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Job Description

Looking for expert candidate to do link building for my websites and you must be able to do blog, facebook and twitter work.

you must have a proven record in build links to websites and you must have proven history in social media, able to invite targeted people and have the knowledge of ways to get my websites popular producing traffic result within a short period of time.

You must know how to Increase Facebook fans, write articles and submissions regarding our products.

You must know how to install templates on facebook and twitter.

All the fans or followers, fans and traffic must be genuine. We are not just looking for someone to add people or followers that do not exist.

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Need The Best Article/blog Writers And Seo Or Link Builders

This project is for multi-talented people or individual or group providers and I have to choose a no. of freelancer who will have predictable knowledge on article writing, blog writing, copy-writing, press release writing, and also i have to hire 2-3 seo or link building group if they have proven results to show me as samples I ask for with reasonable quote.

For writers:-



I have to hire 2-3 groups for writing articles, blogs, press releases and all the contents I need should pass copy-scape and minimum 500 word count. I will check the contents quality through copy-scape, Dupecop, articles checker for quality.

I will ask the writers for samples. Anyone can nt able to pursue samples , I will not consider them.

I have the right to select and reject if any piece of articles are not quality I expect. The article that you people generate will be my property as I will pay for them.

I need native English writers and my budget is simply $1.5-$2.5 per article and huge amount of contents I need monthly.

I will pay per article basis, per quality article will be awarded $1.5-$2.5.

Payment mode:- Bank Wire / Paypal / Moneygram

Payment will be releases in every 2 weeks.

For Link Builders & seo Professionals:-

I need guaranteed google top listings, I will pay on results for this after results. anyone can apply who have samples for demonstrate. I may ask for google top listings in, ,,,

I have various sorts of industries I will need Google top 10 listings. Online games, poker, dating, adults, shopping, business, wedding, stock, food & drink, porn, betting, casino, travel, matrimony, adult products, escort agency etc. I need guaranteed results, so I will pay for services. I will not pay for monthly occasion, I will pay on target basis when results will come.

Payment will be 50$-250$ per keyword depending on competition.

I need quality link builders who can be assigned by me for multi-language link building.

I need links theme based from different theme but in multi-language:- russin, swedish, spanish, french, dutch, polish, etc. I do n;t need any English site links.

I need pr 1 and above links where my links will live, no spam no garbage. C- class ips. no java script, no flash links. I will allow only do follow of links, and I will send details , keywords, url, anchor text to build links. Links should live for life time or 1 year at least. Or you will have to give me free replacement.

outbound links should be less than 50.

pr 1= $3

pr 2= $5

Note:- Who are applying for writing position please mention that " I agree in your terms and just applied for writing positions" same for seo and link building you will post your consent that " I agree in your terms and just applied for seo and link building positions" !

Hope for the best.


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English-Speaking Blog Writers

How this will work:

– Youll receive a username and password to a wordpress blog.
– Write health related, workout tips, hormone replacement, botox, juvederm, fitness, nutrition (any number of words)
– Each post should contain at least one link to another article you wrote on the website
– Be original, be interesting, be informational, have fun

$3 per blog, paid at the end of the week
at least 7 posts per week
more pay and more work if I like what you accomplish

Send me an example of your writing when you bid.

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Need Blog Writers

S | Reviews

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Need Blog Writers  

Need Blog Writers is project number 937247
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/04/2011 at 3:52 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/24/2011 at 3:52 EST
(19d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



Job Description:

The recruit would be responsible for writing articles for our website The articles posted should be supported with the help of online research. Articles should be original, no plagiarism allowed. The genre that would majorly be covered are news, product reviews and updates.

Basic Requirement:
Strong written communication skills in English. Flair for article writing, blogging, Creative bent of mind.

About TechieAsk:
Techie Ask is a one stop solution for the tech savvy people to know, share and analyze latest technology news, trends and solutions. It is a hot favorite platform for technology blogging and knowledge sharing.

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Blog Writers And Journalist Wanted

The Official Business Report or The OBR is a paperless publication that allows companies to broadcast reports/tips on the top 115 radio stations through out the US. The OBR supports additional information that the company would like to feature beyond a .15 sec report/tip on The OBRs selection of categories in side the Network broken down into National and regional sites. The categories are: Arts, Beauty, Business, Health, Fashion, Lifestyle, New Trends and Travel.

Each product or service website address is located in the latest news section broken down into subcategories.

Each press release, video, podcast, coupon, banner ad etc. is located in the headline news section in each region.

Each Company release also has their own billboard. As an example: click on Jewelry for instance and you will find 5 companies participating at

Each report in a blog format that is read on air is also featured on the front page of each site linked to the article and website.

This is where you come in!

It is the bloggers job to engage the consumers that are hearing about the reports live on air daily. Each converstion that is made, you will receive a commission on the sale. Commission vary dependent upon the company that is posted on the site. We will list the commissions for you based on your interest.

