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YouTube Views Software

I want a program where you can type in a url to a youtube video and it generates views WITHOUT freezing at the 300 views point. Im looking for this software to produce hundreds of thousands of views for multiple youtube videos. Can you also make it so that you can add more than one video at once so that there is like slots?

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Need Software Created To Drive Traffic From YouTube

We are seeking a software program that can help us create large amounts of traffic from We would like to create a streamlined system that is push button. We would use this software to promote affiliate products. We are open to suggestions and comments regarding this possible creation. Any input on features, etc would be greatly appreciated.

We are willing to dicuss possible ownership percentage to right person.


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twitpic, twittascope and youtube all features clone

I am looking for a clone of with full integration into twitter. Please study completely how the pics are uploaded and how the links get posted on twitter, how the replies as comments of the pics also get twitted… every feature has to be there, even the API which allows to upload pics via mobile… Plus I want feature too in this site and you will have to work with the youtube API in such a way that we can bring in users youtube videos in there profile and have the comments that are posted to be tweeted. I want a unique and better design.

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Animation Video Creation SOFTWARE WANTED

Im looking for someone that can help me with making short clips 3D cartoons for youtube. Here is an example of what Im talking about.

Im looking for someone with a program that will allow me to create my own personal charachters and background with voices and must be easy to use! I do not want it to be on a hosting or website. This is for my my own personal use,,,but I want it to be as easy to use like this like how its from:

Please do not bid if you are a scammer or cant do this for $50.00 or under. Must be easy to use and if you already have a free verison of it

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