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Technical Report Writing

Can you write research technical paper about face detection using LBP algorithm (Local Binary Pattern) ??
i want 50 pages you can use some diagrams to support the research.
The paper must be plagiarism free.

Budget: $30 – $60

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Cuda Programmer Needed( Urgent)

There is no code , I was not provided any code, I have to come up with the code, look for it in the internet, and finally compile it using emulation through the command prompt tool in visual studio
you have to do the below task
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output

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Cuda Small Task

I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
can pay $20

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The main idea is to develop iOS/Android app, with facial recognizion of users from social network in the real-time video stream. After successfull face recognizion user information should be shown as augmented reality.

Just like in the example:

1.The development of the algorithm for the server side of the app. The algorithm should detect and recognize user faces in the real-time video stream.
1.Input data: a video stream or a series of images with required format.
2.Output data: 3d/2d coordinates of the users face, the angle of the face rotation in the video stream or a picture, social network user id.
3.The algorithm should recognize faces under different rotations of the head with the 3 coordinate axes.
4.The algorithm should recognize faces under different facial expression
5.Algorithm should determine the number of people simultaneously

2.Developing social network web-site
3.Developing web-services for iOS / Android clients
4.Development iOS / Android client

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Library Conversion: C -> C# (maybe Python Involved)


we need a developer who knows both C and C#. It might also contain a bit of python.

We need someone who can convert an altorithm developed in C into a C# method for us. After conversion, the solution should be usable on windows environments. You can keep some parts in C and create a C# wrapper.

This includes the conversion of all dependencies that the method might have.

You need to convert a method that creates a fingerprint for a music file.
Its part of an open source program called "picard" and you can find the source code at:

The resulting method should be usable like this:
public static String createFingerprint(String filename);

You can change some internal parts of the algorithm or use additional libraries as long as your solution produces the *same fingerprint result as the original algorithm* and as long as your solution contains all dependencies without forcing users to install something first or without any popups or messages, etc.

The algorithm is currently used as a part of
(in case that you want to try it)

The filename that we pass to your method can be a music file in one of the following formats: MP3, OffVorbis, WMA, WAV, Flac, Flv, MP4. However, if your algorithm cannot handle those formats then you can also use a third party tool (e.g. ffmpeg) to convert them into a format that you can habdle.

Before you bid:
Please have a look at the audiofingerprint.c file and check if you can really do the job and if there are any dependencies that might give problems. Please only bid if you know that you can do the conversion.

Some requirements:
-Pure C# interfaces needed (but you can use external C/C++ DLLs if needed)
-Needs to be working without any pre-requirements on Windows XP, Vista and 7 with 32 and 64 bit

Best greetings,


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Computational Complexity Of An Algorithm -data Structure

I have an algorithm and I need someone to write about the computational complexity of this algorithm and how to optimize it.I need at least a page explaining the computational complexity of the algorithm and at least another page proposing a solution to speed up the computations.
Also I need to compare the computational complexity with another algorithm, so i need another page for the comparison
It is statistical formulas and not computer programs.
This is very important please need to be professionally done.
Please reply if you are an expert in algorithms and data structure.
This is very urgent please respond asap.

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Magnetic Card Reader / Algorithm, Firmware/Software

Security Door Entry…. is looking for a person to help us design the smallest portable magnetic stripe card readers with a Swipe Interruptions sophisticated Algorithm, Firmware/Software Technology.

The Selected contractor will Design a 6x15mm PCB board.
How we are going to accomplish a 6x15mm PCB board is simply using QFN components and possible multiple circuits layers.

Most magnetic swipes readers won

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Record My Side Of A Cellular Phone Call

The program will:
1. Enable the start of a phone call from the phone book or manual entry.
2. Record the programs side voice at 8k baud, 16bit, pcm.
3. At 1 second intervals will call our algorithm and pass the recorded audio as a buffer.
4. Enable the user to start, stop the call and will give basic feedback coming from the algorithm (through progress indicators or vocal). This will be defined during the negotiations and may change according to the difficulty.
5. Save the recorded call into files.

We request the sources to be thoroughly documented in English so that we can integrate it with our algorithms and take care of future maintenance.
We need (probably separate) versions for Iphone, Android and Nokia smartphones.
The program will be written in C, C++ or local dialects (e.g. Symbian C)
The development will be under Eclipse, QT or Netbeans.

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New Algorithm For Skin Cancer Detection

I would liket to get some help about my graduate project. Journal should be about Detection of Skin cancer using different algorithms and focus on any of the algorithms and redevelop the algorithm.

All the work must be shown and explained in a manner that can be understood easily. Please focus more on Mathmetical side insted of medical side as this is subject for Biomedical /Biotechnology Engineeting and Mechatronicz.