Each blogger will also have the ablity to write their own articles so we can feature you as the guest blog wrtie and further promote your site if you have one.

The main issue for us at The OBR (in order to obtain your services) is that you reside in the regions that you represent. Every company that participates on the OBR must send free samples of product and services to us so that each representative has tried the product or service. We want to make sure you are successful from day one. We also want each of our writers to be able to write about the product or service confidently.

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Best Experienced Blog Poster Blog Writter In Kolkota Town


best experienced blog poster blog writter in kolkota town india

thank you

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Looking For 250+ Words Article Re/Writers To My Blog

I am looking for someone to research and create short articles (250-400 words).

The rate is $1 per article.

If I am satisfied I will increase the rate.

You may write or rewrite. Its your choice.

From time to time I may supply a list of topics but most will be your own topics.

I will give you a wordpress username and you will post the articles to it.

Article Details
The article language is English. You will post 250+ chars articles with a clean title and with at least 3 tags. You should also use <b></b> <i></i> tags within the articles for important points. (type magazinell to the end of your post so that I know you read all thoroughly). The main topic is health but it may change from time to time.

Article Format


I look for originality 100% (no plagiarism), grammatically perfect articles, responsibility and patience.
The articles will be checked with copyscape.
Articles must be HTML clean as possible(no unclosed <p></p> tags etc.)

Simply post rewritten articles to my blog with 3-5 tags and get 1$ per post.

We pay at least for every 10 articles submitted so that any inconvenience is avoided.
Payments are made with Paypal.

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Articles And Blog Writers

Need unique and article and blog rwriter, may need to rewrite articles too:

Please reply in PM how many of these you can do for 30$

Rewrite articles

Will have to sign an NDA and I will own the rights of the articles.

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Blog Writers Needed

Trial Project

Im looking for someone to make 10 posts to my blog every week. Each blog post will have approximately 300 words (the topic is easily written as its not technical at all) and approximately 10 images (which is also easily found from the Internet).

– able to communicate via skype
– familiar with wordpress blogs
– know how to upload images and post these images as thumbnails.
– knows how to format a blog post with images and look decent enough
– write proper English

Please provide samples of your work. Applicants without samples will not be considered (preferably posting to wordpress blogs).

Note: This will be a trial project of only 10 posts. If you do a good job, then Ill award you the permanent work of maintaining these blogs, in total will be about 150+ posts for now, and the opportunity for more writing work in the future.

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Need Individual Blog Writers

Hello everyone,

Were seeking for writer all around the globe who can supply us with quality content for an established and an upcoming website.

The websites are somewhat news-based, on a certain field, and your job would be to cover the latest news that we send in. All the articles would need to be around 200 words each, unless said otherwise (for some feature articles).

As for the payment, we are looking at about 1$/100 words – which are pretty standard – but open to negotiation.

While sending in your applications, please include some of your recent work (preferably on a similar topic), and make sure youre available to do a sample article for quality assurance, which shall be paid for. If youre a firm, or an article broken, or intend to outsource, please dont bother. Were strictly looking for individuals.

Please do not hesitate to drop in a message to know more details.

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Technology Blog Writers

Hello everyone,

Were seeking for writer all around the globe who can supply us with quality content for an established and an upcoming website.

The websites are somewhat news-based, on a certain field, and your job would be to cover the latest news that we send in. All the articles would need to be around 200 words each, unless said otherwise (for some feature articles).

As for the payment, we are looking at about 1$/100 words – which are pretty standard – but open to negotiation.

While sending in your applications, please include some of your recent work (preferably on a similar topic), and make sure youre available to do a sample article for quality assurance, which shall be paid for.

Please do not hesitate to drop in a message to know more details.

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Japanese Blog Writers $2.50 Per 1000 Words, $1.50 Per 500

Im looking for responsible writers that have first hand experience with Japan ( whether native, currently living or have lived in Japan)

The writer should be able to provide content suitable for:

If there articles are well researched, insightful and original there is a potential to become part of the staff.
The initial pay for the first 4 articles will be a base rate of $1.50 for 500 words and $2.50 for 1000 words.

Please bid accordingly, the increase of payment will be based on time bonuses ( how quickly you can deliver) and passing bonuses ( if the board approves the publishing of your article).

I currently have two freelancers working for me whose increase in payment over the period of 3 weeks was of 67%.
Please refrain of bidding if you cant complete the project, if you have too much to manage then it would be wise for you not to take on this project.

I am a very flexible employer and if you show interest I will give you certain freedoms if needed and deserved ( freedom of choosing on which topic to write on, how many words and in how long you want to deliver it).

Not interested in teams, I like personable communication.
Willing to negotiate but preference will be given to those who stick to the budget.

This project is actually fun so Im looking forward to your interest.

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Need Best Writers-articles,press Release>UK And US First.

Hello All……

As this is my 3rd project but I couldnt find any good writer for long time..

I need lots of writers for daily work..

