive, thats up to you how long youll take… but it must be clean and professional looking as if it is for a creative actor or artist we are promoting.

You have at least 9 stars and 30 ratings/feedback –
WE are NOT a sales organization, not a product to sell, we are promoting talent person, personality, artist,

Pricing is important , we do not have a lot of money, but we are going to build this
with investments… this is critical to get eyes and fans on our project/person. This will , in turn allow us
to get the investments completed for truly building this brand (person).

With your help in building the base, we will create a long lasting relationship,
We are loyal with good work and good people.
You may be surprised that working with us (me) is going to be I hope, fun.

Theres an " US " but its me for now 😉

I say again, simple but solid.

I have personally reviewed past work from some freelancers here, I am not concerned with your location but I am concerned with your ability to be clear and polite. I am a customer that enjoys a positive relationship with my
partners. I am a great reviewer and therefore pay you twice as much if you consider those reviews and referrals
as a valuable commodity. Id argue theyre more valuable than anything. Its why Ill consider you after all.

Thank You

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500 Fans For My Facebook Page.

I think the heading says it all. I have a small project requiring 500 fans for my facebook page.

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Need 1000 Real Fans For Facebook Page


I need 1000 or more real fans for my Page by Facebook.

All Fans must to be real and speak German or Russian. They must stay the Fans after my Payment on choised Freelancer too.

Good Luck!

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Facebook Page Fans.. Easy Job!!


we have recently released a humour mini blog with user generated content –

We havent particularly marketed the website and we are getting a good amount of hits – we even have over 550 fans on our Facebook page already, therefore, this should be an easy job!

We want to boost traffic and so we are looking to firstly boost our Facebook fan page. We want someone to bring 5,000 fans to our page. These fans should be genuine people who have at least 5 photos on their Facebook profile and have at least 50 friends each. We prefer fans from the US.

We will not be making 100% payment upfront. We can make progress payments as fans are signed up to our page.

If you can not satisfy all of the above criteria but think that you may have something that we would be interested in – please send us a message.

We look forward to receiving your offers and making a choice ASAP!!

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