The main goal of this paper should be any developed algorithm and research previous developments, why we have choosen this method and what further developments can be done.

Project should be approximately 80 pages with minimum 100 references. References must be used throughout the whole paper and also at the end of the paper. i will provide the formatting and further information to the winning bidder.

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Iphone Xcode Flood Fill Algorithm

Convert Fast FloodFill Algorithm (like or similar) to iphone xcode project.

Only fast implementations allowed!

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Reverse Engineering


i am looking fro skilled individuals who have the ability to extract mcu, mpu and other proc firmware and then disassemble the firmware to make a specific solution.

alternatively disassemble mcu, mpu firmware which is provided of different processors and extract specific algorithm or ultimately create specific solutions for me for the hardware.

the cores which are most common would be the renasas nec v850-e1, infineon tricore and others

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Detection And Cost Sensitive Algorithm

The project make use of decision tree called in WEKA in order to detect intrusion dataset.A cost sensitive algorithm will need to be designed and tested.
There are mainly to part of this programme

a) to detect the intrusion – provide types of attack and where it happen
b) design a decision tree algorithm which is able to reduce the misclassification cost.

Cost sensitive basically mean the number of false negative from calculated result.The algorithm will need to minimise false negative each time. The algorithm will be extended from Metacost and Decision tree.
Further information on the decison tree parameters needed to be set to achieve cost sensitive will be provided once the project has been awarded.

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Corporation Identity Design

:: Company::
PulseTech Limited is new international telecom/IT company specialized in Internet of things industry (M2M) and Music Pattern Recognition algorithm. Our company deploys location based information system globally (France, UK, China) and outsources design & manufacturing of hardware devices. We are trying to carve out a new vertical within this new and large M2M market, therefore a compelling identity to our customer become part of business strategy. We are looking for proven graphic designer, logo creator, product designer, corporate identity talent that could deliver our value to customers and internal staff. Following projects are required in next 2 months thus lots of talent work are needed. The weight attached indicate resource allocation for this bidding.

Please choose any combination of following jobs to bid. We would like to provide further information on request.

Corporate Identity Design (20%)
Website design (30%)
industrial Design (30%)
Packaging & Catalog Design (20%)

::Our Products::
Location Based System covers large market space in M2M industry. In our projection, people and machines communicate intensively via wireless network within this 10 years. Instead of simple words, Sensed environment data, location, feeling become important piece of information. With our cutting edge algorithm, we can nationally pinpoint a mobile device (cell phone for instance) as less as 3 meters bias, much more accurate then GPS performs in city center. Customer includes bank & logistic company (asset management), explorer & elders (emergency location), even wild animal & Julian Assange (risk management) ; )

:Music recognition: (in house developing)
Tate facilitate truly interaction of mankind and device via music. With our artificial intelligent algorithm, we are trying to analysis the characteristic (pattern) of every song you have, and your classification(not genre) of few sample songs. Our sophisticated algorithm will sense the connecting between characteristics of song and your classification (Happy/driving/party/leisure you name it), then it will evolving classify songs, dynamically generate playlist that only belong to you according to your feedback of mood or location. In future, Tate will incorporate location based social function like foursquare to linking people together with music.

::Value ( ISI )::
Since two founders studied artificial intelligent and enlighten by bionics. PulseTech believed technology should study wisdom of nature. so as to sustain the social expansion and benefit to environment in return. In our view, technology of future must be Interactive, Sensitive and Intelligent (ISI) that emphasis on user experience. Thus our products are embedded with our beliefs as well as artificial intelligent algorithm.

We only focus on what we are best at, Keep Company neat by collaborating with the best team in market.

::What You Should Submit::
we are expecting a brief proposal (less than 500 words or 10 PPT) that:
a.)communicates your value to us, explains the process you would suggest to ensure that the right design is created for our unique situation b.)Provide examples we can look at. c) Tell us what feeling of our brand is and what corporate image you are going to achieve. Lastly, please tell us how much you would charge us and what content of packaging you will deliver.

We expect the winning bidder to understand that we need the logo for multiple applications, such as on the devices, web and on printed documents.

We are looking forward to quality design that give us a pulse.

PulseTech Limited

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Recursive Content Spinning Algorithm In VB.NET

I need an expert on algorithms to write a function:

Function SpinText(ByVal input as String) As String

where input string may for example be:

"{The dog ran {fast|slow} to the {mall|store}|The dog drove the {car|truck} to the {mall|store|shopping center}}"

The output will be random:
for example: "The dog ran slow to the mall"
or second call: "The dog drove the truck to the store"

it will choose either the first or the second sentence then continue inside that sentence and parse the inside content.

the algorithm must be recursive! so it can handle as many nested levels as possible. must be able to handle case: {{{a|b|c}|1}C|D|{Z|X}}

no UI, required, just the function, Im programmer myself but dont have enough brain cells to write the recursion.

thanks for bidding

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Java Project

Engine : A programme to design an enhanced cost sensitive decision tree algorithm to detect cloning attack .Among the question the enhanced algorithm will answer is :

1) Where did the attack happens?
2) What type of attack happens?

