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oscommerce manufacturer category

In OSCOMMERCE when u choose a MANUFACTURER a drop down box appears at top which says SHOW and u choose ALL CATEGORIES or a particualr category

i dont like this

is it possible to have the categories for a manufacturer appear on left side as a list of links (NOT DROP DOWN)

or if it says SHOW all CATEGORIES to have it display the prodcuts with the CATEGORY TITLE appearing in PRODUCT LISTING instaed of a continuous list of PRODCUTS

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Website speed

our website loads very slowly, we need an expert to look into our code and enhance it to the pages would load faster. I also need some price sorting features added to the product listing pages.

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Site using WP-menber+Aweber

Im setting up a site as a membership site.
So far Im using wp-member and wordpress.

Is it possible to set it up so member signing up are added to my aweber lists and to have a forum restricted by membership using WP-member.

I want a bid on this.

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