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Facebook Application For EverydayMonday

This is a private project for EverydayMonday.

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Facebook Application

I Would Like A Application To Be Developed For Facebook.

It Will Need To Store Tokens, Offline Access ,Post To Users Walls, Manage Pages.

I Would Like It To Be Able To Post To 25 friends After User Allows Application.

And Post To Users Pages.

Also When User Allows App It Should Post A Welcome Post

Aslo Required Is Admin Panel, Where I Can Run Batches To Users Wall.

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Horoscope Facebook Application

I want a Horoscope application to be made for facebook. The design should be very attractive. A user should be able to get updates on his/her astrology daily.

Design of the this update should be as given below:

-Poker Horoscope

On the left hand side
-astrological image,

On right hand side
-general predictions and suggestions
-Predictions & Suggestions specific to poker (e.g. how are the odds of winning, should they bet more or not and so on)

-company banner

When horoscope appears on the wall, the user should be able to share this update and friends of user should be able to like and comment on this update.

The project should get completed in 2 days.

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Facebook Application – (private For Fewds)

Create a Facebook Application that can accept a Facebook username & password and then send out a message to all that users friends to join

Message that is sent out would also be customizable if possible – indonesian or english.
Note: there would be a default for both langages.

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Facebook Application


I would like to receive a bid for build up Facebook application. The application will consist of two pages: landing/registration page and the page of the application itself. This page will display events calendar, pulling mechanism of view friends, inviting friends mechanism from Twitter / Facebook, etc. and a mechanism of Check in Status submitted by user. In addition we will need a clearing mechanism of credit cards / PayPal and Back Office system for tracking users / payments etc. We would also need the application design.
In more Details:
– User comes to Facebook and sees a picture with a

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Socialprintshop Facebook Application


we need the same Facebook Apllication like: or !

We have already a Website, we need only the Facebook App integration.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Anas Salem

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Facebook Application Script And Traffic

I want to make custom script for facebook, and getting X traffic (i will show you how much)
rest details later.

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Facebook Application – Test Then Build

First Test is I have created an App and I am trying to Iframe in this Page – I need someone to Tweak it. This is a test. I have done all the work it is just maybe 2 or 3 minor things to get this to work.

If completed successfully then The bigger project is below (This is the one to quote on) –

Ok I am looking to have an App developed.

It is a mix of

North Social Viral App


North Social Exclusive App

see for examples under applications

Big Points of this App would be to:

– Be able to Lock Content be it a Video, PDF, Download
– Only Unlock with a Share/Like – Choice on Admin page will effect button at the bottom
– Able to set all share settings Image, Title, URL, Description
– Embed Video in the Page, Have a set Layout for Ebook (just upload image) or a set Dowload Page can be selected in admin and correct detail uploaded e.g. Video Code, Ebook Cover/download link, Download Name/Download link

Those would be the main points. Looking for a Dev who can do this for me have a Budget and if you can do this there will be other apps.

Also needs to be an app that can be locked and will be sold on a one off Fee Model.

Please leave quotes here or PM Me.

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Facebook Application Development


Highly skilled developer to create three Facebook applications. All three applications are of the similar nature.


The first application is to whiten the teeth of everyone in an uploaded picture.

1. User uploads a picture
2. User identifies all smiles and teeth in picture
3. User chooses desired shade of white
4. Application automatically whitens all teeth in the picture

The second and third applications are very similar, however they are directed at different markets. Both applications will have the same features. The application automatically removes skin blemishes, and changes the color pigmentation of the skin.

1.User uploads a picture
2. User can choose to airbrush personally or automatically
3. User chooses desired color of the skin
4. If automatic is chosen, application changes skin to desired color

More details will be provided once project is awarded. I have completed mock-ups of what I would like designed. I will also provide logos to be implemented into the applications.


Application #1: $300.00
Application #2: $100.00
Application #3: $100.00

Note: The second and third applications described are virtually the same application, hence the lower budget. The budget is negotiable.

Our company is looking to work with experienced individuals. Bid only if you have past experience and reviews.

Please include a portfolio of your previous work, along with a list of Facebook applications which you have worked on.

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Facebook Application

Hello I am looking for someone to make a Facebook application for me. I have a wordpress site, and i want a page on it that will work as facebook application. this will consist of a list of videos, that a user might be able to add to his or his friends wall.The videos will be played on my own flash media player and this player is to be embedded on the page same as the youtube player.i would like the videos to be able to be shared same as or simular as ( Please Pm if you require further details
Thank you

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Facebook Application Developers

I need a facebook application for my fans page.. where i can post videos, photos, polls etc.
remaining details in pm.
please do not bid unless you have some experience. if u had done any facebook applications previously, please post those links. i need serious bidders.

