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Article Rewriting Project

I am looking to rewrite 50 articles. These articles will have to be rewritten in such a way that the new article should be completely original. Simply using synonyms or other spinning tactics will not work. Most importantly these should be free from typo, spelling and grammar errors. These article will need to be submitted to ezine. For starters anybody wishing to bid may please rewrite this article in include it in their bid. The article to be rewritten is

I will pay $1.5 for every approved article

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Dutch Translator Needed

I need a Dutch translator to translate an article into English and French.He must be native.The article is of 5 pages.No automatic or machine translation acceptable.

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Looking For Article, Blog Content Writers For Pharmacy Site

*** Writers Needed ASAP – 40 articles at $1.00 per article. We will not wait until bidding period ends to select writers. ***

This project is for 40 articles of 500 words each at a rate of $1 per article. The articles need to contain a particular keyword phrase (which we will provide) which should be used in the article 3 to 6 times.

The articles should be well researched and interesting to read. Articles must be well written and free of any grammar and spelling errors.

The topic of the articles will vary however they will be on topics related to various niches such as weight loss, health and fitness, skin and hair care, pain relief, etc.

All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect. We will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. Articles are not to be reused in any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write or give away). Scraped content will not be accepted.

When you bid, please let us know how many articles you can complete in a day and how many articles you can complete in 7 days.

Any articles that are not submitted on time or do not meet the guidelines will not be paid for.

Payment will be delivered weekly via Freelancer (Paypal is available for repeat writers) after each batch of articles is completed.

Please submit a sample of your work and if you have submitted articles to EzineArticles before, a link to the author account under which your articles appear.

Please include the words *Ready to Go* with your bid to show that you have completely read through the description for this project.

Only bids of $30 will be considered. Please do not bid if you are not satisfied with the $1 per article rate. Multiple bidders will be selected for this project and can be selected at any time. We will not wait until the bidding period ends to start making selections.

We need writers to start TODAY. There is work available immediately after you bid!

Thank you for reading and happy bidding!

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Female Article Writer Needed!

I need a female article writer asap in my team. You must have English as your first language. And i will let you know further about this job once i take an interview of yours. And you must be able to talk to me in skype. And also must know to write about everything. Newbies Please dont apply!

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Continuous Article Writing Projects

I will be needing someone with a vast array of knowledge or someone who is eager to just look up enough informative information about ANY topic of article I may ask for. Projects will be approximately 500 words or less per article and must be original content.
I prefer to see writing samples if you have them available and am also looking for someone to work with for quite a while. We will start with just 6 articles and if the both of us can work together and I like your work then hopefully we can make our partnership last.

What you are bidding on is: writing 6 articles of my choice topics each with about 500 words or less full of plenty of information for readers.

Thank you.

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Article Rewriting For Seo

Rewrite current content for SEO. The site is for a wedding chapel. Articles to be modified are for different wedding packages. Key-Phrases will be given for each article.

Writing Guidelines:

-I will pay $1 for every article.
-Articles vary from 200 words to 500 words
-Make sure to use the exact Key-phrase 3 times ONLY in your articles.
-Many wedding packages include the same services. i need you describe the same service in different ways for each package.
-DO NOT use the key-phrase as the first word of the article.
-DO NOT rewrite a title
-All final content must pass copyscape
-All articles must be spelled-checked and grammar-checked before submission.
-You must be aware the copyright is transferred to us after you are paid.

Mode of Payment:

-Only articles that are approved are paid.
-paid through – $30 milestone deposit up front.

If your article is declined due to plagiarism and or grammar issues, you must edit it before you are paid.
The reason if why it is declined is provided within the declined article.
Deadline for editing of declined article is ONLY 24 hours.

Only 50 articles are needed for now. But we will need continued blog postings asap. which we will pay $1 per 400 word article.

Please provide a 400-word sample for us to evaluate your writing quality.

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Dedicated Full Time SEO Manager

Overview of Daily Functions:
Page optimization, link building, content modification, article writing, article submission, blog submission and so on.

