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WordPress Development (Multisite/buddypress)

OK, so I previously had posted an integration project between Magento and our CDN. That has been scrapped. Magento is just not what we are interested in anymore. Just too problematic.

So, what I need is someone who is an expert in WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. We will have at your disposal the resource of . We will need you to incorporate a series plugins, and will need you to customize our network.

We will have our main site that will be a buddypress site that integrates Cart66, where we will sell pay-per-view videos. You will need to integrate this site with Amazon Cloudfront. They have a lot of tutorials, and it shouldnt be too hard. You will need to set the site up so the site is streaming securely, streaming RTMP, SWF. JW Player has an integration already up on their site at
So this should be fairly simple.

We will create a few other blogs as subdirectories (not subdomains). These will be individual channels for artists or companies. We need to customize the network so that only the superadmin can create new blogs, not the users. We also will use the "New Blog Templates" plugin to create new blogs in the network as occasion arises.

So, an important aspect of this is that we need someone that we will work with on this project, but also on an ongoing basis to add new blogs, and to keep things working.

So we look at this as an ongoing project, though we will start with this project.


1) Set up main blog WP Multisite with buddy press and Cart66
2) integrate JW Player with Amazon Cloudfront
3) create a first blog (template) as a subdirectory that we can clone to create multiple other blogs with.

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WordPress/Buddypress And MapPress

I have WordPress, Buddyprss and MapPress installed — working correctly. Now need support creating a google /map page that includes a mash up of members whove added their addresses. Map popup profile should include their avatar images as well as a link to their member profile.

Thanks for bidding,

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Custom Buddy Press

We are looking for a custom BuddyPress Installation that would have the following feature :

Based on WordPress 3.1+ & BuddyPrss latest version

Very Minimal Theme : White Background Black text – All links red (+underline on rollover)

– At registration user supplies additional information (required) (ex: social networks informations like youtube id,FaceBook FanPage, soundcloud profile adress,etc … and Bio)

– At registration user can choose his passowrd

– each Member public profile page should look like this : Avatar (bigger than default buddypress size,clickable->opens lightbox with bigger image)
Bio / Embed players from sites user supplied infos / Last Social networking updates from user / BuddyPress Activity with advanced visual editor for the post update form.
All default BuddyPress links (mentions favorite etc should be hidden)

user social network & rss updates must post to his BuddyPress Activity stream

All buddypress options like private messaging friends etc should be hidden

On idex page :
main area :
– A Carroussel of post chosen by admin
– Latest Blog Posts
– Activity

SideBar :
Search (Ajax)
Newletter subscribe (ajax)
Recent Comments
Random User avatars linking to profile
Random Blog posts
BlogRoll / Ads

Login / Lougout page should be themed as the main pages (if all operations can stay on same page its better)
user shall never see wordpress dashboard

All details about the exact fields names will be given to winner

Payment will be made : 50 % after working live demo has been provided & 50 % when script has been installed / Transfered

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WordPress / Tubepress / Buddypress Customization

We need to customize the ReviewIt theme (Ghostpool) for WordPress and Buddypress as follows:

– Implement custom category based flow from home page through subcategory pages to post pages. I can achieve this using dummy posts/categories and redirection, but am looking for a more elegant and scalable coded solution using real categories.

– Implement category templates with background changes per category. Extend customization to posts within a category.

– Style TubePress (WordPress plugin) playlists to match layout requirements (using css)

– Change fonts for menu elements (Cufon based)

– Basic Buddypress implementation/setup: require user login or registration for comments, create login or registration flow to match look and feel of theme.

All theme customizations should be documented externally and with inline comments.

Tight time frame, trying to get these done in 3-4 days. Sucessful completion will lead to further customization work.

Please submit portfolio or links to your similar work with bids. Bids without portfolio/samples will not be accepted.

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WordPress / Buddypress / Cincopa Api Integration

We have a wordpress site using buddypress. We require this site to
Integrate with the cincopa aPi from the media service.

Want to allow users to upload their files to cincopa and store to be
Retrieved via xml playlists Per users. Media player to be used is jwplayer
Which is on the site

Require 3 day turnaround. Prefer html5 , jquery methods to do uploads
And playlists

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Make WordPress Theme BuddyPress Compatible

Hello, and thank you for your time.

I am looking for at using this WordPress theme:

However, I need it to be made to be fully compatible with BuddyPress. And by this I am mostly interested in having the BuddyPress templates match the themes style and colours.

