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Audio Transcription Project For SandraSeason1

As discussed with regards to

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Drupal CMS Amazon Web Services Auction Site

I would like a Drupal CMS website built, run and hosted over Amazon Web Services.

We will signup with AWS and provide you with access from where you can configure any required features of this service. It is my understanding there is a free service available on AWS (, it is expected this will be utilised. By bidding you agree that this project is feasible as described, if not please say so.

It is intended to operate as a penny auction site.

Im happy with as an indication of the functionality required in terms of countdown clock reset on bid, paypal purchase of bids, bid or point cost, design, user signup process and layout.

Needless to say its slightly different in that one category of users will also be able to list items. This will be explained to bidders that are considered competent and within budget and hopefully allows you to provide a bid you are happy sticking to.

The site should obviously come complete with front and back end to allow administration as a basic user, GUI admin interface essential.

I have a domain and will provide you with access details to the registrar account so you can configure this.

Further information will be provided to bidders that display a track record in delivering these types of project, have an appropriate bid message and are in line with our budget.

The project, once awarded will be structured on milestone basis, I would appreciate more details on your preferred phases and indications of payment at each milestone.

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Dons Site For SAP64

As per previous projects

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Install Joomal Template

We need a template installed. This is a very quick project for anyone that is familiar with Joomla 1.5. In order to qualify for this project you must have the following – all others will be ignored!

1. Be familiar with Joomla 1.5
2. Have a POSITIVE feedback of of 10 and over
3. Must see projects through
4. Must make sure site is working properly (all aspects) before funds are released.


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Classifies Services Site

I need a simple website made where people can post services that they would preform for money there there should be search . They should be able to pay each other with paypal and the design must be nice. Please stay within my budget. Users should be able to place tags on the service. Rating should be made on reliability.

Budget is less than $100

*Send me your portfolio for desinging, MUST be a good designer. DONT send me links to 100 websites*

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Easy Flash Projects For Small Children Site Wtih Flash CS4

Hi. I am looking for an experienced worker for small additional help for 2 Flash CS4 ActionScripting files. The following is the detail of the projects I need your help:

1. A Flash quiz that needs additional Actionscript to drag each small symbol to a matching spot on a table, a scoring system, and a reset button. All parts files will be provided.

2. A Flash file that needs additional 30 day- posting feature of draggable small symbols into each box in a table, and a reset button for a new cycle. No matching any symbol and a spot in a table. From a symbol pool box a user can select a symbol randomly. Draggable is not the issue but I need your help for the 30 day- time reservation/limit for the accumulated symbols as user adds a tiny symbol daily. All parts will be provided.

Please provide pricing for each project. The detail and the image files will be all provided.

If you are trust-worthy skilled worker, you may receive these type of small jobs regularly for my site. Your work must be simple to prove your ability. Please provide at least 3 URLs of your past projects.Thank you for your bidding!

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Completion Of An Already Started Website For A City Tour Co

The provider I had selected has to take some exams and wont be able to complete the project. I need someone to continue the project from where it is left. The HTML and graphics exist and will need some reworking.

The project is for the creation of:
– a beautiful web site for a city tour company with a booking form (inc. paypal, worldpay and other payment options),
– logo design,
– graphics design,
– possible animation intro and
– twitter and facebook presence and integration and
– full document proposal with mockups
– standard SEO

Pages (roughly): Homepage, About us, Contact, Book tour, Payments accepted, T&Cs, Services, Site map, Highlights (and one or two I might be forgetting).

Since a lot of this project is already made, I expect bids to be closer to the lower end of the budget and those will be considered first. If you feel you could do it with a smaller budget please indicate that in the PMB.

Please quote both for CMS and non-CMS based website.

You may have to sign an NDA and rights release form.

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Ad Services Site

Hi, I have a client interested in the creation of a banner/ad based website system.