Expertise : Java

Engine : running on an improvised decision tree algorithm with cost sensitve capability.
The end result : Testing result display in graphs ( precision,accurancy and etc). The algorithm will be run against normal decision tree and a simple cost algorithm.

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Design Active Power Filter Using FFT Algorithm

This project requires a three-phase shunt active power filter based on DSP controller.The developed controller utilizes FFT algorithm to extract the reference signal from the load current, considering the phase-angle delay of each harmonic component.
The operation of the project must be verified through computer simulations with the user defined model in Matlab/Simulink.
A 9kVA hardware prototype was built and tested to confirm the simulation results. It is composed of a three-phase bridge inverter and a developed controller with DSP TMS320F2812. The active power filter is connected in shunt with the non-linear load, which is connected with the source of 380V. It can can operate well in the unbalanced load condition and voltage source distortion . The full-bridge inverter consists of three dual IGBTs with 1200V/100A rating, the switching frequency of inverter is 11 kHz.

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Algorithm In Php To Solve Vehicle Routing Problem

The main problem of the project is:
I have 1000 addresses from chile for ex in a database, also the lat and long.

I need to group the addresses in groups of 5 so a taxi (5 capacity) will know who is going with each driver and in wich order, with a logic so the passengers will not be inside taxi more then 90 minutes.

Method: first we need to apply a clustering to the addresses k-means clustering to define groups, then we will apply an algorithm like Dijkstras or macs-vrptw (ant colony) to define order and itinerary withing the group, both sourses are available in google. All this as to be manage with a csv uploader and google map.

If there another option or developers with this type of experience, will be more appriciated then other bids
Looking to start ASAP, best regards.

The full documentation will be shortly in clarification board.

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Solution W/Algorithm In Php To Solve Vehicle Routing Problem

The main problem of the project is:
I have 1000 addresses from chile for ex in a database, also the lat and long.

I need to group the addresses in groups of 5 so a taxi (5 capacity) will know who is going with each driver and in wich order, with a logic so the passengers will not be inside taxi more then 90 minutes.

Method: first we need to apply a clustering to the addresses k-means clustering to define groups, then we will apply an algorithm like Dijkstras or macs-vrptw (ant colony) to define order and itinerary withing the group, both sourses are available in google. All this as to be manage with a csv uploader and google map.

If there another option or developers with this type of experience, will be more appriciated then other bids
Looking to start ASAP, best regards.

The full documentation will be shortly in clarification board.

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College Project

My college project is keyword extraction from a textual document.In this project i am given the a text file,which will be input to the software and output will be the the algorithm i have already i just need a good java programmer who will code the software in java accordingly my algorithm.

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IPhone App

Hi, I have developed a customized version of the AES encryption algorithm. I need an iPhone App to show how the Algorithm works in real life scenario. It will be a simple app with no fancy graphics or anything like that. I will provide the algorithm and the deadline is 26th of this month. Please do contact me if you would like to take the project on, ask me if you need to know more and/or send me a quote, if possible. As Ive mentioned, time is crucial and the deadline of 26 Jan 2011 must be met. Kind regards.

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Simple PHP + Google Maps API

I would like to make a google map prototype based on PHP.

1. There will be a coordinate and then the coordinates will be in pins in google maps.
2. Make algorithm, when there is a single coordinate (example coordinate A), the algorithm must find another coordinates around the coordinate A within the radius. The radius can be customized. Example: If i have coordinate A, program will show me D,F,H (which in xx kilometers radius).
3. The possibility of amount of the pins is very much (maybe 100 – 500 pins), so it can not be lag.

If you need more info, send us a message.

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GSM Location Triangulation Algorithm

Assuming I have a Fingerprint DB of GSM Cell towers.
The data (including Longitude & Latitude, CellID, signal strength, etc) is achieved by wardriving. in a way, similar to

I would like to be able to get the location of the client mobile phone, without using GPS.
This is similar to OpenCellID / Skyhook Wireless/ Googles MyLocation, which sends the server info on the Cell towers it "sees" at the moment: the Cell tower connected to, and another 6 neighboring cell towers (assuming GSM).

The location calculation will be done on the server and not on the client mobile phone. the phones single job is to send via HTTP/GPRS, the GSM tower its currently connected to, plus other neighboring cell towers it currently sees.

