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Blog Comments – Forums Posting

I need a forums posts & blog commenter who has good experience in adding links on given forums and blogs. I can pay only for active links.

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WordPresss Plugin That Pulls Videos From Rubtube/

Hi guys,

I need a wordpress plugin that pulls videos from rubtube and The plugin should let the person using it choose either keywords or a username on both sites to pull videos from. It should also be able to work with both enabled, for example:

Pulling videos from rutube user: demox
keywords for videos pulling in: football clips

Meaning if demox uploads "funny cat clips" and "football clips" I can just pull in the football ones.

There are already plugins out there that can do this from youtube for example:…be-video-posts

It may just need some modifications to save you some time.

It should also be able to autopublish like this plugin does.

Let me know your price and timeframe you can do this in. It can also be a script if you cannot make a wordpress plugin (worse case scenario)

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Im paying $10 for 1000 videos to post.
I have a site with 3000 video names that need to be found and posted on my wordpress blog.

basically your going to search the name of the video and paste the embed code on the post.
Thats it. Pretty simple and fast.

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twitpic, twittascope and youtube all features clone

I am looking for a clone of with full integration into twitter. Please study completely how the pics are uploaded and how the links get posted on twitter, how the replies as comments of the pics also get twitted… every feature has to be there, even the API which allows to upload pics via mobile… Plus I want feature too in this site and you will have to work with the youtube API in such a way that we can bring in users youtube videos in there profile and have the comments that are posted to be tweeted. I want a unique and better design.

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simplepie + dropdown

I used on my homepage ( a dddropdown panel (
dddropdownpanel.htm). I want to load the latest posts from my blog.
Combining RSSBOX & SimplePie it works very well, but once I remove the page to a subdirectory (http:// doesnt work proper anymore. The dropdown doesnt work anymore once the rssbox is included. When I remove the rssbox, it works again. I thought that it was a path problem, but if checked and tried everything. It seems there is another conflict. Someone has an idea? And how much will it cost?

Thanks & best regards

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WordPress plugin SOAP REST autopost

I am looking for a WordPress plugin which goes out on a random daily time basis and reads my product SOAP/REST feed and creates an automatic post. That is the only functionality required.

Post must be WordPress compliant so that it does all the standard things like pings etc.

Please respond using the keyword Chelski and please describe your experience and solution. I will not read bids that do not comply.

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