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OsCommmerce Add-on Charity Donation

I need someone to fix and re-package an existing oscommerce add-on that allows a shop owner to donate some of the sale proceeds to a list of charities, groups and associations. Most of the work involves putting all the previous existing contributions into one updated package with an easy idiot proof installation guide. In addition, the shop-owner must have the flexibility of being able to offer different donations amounts (% or $) to different organisations on the list.

The existing addons to date can be found at:

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.NET Addons For AutoCAD

I work regularly with autocad in 2D to make drawings. Often I find myself to do some tasks that get very tedious if I do them manually. I am looking for some addons / tools, to help me automate these tasks.

The addons should be built in .NET technologies.

If you have some experience working with .NET technology for AutoCAD please let me know.

Also note that I do not have the budget to run a whole country. If you cannot work with my budget, please do not bid.

Happy Bidding !

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Zen Cart And Server Monthly Services

We have a server based on free BSD, Apache. There are 2 shops now and will be more soon. One very custom and others on Zen cart. A lot of customization there done but needs more.
Using also SSL certificates from Go Daddy. Pay Pal and regular CC check out.
Job – regular service for all – activate alert software and provide additional addons piece by piece.
Provide backup and create back up – emergency running for the shops when main server is down.
Yearly contract, monthly payments. Addons by job – paid after all is running properly!

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Social Engine 4 Modules Addons.


I need somebody that know Social Engine 4. I have a virtual se4 installation zipped that can run on any windows pc with no installation for development. Here are the mods I need so far.

CMSPage Module –

This module add pages and has a widget that pulls the title and details on the front page. However I also need it to pull the main image of the article. This is rather simple as the only code that is missing is like two line, however i cant seem to figure it out.

Classifieds – Core module

I need this module to also have a image added to every subcategory and show it on the main category list.

So far that it is.

Thank you.

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Osc Addons And Mods

As discussed with ZELDAZE:
Rewrite Attributes function completely to include it in categories.php
Modify presentation of attributes on site front-end to show in table format
Modify specials to work with start and end date
Create / install a function that allows customers to create custom PDF brochures on the fly
Various other smaller mods and changes

This project is for Zeldaze only. Agreed fee is $900.

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Php (Yii Framework) Programming Role

Programmer required to work on php website development project which uses Yii Framework, php and mysql.

You must be willing to show you can complete one example so we can see your skillset. (if you are not willing to do this, please do not bid as we will not select you if you ask for payment or pre payment)

You will be required to add a number of features to a existing site (which will be shown after the skillset test)

Addons required:

1. Turn a counter

1 day
2 hours

into a countdown counter that ticks down

2. Add a level of Admin, Sales Person, Graphic, Programmer etc secuirty login admin levels of security to the website.

3. Add a Gift Option

4. Add each cateogories

5. Add Charity Donation option (user selects from list of 7)

about 25 more addons to follow + looking for many more developments.

Looking at $30 to $200 per module subject to what is required.

We will receive a price per add on feature, est time and payment WILL ONLY be paid on you showing the module works on the test site (note : addons need to be develop as modules to allow for easy upgrade in the future)

PLEASE read conditions above as if you ask for pre payment etc you will be ban from the project.

THIS is a long term contract , no looking for a one off programmer or project, must be willing to work together for min 2 to 3 years.

You will be well reward on completion of each module…

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Install 4 Addons On A Clean OScommerce 2.3.1 (URGENT)

Quickly install 4 addons on a clean OScommerce 2.3.1. Use latest versions. Make it work right:

1. ( QTpro )
2. ( Option Types v2 )
3. ( Product Attributes Sort Order )
4. ( Add Weight To Product Attributes )

Please do not bid if you dont have experience with oscommerce and incapable to finish this job quickly!

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Browser Addons: FF,Chrome,Safari,IE

My project is just a simple script that i want to add to all websites that a user opens. Just like sidebar or any bookmarklet works, but instead of clicking the bookmarklet, i want the script to be automatically added to the page. There will also be a small button in the sidebar that will light ON when its active, and a user can click it OFF so that it stops adding the script to pages. It is a very simple concept. The proposing freelancer must have experience with browser plugins and some understanding of how bookmarklets work.
I already have all the script code ready that will be added to pages..i just want the addons that will insert this script into the html document of every website a user visits.

Addons needed are for: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer

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Fix 2 Bugs In Oscommerce Addons

We are looking for a developer who can quickly fix 2 bugs we have found in 2 installed oscommerce addons.

1. Second Currency.

This allows a second currency to be displayed below the main currency.
The problem is, the second currency is displayed as 0
It should be in Euros

2. Osc Mobile
The problem is the credit card form shown in checkout conformation is not showing in the mobile checkout conformation page.

I will award the project to the freelancer who can complete the job in the least amount of time with the lowest bid.
Only $30 bids will be considered, if you charge $5 per hour, thats 6 hours we will be hiring you for. This project is about 2 hours work so you wil need to work on other bug fixes we have for the remaining 4 hours.