More Specifically:
– Extensive consultation to define the goals.
– In-depth site analysis for search engine compatibility.
– Keyword analysis for the most targeted and productive keywords.
– Content modification for effective latent semantic indexing
– Image optimization
– Update and/or modify the site content and internal link structuring to keep the content fresh for the search engines and compatible with the latest search engine algorithm.
– Creating new thematically related link pages
– Integration and upload changes
– Responsive Page Rank improvement campaign
– Maintenance & Placement Tracking
– Manual search engine and directory submissions
– Responsive Page Rank improvement campaign

Reports detailing the following would be expected every month.
– Submissions of (1000+) link requests
– Submission to (1000+) directories
– 20 articles submitted to 200 article directories.
– 100+ social bookmarking posts

Contact: Dedicated contact through email, chat or phone.

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Google Crawling Scraping Web Based App For Linux Server

Hello – this is a very simple and easy project.

We need a web based app building and installed on our linux server. I want avery nice designed interface also

The app will do the following.

There will be a admin section where i can add / remove users etc and decide superusers.

A user can login to the system and enter title text and also article text.

At the bottom of the page there is another box where they can enter keyword phrase, once these 3 things have been entered – the following is automatically calculated and shown –
Number of words in article
Number of sentences in article
Number of paragraphs in article

We can then click calculate and the following is calculated and shown:
Keyword density in % in article of entered keyword phrase
Number of times keyword appears in article
If the % number is between 0% – 3.7% then there is a sad face displayed
If the % number is between 3.8% – 7.0% then there is a smiley face displayed
If the % number is between 7.1% – 100% then there is a sad face displayed
We can also click highlight to highlight the keyword phrases in the article
Keyword phrase in title ? Yes in green text, No in red text
Keyword phrase first 2 sentences ? Yes in green text, No in red text
Keyword phrase in last 2 sentences ? Yes in green text, No in red text

Next we have a button called LSI, when clicked:
What this does in realtime is – say we enter stop smoking fast in the keyword phrase box. It goes to google and enters in the search box the 3 words separately and makes 3 separate searches in this format:


For each search we scrape the first 100 results of google and take the BOLD only words from the results. The software put them in a table and makes sure all are unique words. This needs to happen very fast. Then a pop up table appears and shows the results:

Stop Smoking Fast
— —— —–
—- —— ——

– Next to each word are 3 columns – Number of times found in article, Density %, and a highlight button (if we click this it highlights this word in the article.
Above each of the keyword columns there is a highlight all button – when clicked, all the words found in the Smoking column that are found in the article are highlighted with the same colour.

At the end of the main page there will be a Copyscape button. (we have a premium account) and need the article text either sending through Copyscapes API or the text entering on their site, and the results of the scan showing in our software.

This needs to be fully completed / tested by us and working on our server in 5 days from award.

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100 Words For $0.25 – 100 Articles All 400 Words Each

Writing Guidelines:

>Rate is $1 for every article.
>Every article needs to be 400 words long.
>Make sure to use the exact Key-phrase 3 times ONLY in your articles.
>DO NOT use the key-phrase as the first word of the article.
>DO NOT write a title – just use the keywords as your tittle.
>All articles must be original or at least 95% original.
>All articles must be spelled-checked and grammar-checked before submission.
>You must be aware the copyright is transferred to us after you are paid.

Mode of Payment:

>Only articles that are approved are paid.
>PAYPAL is the only mode of payment available.

If your article is declined due to plagiarism and or grammar issues, you must edit it before you are paid.
The reason if why it is declined is provided within the declined article.
Deadline for editing of declined article is ONLY 24 hours.

Only 100 articles are needed for now. But we are willing to continue the relationship through if we are satisfied with the writing quality.

Please provide a 400-word sample for us to evaluate your writing quality.

writetogetpaid team

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Quality Blog Posts

Looking for someone to write very good article for submission as guest blog posts to different blog posts.
These articles should be pillar articles.

We are going to handle submissions ourselves so do not provide submission services.

1. Article length 800 to 1200 characters.
2. Bid for a block of 10 articles.
3. I will pay through on delivery of work.
4. Must provide previous writing samples when bidding for project.

This is an ongoing project (repeat every month, minimum 20 articles) so Im looking forward to see reasonable bids.

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Experienced Article Writer Needed

Your primary task is able to write good 1 unique articles (450 words) on various topics every hour

You must be an author and have written article and accepted by them.

You must be able to write article for web content (keyword density,LSI focused)

Important notes:
– Great native English speaker and writer
– Reliable and hardworking person
– Able to meet project deadlines
– Long term career opportunity with rewards and attractive incentives
– Available at Skype for updates during working days

Our offer : USD 1.5 USD 2 per hr
4hr per day, 80 hrs per month.

