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Feed And Pinging For 400 Profile Link. PRJ #1

Rss feed and pinging for 400 profile link.

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Dealgator Clone


We are looking for dealgator like daily deal aggregator for South Africa. All the functionality from dealgator should be present.(ex: remainder email before the expiry date of the coupon is sent to members if they purchased through dealgator)
All deals are pulled automatically from site with or without rss feed (mandatory)
Deals should be categorised.
Please check dealgator and we want exactly like that.
Please note: We do have a fully functional yipit like website so please make sure that you bid for deal gator like and not yipit like.

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Simple RSS Feed Website

I am looking for a website like this:

Admin panel should allow me to input URL to RSS and sytem should display in similar fashion to example above.

Will need a cleaner page because I intend to have more RSS feeds than the example.

Need SEO friendly URLs. Idea is to have lots of related content and get ranked well. concept is to have thousands of pages related to the topic, so think about how to make rss feeds URLS on my website.

If this can be done in wordpress, that would be great. Otherwise, will need for a blog

Also need contact form.

Budget: $100

If you bid, explain how you would enable admin panel to input RSS feeds to pick-up…..

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Project Creates A Custom RSS Feed Virtuemart Jomla


I need for my website in court devellopement of creating an RSS feed for my product.
An RSS feed media format "jwplayer.

I fake an RSS feed through an RSS feed products + by cathégorie I give you an example of the flow that I wrong.

you create a php code that I was only just call the rss feed url by using the following filters:
"Vendor" "product number posted" cathégorie products "+" with id or sku of the product "(1 product only).

Shouaite I realized my project quickly.
If your good Ill rate it can be to finish the website for your company.

Current flows for cathégorie:

I would have to create a similar flow but organized for the "jwplayer"
I provide the demo attachment …

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RSS Feed Promotions/Marketing

We have several clients who have RSS feeds.

Some are product feeds, some are news feeds, some are live pet feeds.

We need somebody, or a team, who can help each client promote these feeds.

All promotion methods MUST be 100% ethical.

Your bid will be for One site (at a time)

If there is success with the first project, we have 400+ sites that need promotion.

Please describe in brief, what methods you would use to promote these feeds.

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RSS Feed Expert

We currently have a RSS newsfeed on our site.

We have added a table to classify the news articles into categories.
We would like to add more output to our RSS feed.

1. We want to include The Category Output so users can filter the output
2. We want to include thumbnail images (which already exist) into the feed.

Looking for any recommendations you may have as well.

This should be a very simple project… so, for just what we are asking (not including any suggestions you may have..

All you need to be able to do is write some simple querries (php) and eidt our output script.

Here is our current feed style…

For this, it should take about 30 minutes, and we will pay $30.00 – We will consider more IF you have some great suggestions.


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Rss Feed For Imran

For dipperu as discussed.

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Playout And CG Software For TV Channel

Required Playout and CG (Character Generator) software for a TV Channel. This software should include seamless playout automation system including character generation, chroma keying, SMS, RSS feed etc. For more reference, you can visit and/or www,

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Repair The Rss Feed

I host a socisl network site. It offers blogs to my users amongst other things. I am having trouble because the rss feed for the blogs does not work. When you click to subscribe to the blog everything comes up like it should and you can subscribe but the problem is… it does not show the blogs in the feed. It shows there is 0 of 0 blogs. I need to find out why it is not pulling the blogs through into the feed. Please someone tell me you can fix this and not cost me an arm and a leg as my social network is a free tool for people. There are other bugs too so if it works out i would like to find someone i can use on a regular basis.

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Manual RSS Feed Submission

I need one of my websites RSS feeds to be **manually** submitted to all the main RSS directories.

– Must be manual submission
– Must provide a report/links to your submissions

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I need you to make all the feature with API and SMB on this site like I need a nice design with feature of selecting their own web template homepage that customer can have their online site up and running once they join our member.It will have paypal and as payment gateway. I need it to be in both Thai/English

I need to add the following button from what Doba already have. I need you to get all the feature from Doba and add the following to it

1. Video clip of a host talking about our service
2. Testimony
3. Currency exchange
4. Email blast
5. Price comparison
6. Live chat
7. Testimony
9. Rss feed
10. Affiliate
11. Track Order
12. Online catalog
13. Product clearance
14. Become our member
15. Product
16. why we are the best
17. Services
18. Free trial
19. About us
20. contact us
21. Shopping basket / payment gateway – paypal,
22. Join our mailing list
23. Import contact
24. Tell a Friend
25. Gift certificate
26. Wish List
27. Video clip of " Join us and be Rich "

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RSS Feed #2

Second phase of rss feeds, including grouped article feeds.

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Im looking for someone that can help me with a meta tag upgrade to Header Tags SEO V 3.1.5 and help me with a widget that pull in blogs and make it look like i;m doing it and what ever else we figure out

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I need to have installed rss feed on
1. two rss feed needs to show in the footer area of
2. The rss should replace the existing latest news column.
3. The first rss feed should be connected to
4. The second rss feed should be connected to
5. The layout of the rss feed should match the existing design of the footer.

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RSS Feed Submission.

Need RSS feed submited to engines, directories, etc.

Tell me what you can do for $30

Wanting to get it done quickly.

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RSS Feed Submission Quick Money

Hey I want a quick job done right now. I want someone to quickly submit my RSS Feed to 30 top free RSS Feed sites.

Willing to Pay $10 for this less than an hour job.

Only bid if you have some experience in RSS Feed submission.

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Need A Music Rss Feed On Website

I need an RSS feed on my website from a music site like itunes or another nig music site. I nee it put on on the right hand side of the page where there is apicture of a girl now. The feed needs to be for alternative music that shows pictures of the latest albums. If you can do this a screen shot would be nice. Not looking to spend more then 40.00

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RSS Feed Fix

I need someone to help me get my rss feeds fixed. They seem to work but I was using them to submit my urls to Google and for some reason some of them are coming back with errors according to Google.

These are some of the errors I am getting

Parsing error
We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting

Invalid XML tag
This tag was not recognized. Please fix it and resubmit.

Parent tag: description
Tag: img
Problem detected on: Apr 29, 2009

I need the RSS feeds fixed so that they will no longer report errors back to google… Please help!

The website is

Please resopnd!

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RSS Feed Problems

This is the second time my RSS feed hasnt worked in the last couple of weeks. I would like someone to take a look at it and help me diagnose it and fix it.

I get both errors: Server Timed Out on my original Feed with some suggestions for fixing the HTML. When I “Create Sync” with Feedburner I get “Periscope timed out.” I tried making a pipe since others have had this problem too (seems to be an issue with Google) and it also doesnt update.

This project is urgent.

Thank you

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RSS Feed Made And Postings

I need RSS Feed Made and Postings to
for TWO of my domains.

I choose bidder that can do this right now.

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Profile Backlinking Project For Shubhinetwork

Unique 2k profile backlinking with rss feed per 100 profiles.

bid $350

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