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Flash Banner With 4 External Images

We need a flash e-commerce banner (slide efect) only to show 4 external images (all images with the same size).
When we upload new images, the SWF need to show new images automatically.
Need 4 simple direct links for any image.

We need SWF and FLA version.

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I need an eye catching flash site. The owner of the site is itself a digital media production copmany, from adverts to magazine content to books to websites they do all. The owner herself is a marathon runner athlete so I thought I use her as her illustrated look of her And her company name is: mineral so I thought of using minerals. But imaging minerals is difficult so I thought of using rocks because rocks has minerals in them. And she runs in a countryside or some town streets and then countryside or all in countryside, a nice scenery. Show me 3 draft options and I choose) so she runs in a realistic running movement (her running motion whould be nice and smooth and slow). So she runs and when I mouse over a rock the menu item highlights ( in off mode there are already menu names on rocks ) and when I click on that menu rock its page opens and preferably and external .txt or xml formatted text and pic opens in that page. And 4-5 pages like that and 1 page is portfolio page so that portfolio page is like a gallery. And also a contact form page of course. maybe at the beginning an intro.

Full browser page flash site.
A runner will run and while she runs scenery will change,
she runs in a countryside earth, trees, sky, rocks etc…
and on the way there are some rocks
when the user clicks a rock she comes and picks a up that rock and on rock a page opens enlarged so the user sees the content of the page
One of the page portfolio gallery page the others just text
so there are 5-6 pages like that so every rock is a menu item

All the content text and pics and site logo will be done by the project owner.
Designer will do the main navigational animated menu and page layouts.
Designer first need to show some portfolio links of similar to above flash interface.
PS: Please do not send any links if your site consists of only simple basic flash, or just flash menus or nothing to do with animated flash. A good illustrator and flash designer should reply. So this project can be a start of many other flash projects of constantly forthcoming. Thank you.

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