You will notice that the theme has 14 colour schemes. I only need BuddyPress to work with ONE scheme.

I may also need you to develop an additional colour scheme which will be the one you make compatible with BuddyPress.

Therefore, when you bid please bid for:
1. What will you charge to make an additional color scheme for the theme (you can just edit one of the 14 that exist because I do not need them)

2. What will you charge to make the theme compatible with BuddyPress? (For one colour scheme).

I may select you to do BuddyPress alone, or BuddyPress+colour scheme so please indicate how much you charge for each.


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Buddypress Theme

This is a request for quotes for a Buddypress compatible child theme, please see specific requirements below :


General structure/layout/style similar to

Specific layouts for homepage, displaying of posts, displaying of pages, forum

COMPATIBILITY, Needs to be compatible with following plugins:

– Php-exec (execution of php code from posts, widgets, pages)

– BuddyPress Docs

– WP-Accordion

– Buddypress Sidebar

– BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware

– Custom php application using jquery from within wp accordion


Use of slider plugin in specific position on homepage


WordPress 3.1
Buddypress 1.2.8


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Installing WPMU BuddyPress Plugs

Support installing+ optimizing a number of WordPress plugs.

For example, W3 Total Cashe and setting up to work w/ (my host).

Ive already installed, so need help w/ testing/optimizing settings.

Need this kind of support for a few other plugs, especially compatibility issues associated w/ BuddyPress.

Thanks for bidding,

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Simple WPMU + Buddypress + Webshop Programming


We are trying to set up a small business here in Mexico by re-selling erotic products via our website.
I have someone who will take care of the design but I need someone with a lot of experience with WPMU and programming who can:
– Modify the WPMU coding and install/modify all neccesary plugins to fit my needs
– Install or integrate webshop software/plugins which will be able to connect to my suppliers page to track stock

The idea is to install buddypress as well but keep it blocked off with a static under construction page and implement this later via a second project.
We want to have a complete social network running related to erotic products, however I do not have the investment to be able to fund the servers neccesary.

This should be a very quick and easy project for someone with experience with WPMU and who is skilled programming in PHP.

I will need to see examples of previous work and if possible receiveve references.

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Setup Buddypress Profile Page

Looking for someone to arrange my sites profile page using the latest buddypress. I would like it clean and functional.

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Redesign A Buddypress Website On A Theme Installed

You have to redesign the site, i can give you references.
The basic BuddyPress features (I want all of these features which are standard BuddyPress), Ill want to have all the facebook-like features available using buddypress:

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WordPress Buddypress Help

I need someone who has WordPress and Buddypress experience to work on my site coding. The theme is already setup and the site has been designed. I only need coding help.

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Buddypress Help

I am looking for someone who knows a lot about Buddypress. I am not looking to spend a lot on this so best price wins. I am looking for someone with experience with Buddypress. Please do not contact me if you do not have experience. I need someone to help fix my Buddypress links. I am getting a 404 Not Found error. Everything is setup correctly. I think the htaccess file is missing that might be the reason for the error. I also need for you to position my banner for Internet Explorer. It doesn

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Buddypress Amendments


I need some small amendments done to the Buddypress side of things – please PM me for a spec.

This is probably 3-5 hours work – its making amendments to a system that has already been built. Basically theres a few functionality issues that need to be worked on.

Please do not bid if you have ….

– A history of uncompleted projects
– If you cannot start straight away
– You have zero feedback

Happy bidding!

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Need Buddypress WordPress Theme Customisation

I already have theme in Buddypress :
Need little customisation to be done in 2-3 hours :

– add right sidebar in widget section
– edit registration page (there are currently registration plugin but I need better registration css look)
– edit main website css colors in your feel

Budget is $30.

Thank you !

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WordPress/Buddypress _Sidebar Alignment-Video Plugin

I am looking for someone to help with sidebar alignment on BuddyPress and check video plugin functionality.


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WordPress/BuddyPress Community Website Development

Need someone to assist with WordPress Site

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External Voting Button

I currently have 2 sites. One is built on Hotaru CMS with voting / bookmarking script. I added the External Voting Button that allows users to add the voting button to their websites. I want to add the voting button to my website number 2 which is built on buddypress. I want this external voting button to be added to the buddypress bp_sitewide_posts_widget. This would allow users to vote on individual blog posts throughout the buddypress community.

