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Flash With Custom Video Player

We need flash programmer who can edit our current job. We have our design ready . Website is full working. %90 is working but has some technical problems.

1) As you can see first image comes and then flash loads. But there is no flash loading on page. We need to add flash loading while it loads main flash.
2) When you look flash video player there are some problems.Need to be added playing track over the video playe, bar which shows what part of the movie is loaded and ready to be played.
3) When the Video Player load, and before the starting of video.. the slider appears in the middle of the track for a second..Needs to be at the left, from where start the video .slider is the simbol, that you can drag to left or
4) The Video Player background needs to be placed better and to have equal border from all sides, and when loads at the top for a second appear red box, which should not be there.
5) Website has fully load with flash so need to make some performance settings. Need to optimize flash.

I need to finish this job as soon as possible.

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Protect Video Downloading Online Videos

I have a website. Its online Video lesson website. I want to protect these online videos from downloading from software like real player and orbit.

Need someone you have same experience and can show same work. Need to complete it in 24-48 hours

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Custom Video Player

Adapting a Video Player for Simultaneous Stream Playback

We need a custom video player that allow 2 or more videos to play in sync. Ideally 4 or 5 videos in sync. Users should be able to switch between angles of a video like watching a roller-coaster from different positions (or a rally car in this example). This is for a non for profit art project to help kids learn film making.

Rally Car YouTube example:

Roller Coaster You Tube example:

*Note* You Tube player isnt very effective because it causes the page to reload every time. Our intention is to have the player load simultaneous for instantaneous switching. Flash would acceptable and easy. Initially happy to adapt an existing player. Hope to allow users the possibility of making and saving them with this player (and embedding too)

Relevant selection of example projects completed will help us choose a candidate or company.

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