Accepted solutions include SQL server 2008 Spatial capabilities, or using an euclidean algorithm, or Markov Model, etc. using ASP.NET / C#.
Basic triangulation is not good enough.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no software required!

What is required is a practical algorithm, using C# and/or SQL server 2008 spatial capabilities.

If you plan on bidding please describe the location calculation method.

Example: (Pseudocode)

Function_GetLocation(ConnectedCellTowerID, ConnectedCellTowerStrength, Neighbor1CellTowerID, Neighbor1CellTowerStrength, Neighbor2CellTowerID, Neighbor2CellTowerStrength, Neighbor3CellTowerID, Neighbor3CellTowerStrength, ETC… until Neighbor6CellTower)
Access DB, do some magic, and return Longitude & Latitude

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Search Algorithm For Business Directory Website

I need a very good coder to develop a search algorithm for an online business directory. Bidders must have strong mathematical and computer science skills, as well as having a strong background in database development. Providing links to previous work in this area will be a distinct advantage.

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Depth-First Search In Java

1. Implement Depth-First Search. Scenario: given an image that has e.g. black regions use D-F Search or to scan the image, find all the regions and return as an answer the total number of regions and their size.
2. Implement a Floyds dynamic programming algorithm for all pairs shortest path problem. Scenario: Given an arbitrary weighted digraph your program using Floyds algorithm must return a list of all-pairs shortest paths.

Must be in Java.

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WIMAX Scheduling Algorithm

Implementation of maximum carrier to interference ratio ( MAX C/I ) scheduling scheme in OPNET simulation software (not must) i.e. maximum time slots ( in a wimax TDD frame ) should allocated to a mobile station having maximum C/I.

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Story Swapper Algorithm And Data Conversion Tool (in Python)

I have files containing hundreds of stories and meta data that need to be processed by matching algorithm(s) into a new CSV file.

Work processing:
I need a python program that can take an XML data file and process it to create a CSV output file. This CSV file will be manually uploaded into Clickatell. I also need a means to log which phone number received which story each time the algorithm is run.

Algorithm (the fun part!):
The input XML contains 3000 stories and meta data that will be used to match each storyteller to a different persons story, based on the similarity between the story they told and another story in the set. Each unique phone number will receive one story, so not all stories will match each time it is run. We can discuss the matching criteria, but the metadata will be sufficient and quantitative so that this will not involve a huge amount of *nautural language processing* – but some will be essential. The output file enables a mass "story swap" via clickatell SMS.

I need in python so that I can maintain the code after you write it. Story meta data categories (questionnaire responses) will change, but the tree structure will not.

Program doesnt need to be fancy, but it does need to accept a few user inputs, such as choosing from one of several matching techniques based on the meta data filters, and producing the right CSV output file with an option to edit the SMS template that is applied to all output rows before saving the new CSV file.

I also need to log which story (by ID#) has already been sent out to each user, so that no user ever receives the same story twice. This log system should also be CSV friendly, so that it can be imported into Mysql or stored in MYSQL directly. CLickatell does not work with mysql, so the CSV step is required.


*** I had to repost this assignment because my first programmer bailed on me. The last winning bid was $100 and I will not entertain any bids higher than that. I want timeliness, good collaboration, and quality code.

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OD77 Algorithm Decompression Java API

We need a Java API (source code included) to decompress data stored using IBMs OD77 compression algorithm, which is used by IBM Content Manager OnDemand product.

This algorithm is a variation of the LZW implementation, but no spec documents have been found.

Sample uncompressed and compressed samples will be provided to the awarded developer.

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AI Programming – Ant Colony

I need a windows bases system for nurse rostering.. This system will use ant colony algorithm.. So i need a person that familiar with AI.. Familiar with Ant Colony algorithm will be great.. More info in PMB..

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PEMDAS Evaluation Algorithm

I need a Java program that evaluates mathematical expressions using the PEMDAS approach. It should be bug-free optimized, small and efficient. You must submit the entire source code. And payment will be released after I test the program with all possible expressions. I myself am a programmer, due to time constraints I prefer to post a project for this task.

(e.g) 135 + 5 – (6 / 3)^2
The output for the above expression should be printed as output.

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Perceptron Learning Rules (pocket Algorithm With Ratchet)

I need a small program for Perceptron Learning rules (pocket algorithm with ratchet)
#Saves the best weight vector
#If find better than replace the best
#Before replacing w with w1 new, test w old , a w1 new on every input pattern
#Apply the rachet pocket algorithm to linearly separate input patterns
#Can be done in C/C++/JAVA

Must Use follwing dataset

Data for Pocket Algorithm with ratchet

(0.05 ,0.5,0.82,0.15,0.75,0.3,0.65,0.35,0.95,0.45,0.12,

#Programe should be able linealy separate all pattern classes

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