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Facebook External Chat Application

I need a developer who can create an external code for a facebook application which when a user visits would than have to grant access for the application to use their chat (xmpp_login) and than straight after that, the application would send a message to every online friend in the chat, which I can customise. After this, the user would be redirected to a final page which again, I can customise.

Other requirements:

-> The script must be able to be ran on shared hosting, no VPS or Dedi
-> The script must be able to allow me to configure how many online friends will it send a message to (i.e. 5, 10, 20 or to everyone)
-> The interval between sending each message should be able to be customised (i.e. 1 second interval between sending each message)

Payments will be sent instantly after project is finished without any delay!

Any questions, please ask me.

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I Need 1,000 Fans From The USA

I need 1,000 fans from the USA added to a Facebook fan page. 100% of the fans must be from the USA only! No other countries mixed in.


1) All fans must be from the USA
2) Need mostly females.
3) All fans added must be real, active Facebook users – no fake accounts.
4) You must keep the url of the fan page private. You may not post it in your profile or portfolio even after job has been completed.

The fan page currently has 2,849 fans.

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Need USA 2000 Fans

I need 2000 facebook fans.The requirements are:

*Fans must be from USA

*All fans must be real people with real facebook accounts not made by boot

*every accounts must have minimum 30 USA friends

And must show what you will do to not have the page banned by Facebook

Fans to be acquired evenly over time

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1000 Profile Links

I require 1000 PROFILE links to be created, also known as angelas/pauls links. You must have your own list of profiles to use. Previous experience preferred. I require these links in 7-9 days.


1.ALL links must be on domains that have a Page-rank of 4-9
2.Only 1 link per profile
3.All links from different Domains and IPs.
4.Do follow links Only.
5.Profile must allow anchor text
6.A new profile name must be used for every 50 profiles, i will provide you with a list of names to use

You must provide me with an Excel-Report containing:
Username and password for profile.
Url of profile page. Anchor text/URL of target page

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Joomla 1.5 Music Gallery With Selling Options

Im looking for someone to make me a music component or customize a joomla music gallery component that already exists to meet my needs. I dont have a problem buying it for you if.Here are the featuers that I need :

1.- Option for Registered user to upload songs
2.- Option for registered user to download songs
3.- Able to arrange songs by categories and artists
4.- Search box
5.- Embed code
6.- Option to make playist (also embedding code)
7.- Option to add image/thumbnail to mp3s
8.- Option to rate song
9.- Option to comment on songs
10.- hit numbers (how many times a song has been played)
11:- show uploaded music on users jomsocial profile page
13:- Support many music formats
14:-Option to sell music
15:- Music gallery module on homepage
16:-Latest Music module
17:- Selling module
18:- Option for Selling or Sharing music
19:-Selling music must be done properly, allowing users to upload sample of the song, and full download selling music file, selling can be done using paypal, direct download link must be given to the buyer, email download link

Basically something that is like imeem and as flexible.Please send me links of some work youve done in the past. I am willing to pay well because this is a good project

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Diet Tracker/Social Network

Can you build something similar to Twitter? I am looking to build a website where people can post their daily diet into a log via computer or phone application. The website would need a food calorie database so people could track their eating habits easily. It primarily would be a diet and exercise tracker but with some social network features like friends, profile pages, photos, ability to display diet to public or keep private etc.. The diet tracker could produce statistics for users such as calories consumed, fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc.

As far as design is concerned I would want something fairly simple. The key would be ease of use for people wanting to track their calorie intake.

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Long Term Blogger Wanted (Native Speakers Only)

***** This project is for native English speakers only ********
****American Writers Only ******

I am searching for a long term blogger or bloggers who can write blog friendly post.

Each post will be 200 words long and my budget is small since these are new blogs.

Blog topics are:

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i am launching a new website called

i need someone to help me with my web promotions through forum posting.

The person who will take this job, will need to post to at least 100 forums and i expect a 100% rate of approval.

I expect to receive a report with a full URL to the forum posts.

I want forums that ranks high for the keyword for "work at home","work from home" "make money online","money making opportunity"

I will give details of the forum post,profile signature and banner to the winner of this bid later.

Please bid low, i only expect to pay up to USD 50 for this.

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