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Facebook Application Creation – HOT

I need someone to create 2 simple Facebook applications as follows:

1. Allows the user to input an account ID or URL of desired information to display. (This account ID represents their identification in our web-based application). The first application is simply a customized view of our web-based application for displaying on fan pages.

2. The goal is to have this application work like a standard Facebook application. It will ask for permission to access the profile/friends, etc. of the user. Users will be able to sign-up at that time to use our web application, or, they can use their existing credentials.

It will use graphics/branding that match out online site. We will provide logos and concept design, you will provide coding and general user interface (UI) design elements and graphics.

Note – we do not want an iframe implementation.

Also – please do not bid on my project if you are not very skilled in Facebook application design and development. It would be beneficial if you had strong English written/spoken language skills, but not required.

The winner may get several other projects depending on the quality and timeliness of the above work.

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I need facebook app done asap

Please PM me if you need info

Only bid if you have real experience in creating facebook app.

Thank you

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Looking For Facebook Application Expert To Modify Scipt

Hi there,

We currently have 2 very basic Facebook applications (coded in PHP). They use the create_event and rsvp_event permissions.

Currently we are having some issues using them, so we are looking for someone who can check them and modify them accordingly so we can continue using them.

Once again these scripts are pretty basic, the majority of the apps are contained in about 2-3 files.

We are looking for a professional who can assist us. Please note that you are not building a brand new script, so bid accordingly.

Feel free to ask me any questions via PM.


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Looking For Facebook Application Expert To Modify Scipt

Hi there,

We currently have 2 very basic Facebook applications (coded in PHP). They use the create_event and rsvp_event permissions.

Currently we are having some issues using them, so we are looking for someone who can check them and modify them accordingly so we can continue using them.

Once again these scripts are pretty basic, the majority of the apps are contained in about 2-3 files.

We are looking for a professional who can assist us. Please note that you are not building a brand new script, so bid accordingly.

Feel free to ask me any questions via PM.


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Build Facebook Application And Explain Code

Im looking to create an interactive application on facebook. It will involve
1. users inputing text that will be stored
2. user selecting friends to participate and applications random selection of friends
3. point system, user can accumulate points by playing
4. ability to send results of game via facebook

Also, Im looking for someone who can explain/teach the code to me. I want to understand how it was built. Im a grad student in psychology with some programming expertise but I do not know how to build Facebook applications. Provider MUST speak or write english well.

Thank you, Zack

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Add 5 Point Reviews On My Facebook Application

I own an facebook app and i would like to add 100 5 star reviews on my app.
To complete this taks, you will need 100 different facebook accounts.
Simple task, so I have nothing else to write.
If you have any questions, please PM me.
Thank you.
Best Regards!

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Need 500 Users / Allows On A Facebook Application

Hey everyone.

Need 500 facebook users to "Allow" an application, and the rules below must be followed:

* All users must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon-NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
* Users must be from: US, UK and CANADA
* All users must have 50+ friends and a minimum of 4 photos
* All users must be aged 18 and over
* All users must have status updated that go back maximum of 15 days
* At least %50 of users added must be female
* Please use only good practices for adding users (Facebook application must not be banned for your actions and kept active)

ONLY SERIOUS BIDS PLEASE! No trials, will be waste of your efforts.

Budget is around $50.

Thank you.

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Promote My Facebook Application (Installs)

Ive got a facebook application that needs US traffic. I will only pay if you traffic is quality, human traffic. The app itself spreads virally so your job should be relatively easy I just need need someone to get it started.

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Facebook Application

We need a very basic application for facebook. It doesnt matter which technology.

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Facebook Application

Im looking to create my own offerwall adnetwork.

We need the offerwall to look and function similar to we do not want an exact replica, you can browse many popular Facebook applications and find examples there as well.

We would like our publishers to be able to sign into a website which you will also develop to function like

Budget is rough estimate.

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Facebook Application ( Words Editor )

I would like to build a FB application providing a platform to let users write the article in the apps.
basic function:
1.change the font size, style
2.upload image
3.image can adjust the position
4.all language need to be support

additional function will be add later

This apps style is professional not lovely type

Developers need to be good at Graph API and JS

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Fix Facebook Application

Someone developed a Facebook application for me but for some reason its not working and i need a Facebook developer to fix it. Here is the problem.

1. When the user allows the application it creates an event on the users behalf and invites all of the users friends to that event and makes the user ATTEND the event. I need this customize so i can create an event my self input the event URL or ID in the script so when the user allows the application it will invite all of his/her friends to that event and make the user attend that event.

