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Drupal CMS Community Genealogy Website

I have an exsiting genealogy website built as static pages in html with a little PHP. It has over 7000 pages, some related to service provisions but mostly free content.
I would like to migrate to a cms. I have looked at drupal but came across some issues and need some help.
I would like to add functionality to this free content allowing customers to add ancestors to a military unit such as an army regiment or royal navy ship. This would create a link through a page that would be created for their ancestor (automatically – similar to a wiki).
The customer should then be able to add new information to this page, creating more links back to the original page but also other pages that are selected (perhaps from a drop-down list). The pages would also have the new ancestor added to them and linked to the new page. Essentially it is internal reciprocal linking.
This should only be available on certain pages.
I do not want customers to have to do the work manually – they should be able to fill in a form (or something similar) and the links/pages created for them.
I would like to limit what customers can and cannot add (ideally specific fields) as I want my pages to remain of a certain quality and format.
It would need sign-ins for customer for security and something to detect undesirable text (swearing, etc) – I should be notified.
It also needs a comments or a place for customers to query content. This needs to come through to me for visibility but I should not be a bottle-neck for adding content.

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Website Development,Script Installation For

I have a domain

My basic idea is . . .

Classified + Chat + Wiki + Music + +


If you have any other idea most welcome – –

One with ready scripts will be preferred … GNU or Custom CMS development Scripts !

my budget for this is low.
Ready made Works Welcome . . .

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Chinese Website – Durpal Joomla CMS Development Project

Chinese information site, CMS with a open source platform. Video gallery, photo gallery, profile / member area, sign up newsletter etc. I have a RFP with more details.

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A Static Website Into A Dynamic Websie Using CMS

Hello ,
i have a static website and I want to trasnform into a dynamic website in a CMS system .
I d require previous similiar work , and I will provide more details for the task .
Serious bids ONLY .
regards ,

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Need CMS And Programming For A Simple Website

What we have:
– Html pages of a website which mainly contan texts.

What we need:
– CMS (Admin System) to be created for some pages
– CMS to be connected with the website
– Everything to be in Bulgarian

Timeframe: 7 days

What we will provide:
– The html pages and CSS
– Description how the website(frontend) works – in English
– Description of the CMS (backend) – in English
– Design of the CMS type we need
– A file with English-Bulgarian translations of words, buttons, etc.

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Halloween Costume Exchange Website

This website will be specifically designed for trading Halloween costumes. It will be similar to craigslist and ebay except instead of selling Halloween costumes, it will have them available for people to trade. For now the service will be free of charge. I would like to integrate Amazon affiliates links to make money, for users who wish to buy costumes or do not find the costume they want for trade. These links would need to be prominently located.

Person comes onto the site and has three options:
(1) Browse costumes for trade,
(2) UPLOAD Halloween costume,
(3) search website.

If they click browse they can see categories of Halloween costumes (child, adult male, adult female). Then they would be able to browse costumes that are available for trade either by size, or by sub category (super hero, professional, sexy, funny). Once they find one they like, they would have to sign up for an account and upload their costume. Next they would send a trade request for the costume they like. Then we would send an email to the owner of the requested costume which would show them the potential trade and say ACCEPT or REJECT. If that party accepts then we email both parties the address to ship the costume to.
If they click UPLOAD then it would be similar to Craigslist and Ebay, they would have to upload a picture of the Halloween costume, select a quality (used, good, like new, new), and other such fields, see list below:
(1) Select a size
(2) write the price they paid
(3) and write a description.

Then they can either write what costume they are looking for, or select a category of costumes (i.e. super hero), or put that they are open to receiving trade requests for anything.

If they search then we would show them all costumes in any category that matches their description. If we do not have the costume then they would be given a link to purchase it on Amazon. If we do have it then two links would pop up, request trade or purchase on Amazon. I would like Amazon affiliate links integrated within the item listing pages as well as the search.

I would be open to using a CMS or other readily available scripts to speed up the process and keep costs down. Please send samples of your work. I would be open to any ideas you might have on the best way to design this project. If you do a good job this can be an ongoing project. I plan to integrate a payment system as the site grows. If you are a "serious bidder" please put "serious bidder" in the subject line so that I know you actually read my project description.

