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Get Me LIKES From Different, Legit Facebook Accounts!

I need to get as many Facebook likes as possible within the next week, from legitimate Facebook accounts.

It is not an actual Facebook business page that needs the likes, but a like button that is on another page.

I would like to get around 2500 likes over the next week, before April 13th.

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Facebook Accounts Administrator

Hi there,
We are a social media consultancy company and we are looking for a serious facebook account administrator to manage our facebook profiles.

You will only be interacting in others fun pages/ profile/ groups, adding targeted friends and updating status. This role is very likely to go long term, therefore our ideal candidate would have worked on a similar role before and would be able to give us suggestions how to improve our profiles and fun pages.

Please contact us, with your credentials.
Please send us details of the service/s offered by you, in this process. and the Cost applicable, for your service


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IPhone App With Facebook Integration

Will require a knowledge in Facebooks API and iPhone dev experience.

Simplistic project requiring uploading one/multiple photos to Facebook and the ability to tag in the picture.

Looking for bids lower than $500

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Looking For Worker With Many Active Facebook Accounts

Looking for a worker with many facebook accounts for a few "Like"-ing assignments.
Please message with the answer to the following questions?

1) How many Facebook accounts do you have access too (Rough number)?
2) Where are the majority of your facebook accounts based in (India, US, UK, Canada)?
3) How many "Like"s can you and/or your team have done in 1 day? 3 days? 5 days?
4) How many likes can you provide per $10 assignments? $20? $30?
5) When can you start?

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Facebook Accounts Needed

Hello freelancers,
i Need as many Facebook accounts as you can provide, with at LEAST 1000 Friends on each, and the account needs to be Phone Verified So CAPTCHAs do not come up when posting.
Target Audience : Anyone who plays CAR TOWN – the game on facebook.

Please give bids for 10 accounts, and tell me the time frame.
If the time frame is over a few days, Dont bid. If your bid is too high for 10 accounts, Dont Bid.

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Post To Multiple Twitter Accounts (web App)

I need a web-based utility that will allow me to write a tweet… and then with one click send it to multiple twitter accounts. The app must allow for custom name or footprint… ie. the app that is shown as the source of the tweet, ala tweetdeck, twitterbar, etc.

The UI should include an admin log-in. A database of twitter accounts that can be managed, including being toggled ON and OFF for delivery.

A text box must be available to post tweet, which is delivered to all accounts in the database that are toggled ON.

Scheduling of tweets would be great, but not required.

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Facebook Accounts

We are happy to tell that. We are able to give facebook accounts in bulk. our rate is low. We are looking for buyers.
we are looking for long relationship. pls give me u r rate per 1k.

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I need someone with Facebook accounts.
My sister is participating in an opportunity
to work at a Tequila company in Colombia
(South America) and the only way to vote
for her is thru facebook…..

I would need someone with the facebook accounts
to vote for her and I would pay per vote…

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Facebook Accounts Needed

Need USA facebook accounts with 4k – 5k friends in each account. (urgent)
I need more than 30 accounts.

lower bid accepted. My price range is 20 – 25$ each accounts.

If you have stock then only bid here.

I will make milestone payment if you agree to deliver me with this rate. then after you deliver the file I will release the payment.

happy bidding

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Facebook Accounts


I need around 50-100 facebook accounts,

What they must have:
4000-5000 friends from UK/US/Candad
No pages linked to them.
Must be newish!
Must not be E-Whoring accounts

I will pay you AFTER i have changed the password on ALL accounts

If you dont like these rules please do not post

So i know you have read this please type "I will go first for Frank"

Thank you and happy bidding 🙂

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Facebook Accounts Needed

Hello I am looking for 500 facebook accounts. Non verified. Fresh Created. Please only place your bid if you have any stocks of them. I cant wait to receive the file with accounts. Budget 35$

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