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Facebook Game

I need a game like this one.

Only difference is that I need only 1 single photo that changes every week, no clues and 8 differences.

There needs to be a leaderboard for the quickest that week.

There should also be a winnerspage, with previous week winners.

Each week there will be 5 winners, the #1 and 4 random numbers which are published when the new round starts. (for example # 321, # 755, #1567, # 2387).

Further details will be discussed with the potential winners after the first selection.

Please start your bid with the word "Spot", bids that dont start with this word are deleted.

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Facebook Game Beta Users

To gain new beta users for a Facebook game Wild West Express –

The users must be real Facebook users, their location does not matter. Please propose budget and how many new users you promise for the bid and from where you estimate those users to come from. The tracking can be done using links and other traffic source identifications.

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Need Real Funs To My Facebook Game

I am looking for real funs to my facebook game.

Write me your offer, how many funs you can bring me and how much will cost me every 1,000 new real funs.
I am looking for long term relations.
Thank you,

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Promote A Facebook Game

We are looking for a long-term affiliate marketer to promote our game on Facebook.

Some statistics about our game:
300k+Monthly Active Users. 75% from US.
The game is free to play, but users can pay for virtual goods.
The game is rated 4.7 out of 5.0 and received great reviews from users. And it is a RPG game. MMOG style.

Your job:
We will give you a unique URL and we will give you a dashboard and let you track how many new users have signed up from your URL. We will pay you on a per install basis. So please include your bidding price per one install for the following countries: United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and any other country you specify. We hope to grow globally.

For the initial 10k installs, we will pay you on a per click basis. However, after the initial 10k users. We will share revenue directly with you. If any of your users (including the initial 10k users) purchase virtual currency within the game, we will give you 30% of the revenue. If you are familiar with this industry, you will know this is a significant amount of cash. So this job requires you to bring quality users and non-fake ones. We know our business and we can tell the quality of traffic. So please bid on the affiliate program. We guarantee you wont find a better offer anywhere else. Bid the project and make some serious cash with us.

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Facebook Game

Need an experienced programmer to develop a facebook game based upon a concept, programmer will provide artwork and user interface and functionality based upon strict guidelines by me, a portfolio of existing work is necessary before you will be considered for this project.

The game will be a multiplayer social networking type of game so functionality between facebook users is essential.

This contract will be for developement and ongoing support of the game so ideally there will be a profit share for the right candidate, please do not bid unless you can commit to an ongoing massive project.

Full specifications will be discussed with the right candidates based upon protfolio

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FrontierVille Facebook Game Guide

We need an expert on the facebook game FrontierVille to write an ebook/guide.

It should be at least 6 chapters, ideally 8.

Lots of pictures of successful accounts showing impressive frontier plots and screen-shots of achieving high levels in the game and large amounts of gold.

Contents including:

A basic game explanation and game guide.
The most efficient/fastest ways to gain experience at different stages in the game (including gaining experience in early levels, middle levels, and later levels).
The most efficient ways/fastest to gain coins at various levels of the game.
The best investments in terms of different items to purchase with in game currency.
The best investments in terms of different items to purchase with Horseshoes.
Strategies for getting more wood/food.
Ways to earn Horseshoes without spending real money.
Strategies for advancing in the game for people that cant check in multiple times every day.
Ways to get more neighbors.
Common mistakes people make.
Any other game insights that help players develop advance in the game, build successful homesteads.

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Flex Architect For Facebook Game

We are building a social game of the genre of Farmville or Social City on Facebook. I am looking to hire someone to help architect the application. I would potentially like to hire them to stay on after the architecting phase, but getting the foundation in place for a prototype is what I am most in need of. We have a design of our User Interface already and I know what technologies I want to use for the application, but I could really use a well structured foundation to build off.
We want to use Flex 4 and RobotLegs as a framework. We would like to use AS3-Signals integrated into RobotLegs. We will be using the PushButton Engine for our game engine and will be using Ruby on Rails for our backend. We will most likely use WebOrb for Rails to integrate with the back-end.

What I want is someone to help me build out the initial phase of getting a basic prototype in place. It will have very basic game play. Basically think of the prototype as being Farmville base functionality with the ability to place a couple graphic objects on the board. I dont need the facebook integration or most controls in place. I wont need any of the score keeping in place. We dont need a scalable backend yet for this project.

It will be very important that you can show me projects that you have done using the above frameworks & technologies. It will need to be cleanly architected code. You can bid either an hourly rate or a set rate, but the truth is I havent given you enough project definition yet to probably give me a solid bid. I look forward to hearing from you. This can potentially lead to a long term contract also.

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Facebook Game Development

We would like to implement an add-on feature to our existing canvas/FB connect Facebook application.

The ideal candidate should have:
1. Expert knowledge of Facebook SDKs
2. Expert knowledge of Facebook FBML
3. Expert knowledge of ASP.NET, SQL Server, CSS, HTML, and VB.NET
4. Ability to write clean, well documented, and object-oriented code
5. Strong English communication skills
6. Expert knowledge of jquery, action script, and silverlight a major plus

Major features we would like to implement are (we have the basic designs ready):
1. Character creation
2. Tutorial wizard
3. Player versus Player combat
4. Ranking
5. NPC Shop system (possibly auction and trade)
6. In-depth character development/inventory system
7. User crafting, achievement, and collections systems

If interested, please provide us with the following:
1. Resume
2. Portfolio (very important for us to see your work – both live site and sample code)

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