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SOBI2 Contact Email Form

In SOBI2 when a user clicks the email link it opens an email client like outlook or mac mail to send the email.

Instead I would like to use a form within my site that does not show the email address

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Interstatial Form For Php Site

I have a requirement for someone to produce an interstatial form – or some similar solution – that appears on my clients site after a time delay (variable) – visitor completes the form, or closes the window – if compeltes the form they never see that particular form again (we will change it periodically), if they just close it then they wont see the form again during that session on the site, but they will see it each time they access the site until such time as they complete it.

Forms content is emailed to a given email address and user taken to a certain url on successful submission.

Questions via PMB

Please note that I will not pay more than $40 for this solution so any bids exceeding that will be ignored.

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