NOTE: This application is written in IFRAME and the invite all friends to event part is not working. So i will need someone to come up with a fix to invite all users friends to the event.

The script has other features but they are working fine.

Please only bid if you are certain that you can fix this problem


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Need A Similar Facebook Application


I need you to create a facebook application similar to this one : .

My budget is 80-100$

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Facebook Application


We are looking for Facebook Application Developer.

> You SHOULD have experience in developing Facebook Applications.

Preference: We prefer experienced coders from India and its MUST for you to have experience in developing facebook app.

You NEED to show us atleast 1 APPROVED application on facebook and prove it is developed by you.

Application is about confession and all instrutions will be provided by PM.

DO NOT bid if:

1) You dont have more then 10 positive ratings
2) You Already have projects (we need it in 15 days)

We will only consider bid of programmer who will type "I love Freelancer" in there replies. Do not show us unnecessary websites.
We are only considered about FB applications.

MAX amount for this project is $1000 (+ addons if needed) and as you can see we have got 10/10 rating as service buyer, you can rely us for payments:

1) 10% IMMEDIATE escrow upon your selection.
2) 10% Escrow when you show the first preview of application
3) 20% Escrow when you show FULL WORKING BUGLESS application.
4) 60% Escrow and ALL payment released when you provide all files and YOU apply for application approval on Facebook.

BONUS: If you can complete application before 15 days, you will get 2% Bonus for EVERY remaining day.

PM me for any questions.

PM me for any question.

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Facebook Application Help Needed

I currently have a facebook application

I want to make some changes to it and I need someone to help me.
You must show a sample of a facebook application that you have completed already.

I need this job done asap so that people can still use it.
Some of the changes are below:

1.Add rockyouads to top and bottom of application (so app html code needs to be a little smaller)
2.Front of application needs to be able to show what the price of the gift cards are and have more choices for gift cards.
3.Change the Become A fan Link (Link should go directly to the fan page and not a picture of the fan page on the application)
4. A few more changes but these are the most important

Please dontt apply if you cant finish 2 days.
Lowest bid wins. More jobs available after this

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Facebook Application

Were looking for a developer to make a facebook application and a simple mobile app linked to it. The project will basically consist of:

– people will download the app to facebook
– after having the app, people must have the option to share their photos with the app
– The app will have a page where posts will be disposed in order according to the number of "Likes" and comments. The one with more "likes" will be appearing first, by its side, the second and goes like this.
– When posting a photo, people will have space to write a title and to identify the city
– people must have the option to select a city on apps first page. The cities shown would be the persons city on facebook and other big cities.
– when selected a city, the posts would appear in the same order according to "likes"
– there must be a search bar to search especific cities
– there must be an option where people can see only what their friends have posted
– the mobile version of the app must be simple: when the user takes a photo with his mobile, there will be the option to share it trought the app. The user put a title, identify the city and post it. Then the photo will be posted either on the userss facebook wall and the app wall.

Requirements :
– Facebook API knowledge

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FaceBook Application – Games Site


I am looking for a facebook application similar to mindjolt.
check here :


Free Flash Games
check here :

Some Features I am looking at :

1. Top bar with options to Install Application, Bookmark, Like, Confirmed and subscibe.

2. New Games Section and Top Games Section

3. Some space for advertisement

4. Recently Played Section and New High Scores Section.

5. On Game Page :

a) Challenge your friends.
b) High Scores List
c) Your Friends High Score List.
d) Like Button
e) Post Score to Wall
f) Invite your friends.

More details can be worked out later. But basically it should have all viral features of MJ.

The Developer should be highly experienced. Must have developed FB applications before,
Please do not bid if you have limited or no experience. Good results will mean ongoing business for you.

Once a price is negotiated, I will set up a milestone payment for 25% of the payment. Once 25% of the work is verified, I will release payment and setup

the next 25% payment… and so on.

Preference will be given to someone with lower bid and good experience.


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Facebook Application

We would like to create a tab on that Facebook page of City Center the allow visitors to create their own story in a cartoonish/comic way.

Let us say the one of the visitors went for city center for day and he took and number of photos.Then he visited the Facebook page and the land on this application tab. In this tab we will ask him to upload a number of photos that can build up their stories.

Once the photos are upload, they should be automatically converted into a comic art work where an effect is applied. Then, the user can choose between a set of page layouts and a set of speech bubbles by simply dragging to place the way he wants. After the bubble is place. he can start writing his story on it and the submit it for voting and the best voted story will win something.

Also, the user should be able to share it on his social media accounts or print it.
Please share with the costing and the screenshots & timeline of executing the above?

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