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AS3 Flash 360° Add Ons To An Existing File


I need a flash expert to add some new functionalities to an existing 360° object presentation.

Currently, the fla is driven by a "hand" cursor on mouse over (in order to "drag" the 360 rotation) : there is a nice coding that make the effect realistic (motion blur for example). I wish to keep the effect, the mouse cursor, and therefore the whole code but I need to add these functionalities:

> When the swf is loading, I need the object to make a 360° by itself (with the same slight motion blur effect), without the users need to make drive the cursor
> I need to have buttons at the bottom (left and right arrows) to make the 360 turn frame by frame (no motion blur, just "frame" by "frame"), or when keeping the arrow pressed, activate the same effect as whats available with the hand cursor (with motion blur and so on).

> The movie needs to be declinable : I will give some sample images with the working version FLA, but I will later make 10 similar movies with the other images. Therefore, the whole fla needs to be well commented an all the images should be library driven of course (ONLY CODE, as what it is so far).

The fla is coded in AS3

More details can be given by PM

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External Swf Loading And Unloading Homepage

I need someone to make 5 buttons with rollover( blur) and loading and unloading of pages(blur out and in) and a download save as(right click) 2 links.

Picture page with a 2 pictures button

And to intergrate a mp3 player I bought and write a php list for my songs

Simple work, but I can´t do it.

design done in Photoshop CS 5

Shouldn´t take more than two hours at the most

I am paying 100 dollars

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Flash Vertical Image Scroller (Slot Machine Motion Blur)

I am looking to create a flash banner which scrolls transparent images (PNG) vertically with motion blur, like a slot machine, which starts off very fast before slowing down and stopping.

The images will need to be pulled from an XML file and ordered randomly such that each time the page is refreshed the result is different. There will be approximately 5-10 images in the XML file. I would like the images to be cached if possible to reduce load time.

The animation should take around 3-5 seconds to complete (no repeat) and consist of smooth fluid motion (dont want a jerky result). If possible the script should be built in a way that the animation time can be tweaked easily.

The flash movie will need to be on a transparent background such that it can be placed on top of other content on the website.

Skype is my preferred method of contact. Prompt turn around is essential. I will handle embedding the final animation.


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Blur A Face In A 5 Minute Video

I have a video showing someone talking for about 5 minutes. They dont move around… the person just stands there and talks. I need his face blurred, in a professional way, as youd see on TV.

Need this project done fast!

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Flash Banner Ad – Object Slider

Basically I need a flash developer for a quick project that involves creating a looping slider. The ad starts with 10 objects sliding across the ad with a motion blur effect, and after 5 seconds they slow to a stop and left/right buttons fade in. The user can click the left/right buttons and the objects need to slider over 1 by 1, but the objects need to loop so the user never comes to the end. Im assuming the objects can be loaded via an array and they need to blur as they slide left/right.

If this sounds easy to you, it probably is. Nothing complicated, and no surprises.

Note: Also needs to include a working AS3 based clickTAG code.

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Editing Needed For 3 Videos

WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE READING.

I have 3(three) videos in .flv format (it has appx. 10min each).
Each video must be edited in this way:
– make it appx. 1 min long
– blur the face of a person in it (where is the case; in one of them the background needs to be blurred)
– convert the video in .avi
– add an audio file to it
– I want a video with the new video with sound and one video without the audio file (so 2 videos for every old video; in total 6 videos)

Need this done asap, in a few hours.

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Video Editing

WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE READING.

I have a video in .flv format (it has appx. 10min).
I need it to be edited: – make it appx. 1 min long
– blur the face of a person in it
– convert the video in .avi
– add an audio file to it

I want a video with the new video with sound and one video without the audio file.
Need this done asap, in a few our.

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Protect Images From OSC Store

I want to protect the products images on an Oscommerce website (as difficult as possible.)
I prefer a flash file with zoom, pan, un-blur and protect image,like this:|-49973483&catentryId=6142353&sort=


Tszoom loading a flashpix file.

I need the live example to test.

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Need A Set Of Motion Blur Background Images

Need a set of images similar to this one:

but with the following features:

1. create one image similar to the a sample image, but in black/dark gray color
2. create a zoom in motion blur effect (#1 is horizontal motion blur, this one is zoom in effect.). Still the same black/dark gray color
3. create 1-2 variations of #2 and #3.
4. I only need 1920×1200 pixel high quality JPG files

My budget is $30.

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Photo Editor Application

Subject: Online Photo Editor Application

The project is the development of an online photo/image editor (preferably in Flash/PHP codings) and a simple website.
This application will allow users to edit their own photos.

Project specifications:
â200¢ Browse image (gif, jpg, bmp, png) â200223 open from file (browse harddrive) or open from url
â200¢ Crop Image â200223 Click and drag on the Image
â200¢ Resize Image
â200¢ Rotate â200223 left and right 90 degrees
â200¢ Flip â200223 horizontal/vertical
â200¢ Brightness/Contrast â200223 with slide bars
â200¢ Hue/Saturation â200223 with slide bars
â200¢ Blur/Sharpen â200223 with slide bars
â200¢ Undo â200223 1 step back or back to original
â200¢ Delete/Erase
â200¢ Several Effects (if possible): Sepia, Black/White, Toon effect, Sketch
â200¢ Add Texts to image (able to change font size, colour, font face)
â200¢ *Add ClipArt to image
â200¢ Paint Brush to draw (if possible): change brush size, colour
â200¢ Other effects (please state)
â200¢ Download and Save Image (gif, jpg, bmp, png)â200223 save to file (harddrive) or save online

*Able to store in database and retrieve all the final images!

Additional functions:
â200¢ Share with friends/ Refer to friends
â200¢ Others (please state)

Example sites with comparable functions:

Deadline: 2-3 working days!
Budget: 100USD

The work submitted must be of your own work.
Payment will only be made after the full completed work is done.

*Do provide your email for e deal and we will contact you!
*Must online either Yahoo Messenger or msn!
*24/7 reply ASAP!

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Custom Built Image Editing Tool (for Online)


i have a website where i need users to upload photographs with the ability to edit them…..

they will upload a photo into the site, or click from a list of pre-upload photos to edit this photo, it will do the editing, save the new photo and delete the original

after they have finished editing them they must end up being either 300×200 or 200×300 pixels, so i need a custom built editing tool with the following features:

fixed ratio crop 3:2 and 2:3
add blur to a selection

format conversion (allow edit of gif, png, jpeg etc… but all files saved as jpegs)

this can be done in flash or anything that wont require install of software on client side.

please private message me with any questions

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