Please note:

a) All candidate need to show previous working experience to us

b) All candidates must do a simple test to show that you know how to submit article and build link

c) Then you need to go through an interview process with us.


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Article Writing


I need 50 articles on a weekly basis about shipping and tranport also destinations around the world including Australia, France, Italy.

The articles need to be 100% copy free and pass copyscape test, they must be in good english.

Ongoing work required.

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Looking For Writers ~ 10 Articles

Need 10 articles on various topics. Keywords will be provided.

If you are willing to take up the project, you must write a sample article for me tot test. I will provide the keyword for that. It will be tested for grammar, spelling and the quality of the content.

*Each article must pass copyscape
*Content must be well researched and informative
*Must have no grammar, punctuation errors. Also no typos.
*Must be completed within 7 days after awarding the project
*Only pay once I receive the articles, No milestone payments.
*You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights to the articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any manner.

Quote me your price for 100 words when you are bidding. Bids which are more than 0.4/100 words wont be entertained.

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English To Spanish Translator / Writer Needed

I have a multiple language website , with English as the main content. It is translated into Spanish using Automatic Translators. Obviously it is far from perfect.

A typical articles is 400 words long. You are required to edit that automated translation / or translate on your own. Added preference will be given to some one who

– Knows about computer processors ( familiar with Intel / AMD , Core i3 , RAM, memory, benchmark)
– Can write an article in English if required
– Optional – should know what is hyperlinking and how to do it.

I would like you to bid for translating 10 articles of about 400 words each. You may also be asked to write original English Article.

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Article Writer, Ghost Writers Immediate Start

Good quality article writers required, for real estate, bargain properties, property investments, distressed sales, local area news, events and whats on, written in native UK GB English to provide fresh, unique key word rich content for, SEO, blogs, PR releases, etc. of two articles a week for the next month, possibly longer after monthly review.

Already have some existing content to use as a guide.
Can pay $2.50 for 300 word article and $4.50 for 500 word article, looking for immediate start.


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Article Writing And Rewriting Providers, April05

article writing providers only

All article must pass

Note : 50 article per batch @ $30 budget

article size @ 400 words only

if you agree then bid….. else thanks for your time

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10 Articles – $1.25 Per Article (eventually 175 Articles)

I need ten articles written on 10 specific keywords which i will provide. The articles should be grammaticality correct and should include the article keyword multiple times. The articles must be unique and all will be checked carefully for uniqueness. I would like the ten articles within 24 hours if possible…although 48 hours max. If the work is quality and I feel we work good together i have an eventual total of 175 more articles I need written at a later date I would consider working with you on.

04/05/2011 at 9:28 EDT:

I forgot to add – the articles need to be at minimum 450 words… preferably 500-550

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Urgent Article Writers For A Very Low Budget Project

Hello, I want a few article writers urgently to write a few 300 words articles..The articles are on different niches..but want it in next 6 hours..will hire 2-3 writers..My rates is $0.3/100 words i.e $0.9 for the complete article..

Payment will be made only via paypal(If you dont accept paypal..dont reply pls)

If you think my budget is to low then dnt reply..I dont have the time to negotiate rates..

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Article Needed On PlayStation Phone

We require a 2000 word article writing on the new PlayStation Phone, it should be a review and discuss all about it and what it does, it should be a positive review and not criticise the phone very much. 500 Words should be a mini review, then the 1500 should be a full review of it.

I want the writer to be English preferably and it must be very good writing and unique with best spelling and grammar. We want to pay $30 for this.

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Creative Writer – Asstd Topics


I am looking for a couple of talented writers to help me with a rather large project on assorted topics. Impeccable English and a commitment to deadlines are a must. All articles must pass Copyscape. If this goes well, it could lead to regular work.

Please place your bid for 10 500 word original articles and give me a realistic time frame within which you can complete these. Id like to see a sample of your writing; I expect that the quality of the articles you turn in will match that of the sample article.

Thank you.

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HOW TO Type Articles ( $1.5 / 450 Words Article )

Hello Freelancers,

I am looking for 1 or 2 RELIABLE article writers to work with me on long term relationship, you must be experienced to write, edit, rewrite and proofread articles on various niches and able to write at least 5-10 articles on every week day.
I also expect you to deliver all these articles on the same day.