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Oscommerce – Upgrade Version & Install 22 Contributions

We have purchased and installed an Oscommerce Template from Template Monster. The Oscommerce version is 2.2 RC2a with no additional contributions installed. The site can be viewed at . We would like the below completed.

1. Upgrade to the latest Oscommerce version

Install the following contributions

2. Ultimate SEO URL

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WordPress Galeery Fix And Addons

I have a gallery in wordpress, i need to fix a thing there and add another option of sub galleries.
I have the design for that.
price is up to – 50$
time frame – 5 days.

thank you

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VideoSlim Affiliate Site

Video Slim / Proforma

Pages: Products, Video Marketing, How It Works

Client clicks a button on Proforma

Keep Proforma branding and name: his name, proforma logo, link back to the main site.

Big site, small price

Maybe an intro video to show quality of work.

Product/Pricing comparison
Show sample videos

Packages and addons. Addons are offered before and after order.

Register user. Place order.

Sales guy calls after order and processes order and works out details of the video.

Client or sales logs in:
Questionaire – 8 questions, upload logo and can urls as samples of stuff they like. The can upload other files, such as pictures.
Talent Sheet and Script Sheet
Admin fills in the information. Client can respond with comments / notes.
Preview of video can be shown on the site

Video is delivered to the client when finished through email or seomthing

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OSCommerce Site Restore After Hack

Afternoon all

One of my customers OSCommerce sites has been hacked several times and is now so badly infected it needs to be started again from scratch.

I have the site backup, and have created a new account for the site on a new server. I *cannot* restore the files as there could be infections all over, and require someone to recreate the site from scratch (backup provided) and restore customer data and products.

I also then want installing:
Security Pro
IP trap

I need this doing today


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OSCommerce Site Restore After Hack

Afternoon all

One of my customers OSCommerce sites has been hacked several times and is now so badly infected it needs to be started again from scratch.

I have the site backup, and have created a new account for the site on a new server. I *cannot* restore the files as there could be infections all over, and require someone to recreate the site from scratch (backup provided) and restore customer data and products.

I also then want installing:
Security Pro
IP trap

I need this doing today


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OS Commerce Install 3 Contributions +

I need to have three contributions installed to my OScommerce site. The site already has a number of modifications, so the installations need to be manual.

The contributions are:
Ultimate SEO Urls:
Header tags SEO:
Product listing Columns:

I would also like the "continue shopping" button to link to the last list of products rather than the last single product detail page (so the latest category index.php rather than last product_info.php).

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Update Magento 1.3.2 Store To The Latest Version

We have a webshop running in Denmark at on Magento 1.3.2. It is in two languages: Danish and Swedish. What we need is to update it to the latest version of Magento.

After update you need to make sure that:
1. All the shops functionality and addons are intact. Products display the same, ordering experience the same.
2. The shops view is unaltered. Addons such as vertical navigation, lightbox, etc are functioning the same as before.

Waiting for your bids!

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I need to add these contributions to my osCommerce shopping cart:

HTML/MCE Editor:

Gift Card:

Easy Populate:

USPS Shipping Calculator:
(If there is a better contribution that allows label shipping also, I would like that one).

Google Store Feed:

Credit Card w/CVV2 Field:

PayPal Pro Direct Payments & Express Checkout:

I also need a top notch security program for our site. Your suggestion would be appreciated.

I am also looking to add some boxes on the left hand side w/the following heading:
1. Scripture of the Day
2. Information
I am also looking to link the pages of my non-oscommerce site to buttons on my os template.

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Scripts Install And Site Launch

I need Script installeds and add ons and modifiers
I have scripts from hotscripts and other such sites for various famous sites.
a) I give you specific scripts which client needs as and when he needs.
b) Give a standardised list of mods / addons that would be used across all scripts
c) You start integrating them from 1 Script and move on to another and so on.
d) You start designing as per client need.
e) I need them installed on server and server hardened for security
f) Few mods and addons standardized so that each can be added to almost all the scripts
g) Debugging and Testing.
h) Security of the site and Maintenance once it goes LIVE.

People with php mysql are must

These scripts will be needed to be installed many multiple times for multiple clients. So people with fast turn around will be preferred

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Setting Up VPS And Install Joomla With Addons

Hi guys.

We need someone to help us set up our VPS plan, and install joomla for us.

Our vps also need some installations that is not there by default like ffmpeg etc.
Please see complete list:

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Expression Engine Implementation

I am novice webdesginer that took on a bigger project than I can handle. I am converting a CSS template with a CMS backing of Drupal to Expression Engine. I have purchased the EE licensce along with severl modules and addons from

The website needs to have a news portal, video sharing, social networking. and article/event/video ranking similar to eventful. com.

My budget is $550 for labor only. I have purchased all licensces and addons and just need the expertise to put this site together. This project will be awarded immediately!

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Counter Strike: Source – Mani-Admin Addons

Im currently using Mani-Admin ( on my Counter Strike: Source server and there are some addons I would like someone to implement inside of this plugin.

