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OSC 2.3 Shop – Contributions, Custom Fields, Debugging Etc.

I need for the new shop project the following things:

Product options:

Field for the Tax-Number (for to display in the order, not in the website)

Field for the Measurements (length, width, height)

Field for the storage position (for to display in the packing note, not in the website)

A possibility to enter the number of the products in stock (and for every attribute) so that it counts down with every order. I need some kind of inventory management – so that the product or the colour/modell doesn´t list when everything is sold out and give alert at a specific number to order more of the product…

It now displays only the netto prize – but it should display the brutto prize like this: 3,95 inkl. 19% MwSt. (very important!)

Wishlist function – where the customer can save the products he would like to buy later.

Login-Field in the header.

Where can I change the text of the template (everything is written in lowercase letters – but this is not correct – some words in german beginn with an uppercase letter!

Where do I change the button styles?

The reviews don´t work – debug this.

I also have problems with the slideshow of the template – I found out where to change the big pictures but don´t know where to change the thumbnails and where to set the correct links?

Sozial Bookmark integration of Twitter and Facebook and others on the productpage.

The client does not know yet which payment ans shipping providers to use – but this will come later on, too.

The client requires a packing note (with the storage and stock count informations) and a invoice in pdf-format (with item number, invoice number, tax number etc.) to send to his email when an order is placed.

I need someone who really is an OSC expert and who is willing to invest some time into this project to make it a top notch and fully working shop…

As we are on a very tight budget please do not bid too high!

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Sharepoint 2007 Jquery Slider Custom Web Part

We need a Sharepoint 2007 custom web part showing an image gallery on a jquery slider with jquery easy slider plugin, we need it well documented, with a nice and clean code and with installation instructions

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Jomsocial Help Easy Project!

I have 2 things in jomsocial I need to be completed today. I you do not know know Jomsocial well please do not bid.

1. I need to skip the avatar upload page after registration.

2. I need all custom fields (10 maybe) to appear in the registration email that is sent to admin.

Thanks! I also need this done today!

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WP Contact Form Redesign

I need to redesign(it should fit the site) a custom WP contact form, also some fields should be added and some removed.

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