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Cake PHP Programmer

Looking for a cake programmer with excellent english skills to check a few sites of mine and reproduce them
MUST have good written and spoken english
Available SKYPE
Please also list any other skills you have

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Flash Design Project

i have 2 new projects and i need designer to design these things
#project 1: puzzle flash game
1 welcome screen , include player name input
2 game screen

#project 2: audition game design background & characters.
1. welcome screen design
2. game screen
3. animated character
4. animated cake ( when player jump correctly on the step)

I will provide the original images such as logo, static character, animated cake

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Design Two Flyers To Advertise Cake Business Website

Design two different A5 flyers (each one sided) for distribution advertising a web-based company which makes and delivers cakes and cupcakes (flyer 1), and offers cake decorating classes (flyer 2).
Each flyer will look like a movie poster and will feature pictures of cakes, and text to fit in with a movie poster theme. Both need to look eye catching, original and different to usual flyers for pizza companies etc. that are often ignored.
A full brief including text and pictures to be used will be provided.

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PHP / Cake / MySQL Expert Needed For Mall Integration – NOW

Need an expert right now to integrate a small slide show in my php website runing on cake framework. The slider script is ready to be integrated, the website is up and running. Just need somebody to integrate it now.

– Only Expert in PHP / Cake!
– Need a person who is available NOW and can install it today (all is ready for integration)
– 20 USD project NOW
– Only freelancers with Skype or Yahoo contact will be accepted to discuss the details right now

(Please send me your Skype, Yahoo contact when applying / PM)


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Cake Store Web Site Design


we need a online cake store website design. This design should be fully css based.
Everything should be editable using css file(s).

Main page, selected product (cake) page, about us, contact us, member registration page, member page (previous orders, profile edit) pages should be designed and included…

Most important page is mainpage. This page should be eye catching. We will arrange daily deals etc… So this page should be similar to in logical manner… In mainpage, all cakes should be listed with their description, picture and prices. In selected product page, cage image should be bigger, second description box should be displayed…

This is just design, there are no database work, business logic work…
Waiting your bids…

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We require a single page holding page created for an existing PHPCake site. All existing site files can be provided.

All images/graphics are available and we foresee a simple modification of the existing site template plus the addition of a new contact form (First name and email address only). A rough mockup is attached

We need this done immediately. If you are able to complete within the next 4 hours and can provide examples of PHP Cake sites previously developed we will select you are a developer within the new few hours!


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Flash AS3 Modifications

We have a Flash application which is almost done. Need some changes and stuff in that.

Look at it here:

You will see:

1. Create a new Cake – This will basically take you to the Flash app and will let you go through a series of steps to design your cake.
You can also see a drop down of Languages on top that would let you select the language.

2. Use Existing Cake – Will ask you the Unique ID of the Cake which you created last time. If ID exists, it will bring up the cake which you created by attaching the XML to it. Try using the ID 129689489288

So here is what I need:

1. The First screen which shows the 2 options to Create new Cake or Use Existing should be part of the Flash.

2. The language selector on top should be part of Flash. Each language has an XML associated with it. So basically it should attach the appropriate XML with Flash.

3. The second step in Flash which asks for Border color, should show the colors the same way the Sizes are shown in the first step. Along with Mouse Hover option.

4. The Third Step allows you to type text on the Flash. In the XML we need option to specify the maximum and minimum font size that is allowed for the text on Flash. user should be able to select only between those sizes. Also, in the XML we need to specify maximum characters that can come in a line and maximum lines that can come in the Flash. If the number of characters exceed then we need to suggest a bigger size cake to the user.

5. Special Objects step should show the special objects the same way the Sizes are shown in the first step.

6. Make sure the Flash/XML is not cached. Whenever a user loads it should load a fresh version from the server.

7. We need to be able to rotate special objects on the cake. Rotation is missing right now.

8. The validation/check for a skipped step should be one way. If I go back and come again it should not show me the validation alert again.