You should have a Copy scape premium account to check for any plagiarism and please submit us the originally written articles. If any plagiarism is found, sorry to say your articles will be rejected.

I expect you to produce " How to " type informative articles on various topics but not limited to the following ; health, fitness, travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, business, small business, education and real estate, )

I will provide sample articles and guidelines to make you understand, what kind / style of articles we are looking for.

You will be paid after submitting all the articles ( i.e 25 -50 articles ) every week, and please excuse there will not be any upfront payments. Initial pay per 400-500 words article will be $ 1.5 and will continue to increase after 1 or 2 months. You will be engaged in other lucrative projects too. Payments shall be through GAF or Paypal as you wish.

1. MUST be 400-500 words each
2. MUST be in American English (simple-structure, made-easy to comprehend, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.)
3. MUST pass Copyscape Premium (please check your article before submission)
4. MUST be SEO optimized
5. MUST spell check, grammar check and proofread your work before submission
6. I own the full rights to the articles that have been completed, approved and paid

Please make a realistic bid and tell me how many articles you can write per day or per week. Also, Please attach your sample articles especially in "How to " type niche.

Please write " Yes, I can " in your bid, so that I can understand you are not a spammer.

Happy Bidding, buddies 🙂

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UAW (=1original+2 Rewrites Of The Original) Article Writing

I am looking for top quality English writers for long term basis. If
you can produce original (100%) work without grammatical, sentence
structure, and word usage errors and meet the DEADLINE, then perhaps, this is for you:


2. Articles must be unique and original but no duplication. AT THE
MOST 3 (THREE) % DUPLICATION IS ALLOWED throughout your whole

3 You understand that after getting the payment for the article(s) you
have written, the right of those articles will be transferred to me
and you are not allowed to reuse them.

4. Article rates:
3 USD per 300 words UAW
4 USD per 400 words UAW
5 USD per 500 words UAW

If your article is rejected for poor quality and other reasons, you will not get payment for that particular article.

If your work is rejected three times, no longer you will be able to write for us.

5. Please bid for 50 dollars only, so that you can get feedbacks and ratings quickly.

6. You dont need to attach a sample article with your bid. But you will be asked to write a sample article on the topic sent to your pm. You will send the articles on MS doc file only but not in "doc.x", "pdf" or etc. ALL Articles must have to send within 20 hours after receiving the topic. IF you have any personal problem or offline task and need to MISS the deadline, please let me know it. So that I can reassign you another new article topic, when you will be available to write articles.


8. Please keep patience until I reply you.

9. So, if you are interested, please copy and paste this following sentence in your pm, otherwise I will not entertain your bid.

"Dear "poeticironman", I have read your project description and agreed with your conditions"

10. Thanks,

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Looking For Article Submissions

Looking for someone who will be submiting articles every month, starting from 500 article submissions and approved backlinks. You have to provide a report with submited and approved backlinks.
Please be aware that we will pay only for approved articles backlinks.
This work is long term.
You must have a paypal account.
waiting for your offers,

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Article Writing In Internet Marketing Niche

I need 10 original articles in the internet marketing niche.

Below my requirements:

1) All articles must be in good and professional English. The content must be logical, with no grammatical errors,
no spelling errors and no short forms. All articles must pass ALL ezinearticles.coms
editorial guidelines and requirements.

2) All articles must be at least 80% unique from the original articles. They must
pass copyscape. PROVE must be shown. Cut and paste work and article spinning will not be accepted.

3) I will provide you with all the details and references necessary to help you
in writing the articles if you win the bid.

4) I need all the 10 articles done within 3 days.

5) You need to agree that I own all rights to the 10 articles and
you must never use the articles in anyway without my written permission.

6) Articles must be provided on a Word file.

Ill be paying $2 per accepted article by

Most freelancers place their bids blindly without reading the full details.
Just to make sure that you have read EVERYTHING in the descriptions and
that you have AGREED to them, kindly PM me with the first word, "Article OK" in
your response to me.

Good Luck on Your bid.