Geo ip feature ( message connected from country xx) example:
Server shout (Shout messages, etc through mutiple counter strike source servers) example
rcon lock (example
chat that goes to a website (anything players type on a website automatically gets sent to a website)

If you have any questions please contact me I can set you up a test server so you can work on everything there.

Thanks, Shane M. Kelley

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Expression Engine Integration + Modules/Developement

I am needing an integration into Expression Engine CMS 2.1. The design listed below needs integrating into Expression Engine CMS, all CSS and xhtml is already coded and will be uploaded to the server. I am looking for someone familar with integrating designs into Expression Engine with a creative brain and web development skills who has particular knowledge of EE 2.0 and modules/addons or who has experience of developing custom templates. I would prefer experience particularly with the creation of image, video and article type sites.

Skils needed: PHP, Expression Engine templating and coding, channels expression engine addons, both free and paid, template design, integration, installation. is the site for a functioning site very similar see for functionality.

Site functionality should include: ability to post articles, videos and pictures to specific templates, with thumbnails showing as links to the full post – with end users also being able to upload media which should be queued for approval in the admin cp. In all there are 6 individual templates. It is apparent some modules would need to be installed, which can be purchased in addition to the installation/integration price. Currently we purchased WYGWAM.

The following is a list breakdown of functionality required:

tagging all media
comments from users
most viewed
most commented
most popular media by views sidebar right
ratings ability
link management ability to add a blogroll of sorts with a submission queue approve deny, captures emails etc.
signup/register for end users

Most if not all of this functionality is provided by addons, developer should be familar with such addons and advise on what needs purchasing on top of the base cost.

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Install Oscommerce Contributions – Simple Project

Simple project for experienced oscomerce professional – I will ONLY accept bids from experienced oscommerce developers with referenceable work.
I am currently having an oscommerce site built and would like the following contributions installed when this site is completed :

Display MSRP & Savings –,3574
Availability –
Tell-a-Friend –
Supertracker v3.1a –
Anti Robot Registration Validation 1.0 + images –
jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart –,7477
oscThumb –,5491
Switch between Inc. and Ex. TAX –,3408
Customer Must Accept Terms and Conditions (MATC) –
Tag Cloud – – OR – Search Tag Cloud –
Capitalize First Letter for Create Account Fields –
jQuery Banner Rotator –
FAQS JQuery Style –
MVS V1.0 –

All of the above should be self explanatory but if you have any queries/questions just ask.



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Install OSCommerce With Provided Theme And Plugins

This is a job to set up elance for a custom shirt printing business.

The job is straightforward. I have a template Ive purchased. I need you to install it on my server with some addons and small set of other customizations. The addons I need are:

Whichever of the plugins will work:

One of these price break addons:

TextMaster content editing plugin:

Other requirements:
– Short timeline. Id need this done by August 3rd.
– Shirts should have a few locations (Front, Back, Left Sleeve, Right Sleeve) so that customers can pick a location specify the text to be printed and the color it should be printed in.
– A contact us page that lets customers ask for custom orders. Similar to: so that customers can upload pictures of what they want printed.

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Design Addons Completion – Raju ONLY

Design Addons Completion – Raju ONLY

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OsCommerce Contribution Install DDT

1. Require following OSC Contributions to be installed to a new OsCommerce site

Minimum order quantity per product

Country-state selector

Fancier Invoice & Packing Slip

Package tracking Plus

2. If possible with OSC, we would like to have the specials.php included in the main central area on the home page rather than the

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Joomla SOBI2 Addons Development Needed

We need a team of Joomla SOBI2 developers to design addons to SOBI2 that include coding developments for the edit page, make developments look appealing, the ability to embed other modules and plugins neatly into sobi2 entry pages, and be able to edit sobi2 core, so that all changes affect all entries instead of just 1. You must be able to fully explain all aspects of what you have created to us. More information will be given to those who are chosen for the job. Individuals or teams are welcome to bid on the project. We are looking to use the winner more in the future if we are satisfied. Our budget is around $100-$150, but we are very flexible and will decide based on experience, any past works you have done, and how long it will take you to complete the task. Please ask if you have any general questions.

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Addons For Ecommerce Website Based On OSCommerce 2.2

We are looking for a long term relationship with a trustworthy and efficient freelancer to install addons and contributions on our Oscommerce 2.2 based Ecommerce website.

Here are the addons that we require currently to be installed on our wesbite:

Custom Meta Tags

Header SEO

More Pics

If the freelancer can do these addons efficiently, we have many many more addons that we require.

People with experience in OsCommerce apply.

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Oscommerce Addons

Were looking for someone to install 10 addons to our oscommerce site

addons to be installed:
1- Easy Populate & Products Attributes

2- Search Enhancements:,1266

3- Ultimate seo urls Ultimate SEO URLs

4- Optional related products.php

5- Discount Coupon Codes

6- Admin Specials by Categories

7- Purchase Without Account

8- Simple Template System (STS)

9- Subtotal Shipping for Zones Module

10- New Google Sitemap Generator

Best prices please. Ltd Budget

Bid only if you are expert and know how to install addons to OSC.


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