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PHP / MySQL Expert Required – Fix PHP Errors – Custom Site

After having issues with our server for the past few days, we have switched the php module we use from suPHP to DSO.

Doing this has broken some of the sites permissions and php functions.

Most of them I believe are related to chmod & related permissions, however we can not seem to rectify them, so require someone more experienced to help us correct the issues.

We also have a few unknown php errors related to sessions that we can not seem to find the source of.

This is a very simple job for someone who has experience in both PHP & MySQL.

Example of Errors:

Warning: unlink(include/ [function.unlink]: Permission denied in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/cron_10.php on line 9

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/cron_10.php on line 12

[Sun Jan 09 16:28:28 2011] [error] [client] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent in Unknown on line 0, referer:


You must be available to start today.

Skill Set Required:

+MySQL Optimisation / Slow Queries.

We also require someone for our next project to Optimise MySQL & Slow Queries on the site, this will involve replacing code for more effeciant code that will lower the amount of queries used and improve any slow queries the site has.

Important: When bidding, please give an overview of your skill set, your previous experience related to this task and how you plan on tackling the job. (e.g. sell yourself) I am not impressed with responses like: "I can do this"

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Custom Raw Php Site

Custom raw php site hard coded

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I currently use a HIT tracking stat system which is the following but only 1 out of 2 hits recorded is reported by the customers personal web counter. So I want to have the amount delivered number in my stats script divided by TWO to avoid receiving complains from customers or adding 100% bonus traffic regularly.

Here is the traffic stats script info:

Manage campaigns:
www – trackstatsnow- c0m

What I need you to do:
1) Implement a feature that would show in the URL hit tracking only 1/2 hits recorded. If you want, you can keep the full hits number visible for admin. But this feature should be ENABLED for all Group or campaigns. I should be able to Activate it by:
1- Global stats site = all campaigns and groups
2- Traffic groups = all campaigns in a group
3- Traffic campaign only = for a specific traffic campaign only.

I believe your question will be, which one of the above should have the priority?
Reply: The most specific one will be valid.

Sample: The global stats site is set up to ENABLED for the 1/2 hit reporting feature. But there will be one group where I will choose to deactivate it. In this case, all campaigns in this group will be DISABLED for this 1/2 feature despite that all the site is set up to run with.

Sample #2. All network is set up to disabled, the group is disabled as well but there is 1 campaign in that group that I have enabled. Then he 1/2 hit report feature should be ACTIVE/ENABLED for this campaign only.

The campaign will be stated as completed when the number of hits 2/1 for ENABLED campaigns and 1/1 for DISABLED campaigns is reached.

The daily limit function should also be based on the 1/2 hit report feature.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Note: I dont ask you to kill one of two hits, I just ask you not to report it in the delivered amount.


The payment will be done by GAF escrow and this project should be finished within 48 hours maximum. Thanks!.
I will leave a great feedback at the end of the project if done on time!

If you have any questions, please let me know! You shoudl be able to start working on this project in the next 12-24 hours.

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Site Down…Rebuild Custom Php.ini ASAP!!!!

Hosting company moved myu site from 32bit server to 64bit, and now site is down. They told me the following:

If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately, this isnt something we can help you troubleshoot, but youll just need to rebuild your custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.

Need someone who can knock this out out fast and seamlessly.

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