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Private Project Gamit

I would like to buy 2 packages like this:

1. 200 links submissions = 130 Guaranteed One Way Theme Links – The links are built by manually publishing 3 Original Articles (500 words each) on 60 different article sites (each published article will have 2 back-links to your site). We can use up to 6 keywords and 6 different URLs of your site to build the links.70% of our Article Sites have PR 2 to 6, all with different C classes IPs.
2. 100 links submissions = 50 Guaranteed One Way Theme Links – The links are built by manually publishing 2 Reviews for your site from 2 different accounts (we can use up to 2 URLs of your site to link back) on 50 Social Bookmarking sites, 90% of the sites have PR 2 to 8, all with different C classes IPs.
3. 120 links submissions = 80 Guaranteed One Way Theme Links – The links are built by manually publishing the 3 articles from point 1 on 40 Press Release sites. All our Press Release Sites have PR 2 to 7, all with different C classes IPs.
4. 40 Guaranteed One Way blog links – These links are built by publishing 1 article (300 words each) with 2 back links to your site on 20 different free blog sites. These free blog sites are our sites (new sites with PR 0) which we are promoting to get the highest PR for them and your blog back links too.

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UAW Article Rewriters Needed Urgently To Start Now!

If you landed here, then you are about to bid on a very simple project. Basically, I need rewrites for UAW (Unique Article Wizard) articles. The rewriter just needs to rewrite the original article twice, but rewriting MUST be done line by line and MUST NOT TO BE DONE AS A OVERALL SUMMARY!

Example: if the original article is of 34 sentences and 8 paragraphs, your corresponding rewritten article should also have 34 sentences and 8 paragraphs— no more or less than that!

Other Requirements:

– You must be able to rewrite 4000w-5000w EVERY DAY!
– You MUST be available via some IM, like gTalk, Yahoo, or MSN. I dont want writers you take work and then disappear.
– Payment via GAF/ MoneyBookers as you need.

Rewrite the following short paragraph LINE BY LINE, so that I know how much you are capable of.

"All of us desire to loose the extra weight of our body. Many prefer traditional way of doing exercise as well as diet. The six weight loss guidelines include elimination of junk food as well as processed foods. It is to be remembered that physical improvement is not at all possible with insufficient diet. You need to make choice of healthy and nourishing alternatives."

This is LONG TERM work, so there will always be work available for you. Ill be hiring multiple writers, so dont hesitate to bid.

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10 Excellent Articles Required

Please read this carefully.

The project is for 10 incredibly well written articles on that benefits of Aluminum Fence for residential, commercial, or industrial use. A few suggestions would be: aesthetic appeal, improved security, higher property values, landscaping benefits, and so on.

I require 2 articles for each of the following keywords. Each article should use these keywords at least 3 times within the body.

aluminum fencing
aluminum fences
aluminum fence
black aluminum fencing
aluminum gates

Articles are to be 600 words in length. Payment is $4.50 per article for a total of $45. Payment will be made through upon successful completion of the project.

Articles are not to be resold to other parties and must pass a check on plagium/copyscape.

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Content Writer Needed – 6 For Mohds2

I need high and great quality content for my website: 12 articles probably
about 1000 -1200 words each. General topic for these 12 articles is auto insurance in the US (different states).

Article requirements for this project:
* Content must be informative, interesting and concise. Not filler or fluff.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape.
* Must be written in conversational American English, with perfect grammar and spelling.
* Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count.

Freelancer should:
Be able to do online research and write UNIQUE text
Have experience with content writing
Have experience with writing for keywords and SEO

Milestone payment only.

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100 Articles Of 500 Words Bulk Article Writing

Hello freelancers

I need people to write for me good quality articles for a cost effective way

i will be ordering 100 articles per time

100% unique content , hand written,no spinning , 100% copyscape passed, SEO writing

The niche is games

If you can provide 100 articles in 7-10 days then bid on the project with a bid for 100 articles and send me a sample too


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Articles For Web Content And Article Directories

Job Description

I need an English speaking writer and require a person from the Philippines.

I have many articles that need to be written and re-written. I have many new topics to write about. They must be different, keyword focused, original and follow my guidelines. You must adhere to Googles new guidelines.

They need to be 100% original and not too promotional. I have been having problems with writers sounding too promotional and not taking responsibility for their work or lack there of.

I need a reliable writer who can be called on when work is needed.

Writers must take responsibility b

I am looking for a long term relationship.e fully submittable to EZINE 100% of the time.

What is the price per article?

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