We would need a website for clients to log in, add their details, specify the times they want their ad(s) to show (down to the minute:hour:day:month or repeating every day or week or monthly), which site categories they want, and how much they want to spend – per click and in total. The system would advise slot availability, busy times and advise if a period is not free. Their ad will include logo, images, descriptive text, contact details, website link (with back link – if not paying premium – which the website will check automatically). Option to pay extra to have the advert designed.

On the sales side of things, the website would be able to show ads according to city and/or county/type of ad. The website will also allow general members of the public to leave reviews of each ad.

In order to start the site off, the admin will need to allow the adding of free listings which will drop off as and when the site fills up. Once up and running the site should be automatic.

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Jquery Expert Needed For User Image Uploader On Auction Site

Need a Jquery expert to finish off some work on a image uploader that allows users to upload there own images to the site. Also maybe the possiblity of an image resizer, so that images over 2mb can be uploaded.
All database work has been done, and rest of the work is 75% done also. Just needs someone who can finish off.

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I Need A Team Which Can Make Me ANY Site ! Longterm Projects

I need someone with a team which can build ,design websites .. any type of websites
I will have many many projects .. and I need teams with good skills , and im planning to pay really good

So , if you have a good team (Maybe 1 good developer is enough) please send me a message so we can talk more about this.

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TWO – Flex 3.0 Projects


We have two projects in Flex 3.0 .Need to get TWO providers to do this. Freelancers and Companies Welcomed.

Knowledge of any 3D engine would be preferred.

We are looking for people located in Delhi/NCR as it requires On-site visits as well.

More details will be shared with selected few.

Need to start this in next 72 hours.


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Fullblown Dating Site With Auction Features.

Hello everyone.
My name is Arash and I am located in Denmark (Copenhagen).

I want to develop a fully functioning website with similar features to a dating site. I am willing to use a prebuilt script if you are able to customize it to meet my requirements.
The site layout and design should be like / / The site should of coarse support difference browsers such as IE8, chrome, safari, firefox etc.
Your bid should be for a complete site design and script building + CMS.

The site should be developed in .net / php.
You should also be able to give advise regarding hosting technologys.
You are able to implement payment solutions (visa / dankort — denmark)

When sending PM, please send references so i can see other kinds of work.
It is very important you provide feedback on how constructing the site, giving good ideas and sparring (skype is preffered).


— Welcome screen —
Users should be able to switch to English language. Default language should be DANISH.
Users will be presented to a short flash movie at welcome screen.
Users are able to view features users and click into profile – but after this they have to create profile.
Users create profile with text verification + email verification.
Users can create shoutouts.. which is like an public guestbook that every users can see.

— Profiles —
When clicking into a user-profile / group profile. You will be presented to a users profilepicture / info / gallery / guestbook / rating / bids
Members being able to search by any of the attributes/location selected.
Members can add photos + video + photogalleries (flash based slideshow).
Guestbook for each member. Others members can write into this.
Members can add friends.
Members can create a GROUP Profile (that consists of 2 freind or more…)
HOT or NOT Rating.
Users can comment on pictures / videos.
User Status (similar to facebook, ex "im happy".. )
Support for importing addresses from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, etc and sending invitations
"remember me" option when logging in
"Your friend has a birthday today" message notification
Group announcements
Filter by Users, Groups, gender, age, latest bids, online users, etc.

Each user/group profile has its own calendar with events. Users are always notified of incoming events and they can select if they will attend the event. Users are also notified if their friends are attending an event.

Users can request an IRL garantee (reguesting the user to upload a IRL picture, that we will approve)

— Bid —
Other users can bid on a date with one user profile, or a group profile.
When user placing a bid, there should be dropdown boxes that generates other dropdown boxes. -> this information will be sent as an bid + amount etc.
When user is placing a bid, the users is prompted to pay online by visa/dankort (online payment)
The users should be able to view the bids that they have made + cancel bid.
The bidded users should be able to view the bids thats placed on them + accept / decline bids. + able to comment on the bids that they have recieved. this comment will be sent to the bidder.

— Mail —
No mail corrospondance is wanted for this site – only public guestbook for every profile.