9. The last step button i.e. Save for Later use, should be part of the Flash.

We have lot more AS3 work which we would be willing to outsource, So I am looking for a long term relationship.

You can also expect excellent feedback/rating from me.

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Expert CAKE PHP & JavaScript Programmer Wanted URGENTLY

Required Urgently: Expert Cake PHP and JavaScript developer to work on an existing project. A majority of the functionality is already in place. You will be required to continue development and optimise existing code. You will be a dedicated programmer and be able to code to strict deadlines. You must be able to start immediately and your main focus should be this project.

You should be an expert in the following technologies:
Cake PHP
XML Webservices
Payment Integration

You should also be an expert in JQuery, Google Map API and JQueryUI.

Please respond with examples of your work. Generic bids will not be accepted or entertained. Project details will be given to short-listed candidates.

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Cake Deals, Deals On The Map, Daily Deals, One Page.

I need a website to work as a deals in one page, and show deals on the map on your location.

The site is based on ypit but i would like to be closer to cake deals.

It need to works in any place of the world.

Can be developed on Python, Php or Ruby, the idea is a great design, simple working with basic features and clean and quick code easy to change and great back end.

Don´t want clon e or like scripts with messing codes and low quality and other similar to these.

Facebook and twitter acess and registration are cool if possible.

Clean Interface Front End design, User UI.

Great views options if possible 2 options of showing the deals.

Tracking infos from the deals and analytics integration on every possible thing to get references and metrics.

Easy to handdle e-mails management and newsletter extration lists.

Places to generate and include ADS on the site.

Be smart, creative. Bid! Thanks!

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Penny Auction Specialist Needed / Cake PHP

I need some one to help me today with the code on my penny auction site!!!!!

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Cake Recipes With Images

We are looking for cake recipes with images.
The job is to write cake recipes and also provide images. Recipes and Images should you your own and not copied.
We will retain all copyright for recipe+image.

Each recipe shall have at least 3 images; 1 for ingredients, some preparation/cooking and one final prepared cake.

Cake could be from any part of the world prepared in any style for any occasion.

This project is for 30 cake recipes with images.

Providers from all part of the world are welcome to apply however you must satisfy following criteria
1) you must have written recipes before
2) You must know how to take pics

in PMB provide examples of similar work.

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Cake Php Developer Needed

We need a developer on call that know s cake php

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Jedi Cake PHP Programmer Needed For Short Term Project

I have a site – and need some finishing work done on some layout, coding and payment integration with paypal.

My past developer has left me high and dry and I cannot keep waiting.

This will most likely be a 20 hour project or less, with some sporatic freelancing over the weeks and months of the launch to do some tweaks, and I am happy to pay a simple retainer each month for your time, as long as you can fix, code and implement ideas quickly, unlike others.

So, this project is for a $200 bid for up to 30 hours of work in my estimation, could be much less.

You must be a jedi at cake PHP, etc… to understand the coding of the site, CSS and website user interface.

The Site will be disclosed to the winning bidder for work integration.

Please bid now and lets get this started and completed immediately!

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Cake Prog Fix – Icons – Logos – Pages


Place a few things in the right spot, add some stuff

Very simple things, if you understand cake prog well you can do in 30 minuts


Create 5 Logos, 1 Background, 2 Banners, One Image of ( Garantee Service )

Create 2 Static Pages ( 1 is almost done ) Second one create from zero based on the first one

Create .DOC .PDF .PPT .MP3 .Files* .JPG .PNG, Folder Unique Icons

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Cake PHP Project

I have purchased a script that is coded in CakePHP, and I am looking for someone familiar with CakePHP. The job will consist in changing the current website design which I have and making minor changes to the code if needed. All is need is your experience with that the project is finish in a timely matter. I also need to upload a second CakePHP script to the server.

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Cake/PHP Website Integration Expertise Needed

We are looking for someone to help us de-bug and intergrate additional features and designs into our website that is in mid-stage development. Please contact for more details.

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Cake Designing WebSite Flash


We would like to develop a cake designing tool in flash. It will be integrated in the website. Users can choose different options of cake designing.