Any one interested please look here once


1)Daily Contact

2)Good Communication

3)Skill Writers

4)Proper English and no grammar mistakes

5)CS pass..(Ill dont have to)

6)US and UK writers first preference..Negotiation with them feel free to contact those



For article and general writing>>> $1.5-$1.8 per 500 words..

For Press Release>> $3.5 per 500 words


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Looking For Blog Writers

I am looking for someone to write 400 word fictional blog posts, for anything adult related (xxx, erotic, or porn) that includes monsters, cartoons, horror, zombies, humor, etc. I am looking 5 posts to start off with; more if it works out. The 5 posts can be one story cut into 5 pieces, or 5 separate pieces. I would prefer to make payment through paypal.

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Blog Writers

I am looking for experienced writers to write 25 articles each 200 words every week. This is an ongoing project. It is important that these articles are upto industry standards. We will provide with 2 to 5 keywords and links. I can pay $1 to $1.5 for each article.

I will look forward working with your soon

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Need Creative Article/Blog Writers (proj-01)

Requirement: 30 informative articles on given subject-max 250-300words.(Quote bid for 30 articles)

Articles topic: Sheepskin UGG boots and similar ones.

Work type: Long term

Please provide sample work: please write at least 3 or more sentences in your own words meaningfully on the below topic:

—-Benefits of education—–

we are in need of quality Articles/content writers for our blogs and E-Commerce promotions. Only providers with self driven writing skills and creativity will be chosen soon for a long term relations and multiple business opportunities will be rewarded as well for the right provider who proves their writing talent on any given topics. We need Article writers who meets the following criteria:

-self driven,motivated and enthusiastic to write on any subjects/topics
-Good communication skills or at least email replies are expected on time.
-Honesty(most wanted)
-reliable and flexible to work On demand.

what we dont allow:
-No truck loads contents from Google,yahoo,MSN mine ores or copy cat,PLR,translation,re-written software junks or any methods which violates copyright acts.

payment: prompt swift payment on work completion only. supply work-Get paid for it(No mimics). No escrow,No milestones those who expect should not bid here please.

Please mention or start the bid stating: (Aim-03627) while applying for bid to confirm you have read fully.

Happy bidding!!


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Article And Blog Writers Needed

Need 10, 250 word blogs, 10, 350 word articles and 10, 500 word articles. Willing to pay around $1.25 per blog, 1.5 per 350 word article and $2.5 for 500 word articles.

Looking for a team of writers who can deliver quality articles free of grammatical errors.

I will need 1-2 articles initially to check the quality of your work. You will be paid for these articles provided they are good, as per instructions and pass on copyscape premium.

Payment after delivery and review of all the articles and blogs if your bid is chosen.

This is the first of many similar projects to come so please keep in mind for future projects. If you do good work on these, you will get preference on future projects.

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Writers Urgently Required

IF you have the talent, education, drive, experience to express your thoughts on paper, research background of ideas on the internet – the pros/ cons – and then credibly device answers? For research, the World Wide Web is our oyster. The scope of our research task is so wide, we literally write on just about anything – Academic writing, Article writing, Technical Writing and Blog writing etc. If you think you can do plagiarism free quality papers, apply with 2 samples of your work.

We will offer 1 per 500 words.
Please do not apply if you are not willing to work on a sample and meet deadlines.

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Looking For Blog Writers

I am looking for professional blog writers who can write blogs on ezdia related to its project posting features. He should be regular and professional blog writers. His blog page rank should be high and having good amount of traffic. I will pay $5 per article. But the article will be high quality and no chopped English. Should pass from copyspace.

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Wanted 2 Blog Writers

I need 2 blog writers who can work at the rate of $0.9/500 words articles. The articles are very easy, and all you need to do is to rewrite the articles in a way that they are plagiarised free and error free. This ios one of the most interesting projects I have. All you need to do is to go to There are 100 of articles on and ,any are uploaded per day. Select the ones that you like to rewrite and rewrite them. It is that simple. However I need quality in the form of error free and plagiarism free work. and Please write I am responsible, so I know you have read my description. Please write a 150 words sample article on IT support to prove your quality. I would need 13 articles of 150 words each (4 articles of 500 words daily, or double the number on alternate days.
Please bid for 40 articles of 500 words ( or 20,000 words). Bid between $30 to $36 only

Only serious rewriters please, please do not bid if you are not serious or if you do not fit into the above given description. I want to choose 2 rewriters.
This is a long term job

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Blog Writers (Nutrition)

We are looking for blog writers who are experienced in writing for professional blogs. We are looking for people who have access to latest journals etc to write articles about nutrition for certain diseases. Each post will be about 500 words but needs to be well researched, evidence-based and have references that are accurate. There is no room for plagarism and each post will be checked via Turnitin. We may consider more than one winner. The posts will be relevant to health promotion days – eg., Coeliac Awareness Week, National Kidney Disease, World Hepatitis day. We have a total of 50 articles we would like written. Please include a sample of your writing relevant to the area (only 2 maximum) as well as the number of articles that are included in your bid.

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