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CMS Portal Development

We are looking for a professional hand to develop a religious portal on Quran using Joomla CMS with the following functionalities:

* General information with SEO
* RSS / Newsletter subscription / Social networking integrated
* Online (live) chat support
* Searchable Quranic database
* separate LMS (Learning Management System)- (Moodle or any other LMS will do) to conduct live courses + Presentation based learning with final exam and module-wise exam conduction capability and certificate issuing for successful candidates. Possibility of live video/audio classes like
* possibility of future upgrades

Please quote us the number of hours required to completed this project along with your per hour/complete project cost.

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Urgent – Duplicate A Website

I want to use the following website as a template for a new website offering the same product only to a completely different audience. I like the function of this website, only Id like to use paypal as the payment gateway. I dont need the content or the css created as I can do that myself – I just need to the coding done to make this function like this one does with the tools to create emails or upload emails, account management features, etc.

Just to clarify – what CMS platform would you propose? Joomla which is PHP or something in as stated below? I ask, because I already have a PHP host that I use for multiple website but they do not support IIS for ASP.

I will award the project within few hours. Good communication is a must. If you wont reply for next 24 hours after posting your bid, please dont bid.

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CMS Integrated Into Existing Website

Site is
We require a back end login where we can edit all the pages.

This should include:

Adding pages to navigation
Adding new pages.
Pages always follow same setup:

– So youd always need banner image, small image and text.

Below that there is a comment section whcih is just a piece of code so that woudl be part of the page template.

We also have news pages designed that is not part of the site now that will need to get put in:

Individual blogs should go to :

Newest News Links should also affect the footer across all pages.

I must be able to edit the meta data, page titles and html names on each page + all alt tags for images.

Were looking to start work on this straight away and require the work to be completed by mid July LATEST.
Budget were looking at is 450$.

Happy bidding!

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Government Website On WordPress

Im looking for someone to be able to build a government website on WordPress platform.
Must be able to give me an example that theyve done similar and also able to handle security with the ease of the CMS platform.

Remember it has to be on a WordPress platform and you must mention "GOVERNMENT" on your reply.

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CMS For Paralegal Services Website(s)

Paralegal services company wants to continue in a development of CMS. We have several website with online sales of paralegal services (incorporation services in different states), our current CMS is partialy based on WordPress.
We need to add new features, make changes, make improvements based on customers feedback. etc. The system must be capable to be used for different websites (companies) and capable to manage multiple sites with different content and design from one domain.
The selected freelancer(s) can also provide the designs but this is not mandatory.

We are looking for professionals interested in long term collaboration with quick response time. We often come up with new features and ideas and need to incorporate them into the system.

The quote should have two parts: 1) quote for the system (either brand new or re-done current CMS) 2) quote for future work on the system (changes add-ons, etc.) – per hour rate.

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Need CMS Installed On Housing Website

We need to have a system installed on a website which will allow owners to sell or rent their properties. We would like to give owners the ability to upload their own photos and to provide a description of their property for potential buyers or renters. We will likely have many of these but the first website we need this for is

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Developing A Website In Joomla


Website development using Joomla more details about the project will be discussed on Message Board.


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music website clone-develop

We are in need of a clone for and The clone will function just like both sites so please become familiar to the funtionality of the sites. The look and feel of the site will be our own as well as the content that is needed. We are seeking the site to be developed using ther latest version of Joomla and using any accessories provided to Joomla such as virtuemart and admin extentions as well.Artist will have logins that will take them to a Admin control section were they can manage their releases select to add a new release and so forth. there will be a seperate login accounts for customers shopping the website to make purchase. Artist will also have there own pages like on We sell MP3 album Downloads so there will have to be a sound bits available to review. also the we will need to be able to send a XML to one of our providers. and are actual one site. The differ is one is for B2B suck as artist signing up for new service and is for fans-customers to purchase music.
Please review the site as we are seeking a longterm partnership

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Customize JomSocial website and develop new applications


I want my JomSocial website to be customized with some added new features. Some of the Joomla components needs to be customized as well. I need few applications to be developed using JomSocial API. More details will be provided for the shortlisted buyers.

Thanks for stopping by.

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