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Need WordPress EXPERT – Custom WordPress Design Needed

I need an expert wordpress developer for a custom design. I will also allow you to use template if you can find a nice one that will fit our needs. But incase you cant find one that fits our needs you must be able to create one to our specifications. Here is a reference site that the site needs to resemble does not have to be the same exact design and i know its joomla but I need wordpress

Please only bid if you fully understand the requirements.

Also must have positive feedback and examples of previous wordpress sites that you have created.

Must be done in min of 3 days. payment will be made upon completion of the project. no milestone.

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Professional Needed To Design And Discuss Concept Plan

Professional needed to discuss and guide me through to design the right concept plan regarding a coupon, direct deals advertisement website.

I have worked on the concept but at certain point it is very hard to get the right concept, something is missing and the concept doesnt just feel right, it just doesnt stand out of all the other concepts and will collapse after it hits the market.
i can not get answers to these questions:
Why would businesses and buyers use this concept? ( concept should be beneficial and risk free,like groupon but should totally be a different concept)
what is the secret source?
how will this concept be different then all others?
why would this concept be interesting?

Will discuss details once the bid has accepted..

According to our conversations you will have to design a professional non risky concept plan that will make the project work for buyers and sellers

Only PASSIONATE and sincere professionals who has qualities, background and understand how to build a right business concept (eg. Groupon concept a very powerful non risky concept both for businesses and buyers). Some one who could impress me with his/her ideas and recommendations. no dodgy amateur people who are only after the money. I am honest and would only want to work with honest and professional passionate people.

You must be able to provide previous projects or give me references.
Genuine people who are able to be easily contacted on skype and mail,
Each day we will discuss so you can prepare the paperwork and structure of the concept according to our conversations.

This hopefully will be longterm partnership with the right professional as i have no idea how to get started from scratch and need also guidance to setup the right business and marketing plan.

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Prophoto Blog Customization

Hello, Im trying to have the prophoto blog word wordpress customized to reflect my branding. It includes adding special shape buttons, changing background, video portfolio with embedded videos etc.
I have all my brand collateral ready and all the color #s so there is no design needed.

The two biggest things for me for now are how soon it can be completed and whether it works across all the browsers and on all the phones.

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Droid Calendar PRO

Designing and producing an application and a full / mobile website that goes along with it.

Must be willing to communicate and work together. Design for website not needed, only the creation.

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Herbal Incense Distributors Needed

We are looking for People from every state that have Business to business sales and distribution experience. We have a product that is Hot and businesses and single people are looking for it.

We are looking for your marketing and sales experience to help us excel into a common name brand.

We offer 10% commission on all sales ( average sale $1000 x10+ a week)
We offer a full line of products ( 10 diferent Brands)
We offer you your own work schedule

You can cold call, visit in person, mail outs, internet, how ever you want to market is up to you.

Products we offer are Herbal Incense products, They are legal in all 50 states throughout the US.
Colorado Chronic
Wicked XXX
Mean Green
Cloud 10
K2 Reborn

We are looking for serious minded people, who are not affraid to make Great things happen for yourself.

With this , you can easily make $1500 – $300+ a week.

I look forward to your bids, I will personally get back to everyone

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Click here…


scroll all the way down to AFC and

check the
Routt, Stanford box then


Scroll back up and do it again and again and again…
We will give 1$ 1000 votes

Provide us the ip adrees so that we can check your votes

And rember we need vote within 10hrs
So you need to be online atlest 9hrs
If you will be ofline we will not pay
And we will be watching you through a software that we will give


vedio – url


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3d Carton Needed

I need a 3d cart modeler to make the full scene and a short movie like 45 mins long in reeally god quallity pleas pm me the cost and for spects, i have more wrk herebut need some portafolio and mck ups to see first

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Group Buying Script & Design Needed

Hi All,

I am starting a premium group buying site/brand in London and am looking for a designer/programmer to build the site for me.

I DO NOT want a Groupon Clone and although there are some quite good off the shelf scripts available I would rather have a unique site look and feel. I simply do not trust a company to design my site that do not even have a UK phone number or any previous sites as testimonials.

I have a wealth of experience and contacts in the bar/restaurant industry, but no knowledge of programming/HTML so would need a very easy to use backend console. It would have to allow me to create daily deals in a premium clean/way, and then run the process automatically from the listing through to the payment and voucher code being sent to the customer and merchant e.t.c

The back end console of this script is similar to what I am looking for, but again I AM NOT looking for a clone of this, and only give this link to show you the kind of thing Im after – (user: admin, password: password)

I really want to find someone I can work closely with on this (preferably in London so we can meet face to face at the start of project). I have worked as a project/account Manager both Client and Agency side of large creative businesses in the past, so understand the design/briefing process well.

If you are reading this I will assume you are aware of the group buying business/website model, but I have listed the key functions that my site will need:

* Option to share the deal via email, facebook and twitter
* Option to refer a friend and get a reward (once when friend bought anything deal). Ability to track manage affiliates
* Option to rate previous deals
* Info about the total number of vouchers bought
* Option to add/choose cities as we grow
* Facilitate users to sign-up for a daily e-mail alert
* Secure payments with PayPal
* PayPal Website Payments Pro can now be used to accept credit cards.
*Site allows to save all buyer info into a CSV file for both admin and company.
* Merchants can open their own accounts and add campaigns.
* Google maps.
* Partners can follow progress of their campaigns from their own section.
* Possible to buy coupon for a friend.

If you think you can help me please get in touch, as I am looking to launch the site at the end of Jan and have 6 months of deals lined up already. Domain, trademark, hosting, database, mailouts e.t.c are all sorted so just need the site developed as above (inc logo) then Ill be launching,

Payment terms: 40% upfront

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Great Looking T-shirt Design Needed

We are looking for a great, and creative designer to design a t-shirt for our company.

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Color Illustrations Needed

Illustrations needed for Trading Cards suitable for kids and teenagers
Illustrations should not be too big

Angels – White
Undead – Purple
Human – Yellow
Elves – Green
Hell-bound – Red

10 characters of each kind
Each grouping has a Color Theme, illustration must stick closely to color theme
Human characters should be Asian Oriental or leaning towards Yellow

There should be a mixture of these
Warrior – Male or Female
w Vehicle or Animal Mount – Male or Female
w Magic – Male or Female
w Heavy Weapon (Assault) – Weapon can be creature or animal or Item
w Heavy Weapon (Defense) – Weapon can be creature or animal or Item

Winner of bid will be offered an open order on any illustrations of the same feel he or she can create.
New illustrations needed every month.

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