— User control panel —
Ability to disable comments, voting and rating for your profile
Ability to report abuse on users.
Ability to disable mails when bids received.
edit profile
edit gallerys / profile photo
edit freinds
edit the group-profile + freind withing + pictures/gallerys within
edit settings – notifications
delete account

— technology —
SMS notifications when bids are accepted / sendt / paid etc.
The site should be ready for advertisment in left/right side (when logged in).

I want a CMS where i can fully administrate the site completly (also with english/danish translations). For further information please place the bid, and we shall talk further.
I hope to establish an trustworthy partner for the future, that also gives me a good sparring for the ongoing site development in future.

Please, i am a single person starting this project.. so please be reasonable with the prices. When this is said, I am expecting bids on fully functional site from start till end.
I think timeline is aprox 30-40 days frontend – 30-40 days CMS.

please contact me, so i can see some of your work.. then I will be able to decide which bid I shall accept.

Thank you for your time.

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Fixes to E-commerce site

This project for 3 simple fixes to our aspdotnetstorefront product Page.
Bidder needs to know C# and have experience in storefront.

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PHP Work on Property Site

Nice project for PHP developer.

Must be experienced and dedicated. Completed within 5 days.

Main features include:

> A filtering system to allow the user to filter by property features such as price, size, sea view, pool ect

> A search box on the home page to search for Holiday properties by reference number and other options

> Admin page to add new properties

Other minor additions/changes.

Good English required! EU workers preferred. Budget <$100.


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google local submission

Local Services project covering london needs submission to google local with multiple addresses
we are asking for google local opimisation for 6 keywords and for 750 locations in london

this is a trail project and we will select more than one bidder for more than one site

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Copy – Paste Blog Posts to a new location … total of 70 blog posts needs a new home, all you need to do is COPY / PASTE into correct Blog Categories into a new Site

All – Project is very simple, Copy – Paste Blog Posts to a new location … total of 70 blog posts needs a new home, all you need to do is COPY / PASTE into correct Blog Categories into a new website.

You will be given two URLs from where you will copy the existing blogs. You will then paste the information into a new blog using the correct categories.

There are 70 blog posts that are located on two websites which i am trying to phase out.

Lowest bid wins the project. Sorry, this is not technical and dont need high bids.

Please make sure you copy the contents into a NOTEPAD to make sure there are no crazy formatting you are bringing into the new blog. This is mandatory.


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Auction Script Needed

Done an auction website for your client? I would like to purchase your script.
Anyone has a auction website script?

1)Must not be the same as those commercially sold on the market, it would be great if u had just done a unique auction site for your client and would want to sell your script.
2)Script must be fully fuctioning without bugs
3)I will have the rights to the script.

Please PM me with your DEMO site.

Please dont waste my time if you dont own the script.

Thank You

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adult webcam site

I need a adult webcam site, exact clone of fully functional where any people would upload their personal pics & vids (no sharing of personal information allowed untill exchange of atleast 2 mutual masseges) & can go live on their webcam. free signup & paid gold & silver membership to view member vids & pics. one live member webcam can be viewed at a time for free members & unlimited live member webcams available for paid members. Need SEO for the same to bring in the traffic. Need experienced freelancers only who have previously done this type of jobs. willing to pay not more than $50 but open to share a 10% of the profit if for this successfully earning site if project price increases. Need a highly competitive & ambitious bid.

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for – stevenp1974

Additions and modifications to previous site search project

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Site Rebuild


This is for the project that is a site rebuild with all content taken from the existing (old) site.



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Finish WordPress Site

This project was started by another outsource company that took my money and quit working on it. Please read the attached job description carefully before you bid.
Thank you

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CHF donate site


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Transfer blogger site to wordpress

I need my current blogger website, which uses the blogger engine, yet resides on my servers, to be converted to a wordpress site on my servers. WordPress is available on the server – the key is a successful transfer of all existing materials.

To review the current site for project scope go to:

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