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Google Earth Or Bing Based Dashboard Application

We need an Expert or team with much expertise on Google Earth for building Dashboard. Tools and Report should be on Top of Google Earth,
Detail of Project spec will be given to team with much experience. also having experience of integrating with MS CRM and MS Navision.
People can send their proposal with previous project as a sample.

Good Luck

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Consulting Service For Database (Saas) Application

Hello, at this time I create for my new webapplication (Saas) concept the requirement specification. Now i need someone who can help me to find the right answer of my open question. Especially for…

– Which database we must use for this application? relating to security, database backup, speed, high appearance data, data integrity, scalability etc. At this time we thinking about mysql or postgresql?

– Which framework is expedient for the webapplication or not maybe required.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your experience must min.

3 Years in PHP
3-4 Yeards in MySQL
3-4 Yeards in PostgreSQL
1-2 Yeards in another Database
3-4 Years in Database Modelling
3-4 Years in Zend Framework
1-2 Years in another Framework System

advantage – SaaS experience, Oracle, another Framework

Best Regards Khalid

Skills Required:
PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Zend

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A J2ME/JME Based GPS Application

The application needs to
1. Interact with Device

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Android Camera Based Application

Require a solid android developer with portfolio of work that I can see.

Full details provided to winning bidder but in summary:

– User would take picture on handset.
– Process the picture (this involves calling several 3rd party documented webservices)
– Get results on the handset.
– App would have standard menu items i.e. Options, Feedback

Looking for someone with vision in designing superb UIs to deliver amazing levels of user experience.

Must be happy working with APIs and ideally you would have experience in using the camera library of Anroid.

Any questions ask me.


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Http/ftp Based Application Development On Android

We need to develop a HTTP/FTP application on the Android Operating System that can download single or multiple files from a multimedia server.

The application will have a scheduler on the Client side residing on the Android Operating System that accesses the multimedia Sever at specific times.

As the file is being downloaded it can be buffered and can be played out through MP3 player. It plays one file after the other until all the downloaded files are played out.

The built in GUI also has Stop, Pause, Forward and Rewind buttons displayed by the software application.

Please provide a competitive and cost effective bid. The bidder should have extensive experience in Android based application development.

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KubeLance Based Application

I want a professional php developer or company to do the following on my kubeLance based website portal

They are as the following:

*I would like you to work on the interface to be quite similar to other portals like and others (GUI amends)

1- The email in the project and PMB:

2- The projects acceptance message:

So I basically need:
A) A message sent to the buyer asking him to escrow the money so that the provider could start working.
B) A message to the provider: asking him NOT to work UNTIL the money is escrowed (and another one when the buyer pays at least to cover our fee).
C) The awarded project to still appear on the projects page with its status as awarded to bla bla bla and closed only when the project is done.

3- The escrow system:
I think that the escrow system should be mandatory not optional. Although it may be already so but we need to acknowledge both parties, either by sending the messages A & B or as a message that appears once the buyer and provider click on accept bid.

4- I want to install a blog and forum they are already available but they need to be installed after the optimization of the Graphical User
Interface done (GUI amends)

The website portal database, files , blog and forum is hosted on a dedicated server in USA , The account information would be available for the chosen bidder

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SMS Coupning System

I saw similar posted on GAF, and need this application as well, hope the right expert can help.

A user-friendly GUI for two-way SMS standalone gateway that able to Communicate with GSM modem via serial/usb using extended AT commands to send /receive SMS text messages.

1. Able to connect any types of GSM mobile phones or GSM modem
2. Able to send/receive Unicode messages i.e. English, Chinese, Korean, Japenese

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Desktop Telemarketing Dialer

we need our Desktop Telemarketing Dialer to be enhanced.

It is currently up and running and will dial any csv file imported. It will dial one number at a time and will proceed to dial the next one once use has terminated the current call in progress.

1. The next phone record in line needs to begin dialing automatically as soon as the current call is terminated, currently it stops and ask if you would like to dial a long distance code. This needs to change and user needs to be able to assign ld codes beforehand so that it will continue to dial with no interruption,.

2. The user should have the option to click on play to begin a pre-recorded message to broadcast. Once the message is complete, the call should terminate and begin to call the next record automatically without any interruption

3. Need to be able to do a one click email of pre templated emails and continue calling in the background without interuption

4. Need to be able to use, magicjack.Com as the voip service, it should all interface together so that the end user simply needs to open the dialer and begin calling without much confusion, the dialer should have an option to use dialer modem or Magicjack VOIP internal dialing.. Extremely important feature.

5. Although the program gives a calling report with number of calls made and the time, we would like something more expansive, the following dispostion codes need to be added in order to disposition the call properly for future calling.

Not Interested – IN
Call Back – CB
Disconnected/Wrong Number – DISC
Sale – Sale
Do Not Call – DNC

These codes above should all mark the call in a new disposition field and then terminate the call and move on to dial the next number automatically.

click on this link to download the application:

We can buy a version online for les then $99 so please do not bid more then this amount. You will need to build rebuild the code and self executable files. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks

02/27/2009 at 14:33 EST:

We are not looking for telemarketing service, we are looking for a coder or coders that can create teh dialer application for use in telemarketing. thanks

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