Hotaru CMS uses this script <code><script type="text/javascript">submit_url = "URL OF THE POST";</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></code> to add the button to external sites with multiple posts. I need the code to be written on buddypress, that dynamically inserts the url of each feed from BP-Sitewide_posts_widget.

This project requires someone with extensive knowledge of the Buddypress core.

01/29/2011 at 0:46 EST:

I think the external voting button has to tie into the buddy press script <?php bp_activity_action() ?> , but I am not sure how to do that?

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WordPress & BuddyPress B2b Expert Needed Mostly For Consult

WordPress and BuddyPress B2b Expert needed mostly for consulting and some teaching.
MUST have experience with setting up B2B sites using WordPress and Buddypress with added
plugins for large product Galaries and ecommerce.
Must provide references and links to site that you have developed for B2B sites using WordPress and Buddypress with added plugins for large product Galaries and ecommerce.

We provide services web services to retailers and manufacturers.

During the first phase of the project youll be needed for a couple of hours per day and the pay will be $25 to $40 for each day that you provide your service.

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BBpress Integration With Buddypress

I installed a WordPress 3.0.4 installation and Buddypress 1.2.7. So Far So good.
I cannot BBpress to work well with Buddypress. I need to get this fixed.

We use PHP 5.3.5 on our server

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Wp / Buddypress Customization

Hi, have a non profit making website up and running but am stock at the moment. i want someone who can do the following . please note no much budget.

1, i have a smooth slider plugin and i will like to have it show up on my home page above the post. i have been on it for two days now but cant get it working.

2, i want to make child page show as a drop down when you roll mouse over their parent like it does on, i am using k9 avenue theme. when i create a new page and add it as a subpage of a parent, it will not show up at all on my website:


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WordPress / Buddypress Website


I have a WordPress / Buddy press website I need finishing – it is about 75% done but I need the other 25% finished off.

I am not looking for time wasters, so if you can not start straight away please do not bid on this project. Also if you have a history of any unfinished projects please do not bid.

Please PM me to see the document of things that need to be completed, there some CSS issues but also a few fixes and a few things that are missing.

This needs to be completed in 2-3 days maximum (it shouldnt really even take that long). I will also expect updates every day – so please keep this in mind.


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WP/Buddypress Customization

I have a small non-profit website using WordPress/Buddypress that I would like to have tweaked as far as the template goes. The template is mostly in place but some pages I would like to have formatted a little differently for better design and a cleaner look. I am also hoping to have a bit more style to the site with some icons for Buddypress streams such as &quot;Activity&quot;, &quot;Groups&quot;, &quot;Messages&quot;, etc. created. Im also open to suggestions to just &quot;stylelize&quot; the page in general.

Unfortunately I have a limited budget and Ive been doing the work alone but if someone can save me the headache at the right price then great!

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WP Guru Needed: Create A Test Builder Plugin For Buddypress

I need a "Test builder" Plugin for Buddypress to create tests by assembling questions from a question pool. Several types of questions can be created, used and re-used

The plugin must work like the efront "test builder" feature, from "creating a question" to full "Test reports" (per user, group, etc)

But also, you must be able to set a future date for the test (publish until next week for example)
great plugin portfolio is a must to bid for this project

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Buddypress + Light Shop Plugin Customization

I have a site that I am close to completing. I am using the elegant themes "Nova" theme. I have the Shopp ecommerce plugin installed and need some customization to get it to look the way that I want. Firstly, I was able to edit the css to add a border around the inventory in list view, but not in category view or product detail view.. I need that done to fix the look. The website is a bicycle repair company and parts and accessory sales. I want to have a complete catalog at this point without having to stock all the items(too costly). I want to change the shop template so when items are out of stock they can be submitted for a quote. I can then order them from my distributor and deliver them or ship them after i receive the items. The reason for this is that I can still sell and ship the items I have in stock to anyone, but local clients can see what I am capable of getting for them and place a special order. Just like they would if they walked in to their local bicycle shop.

I want to integrate buddypress with my current theme. Since I have put so much time in to putting together my site structure on my current theme I dont want to have to change it again. I have installed buddypress and I have installed the other plugin that is supposed to integrate my current theme with it. It looks like hell. My goal with buddypress is to create a forum and let people make some connections.

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Buddypress Expert Needed

I need someone with PROVEN Buddypress experience.

I have several jobs requiring Buddypress design work such as profile skins and overall buddypress updates from previous Buddypress installations.

If you can prove to be a Buddypress expert, I will have plenty of high paying work for you beyond this job.

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