It should be design in flash and should be easily integrated with our website.

We need a sincere and serious bidders only.

Best regards

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I Have A Fiverr Clone That Needs Help And Testing – Cake PHP

I have a clone site that is about ready to launch.

I need an individual who can test out the site and make sure it ready to launch to the general public.

You need to know how to use Cake PHP, which I believe the site is programmed with.

You need to be familiar with, and the company I got the clone from was found from this company and installed.

There has been a lot of work already done on my site, but, just a few things, in my opinion to be done before it is ready for prime time.

Do you have the skills to put the site to the test, find errors, and then fix them too? You need to be able to do it all.

I am looking to pay up to $250 for 30 days of testing.

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CakePHP Designer Wanted For 1 Day Project

I am a web developer and am looking for a web designer with experience working with Cake PHP Version 1.2 to help me with some HTML / CSS work.

Please send me examples of your CAKE PHP DESIGN work. Thank you.

Bid price is for 8 hours work please.

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Online Cake Maker (Flash/php/mysql)

First I will explain the flow, then I will explain what I need for each of the 2 portals

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Quick Cake PHP Project

I have purchased a script and I need help with uploading the CSS template design and minor implementations to the current code.

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i bought a script off of a website for a penny auction site and it said easy 15 minute installation. Well to the untrained its NOT EASY. I paid a guy to do it before and he wanted 300 to install it and make the purchasing go through automatically to paypal. Everything was working great and then i got a email from the guy saying he thinks he deserved 150$ more, i then disagreed and said no. I changed all my passwords so i no he did not alter the code. The website design stayed the same its just all usernames are gone and all auctions. this leads me to believe it is a easy fix of a mysql or database. I would like whoever wins the bid to not outsource the database if that makes sense. you can view my site at i was able to make new accounts but non of the users can log on to their old ones. Yet another reason i think its a simple database delete. i am able to make new accounts now but i am not the admin. so i would also need a new admin account made which in the instructions looks pretty simple. the error is this: Warning (512): SQL Error: 1054: Unknown column Auction.category_id in on clause [CORE/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo_source.php, line 521]

Code | Context
$sql = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `auctions` AS `Auction` LEFT JOIN `categories` AS `Category` ON (`Auction`.`category_id` = `Category`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `statuses` AS `Status` ON (`Auction`.`status_id` = `Status`.`id`) LEFT JOIN `users` AS `Winner` ON (`Auction`.`winner_id` = `Winner`.`id`) WHERE `Auction`.`winner_id` = 69 AND `Status`.`id` = 1 "
$error = "1054: Unknown column Auction.category_id in on clause"
$out = null
$out = null;
if ($error) {
trigger_error("<span style = "color:Red;text-align:left"><b>SQL Error:</b> {$this->error}</span>", E_USER_WARNING);

DboSource::showQuery() – CORE/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo_source.php, line 521
DboSource::execute() – CORE/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo_source.php, line 208
DboSource::fetchAll() – CORE/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo_source.php, line 344
DboSource::read() – CORE/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo_source.php, line 638
Model::find() – CORE/cake/libs/model/model.php, line 1822
UsersController::index() – APP/controllers/users_controller.php, line 84
Object::dispatchMethod() – CORE/cake/libs/object.php, line 114
Dispatcher::_invoke() – CORE/cake/dispatcher.php, line 259
Dispatcher::dispatch() – CORE/cake/dispatcher.php, line 213
[main] – APP/webroot/index.php, line 90

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Expert ‘god-like’ AJAX/Cake Coder

We have a AJAX/Cake solution that needs a couple of additional features added. Should not take more than a few hours to deliver.

Do well on this small project and well have more AJAX/Cake/PHP work for you.

Additional details will be provided to qualified candidates inside the PMB.

No escrow. No agents. No brokers.

Thank you

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Cake Php Coder

Hi there , im looking for an experienced coder who can add a tag and description system to an image hosting script based on the cake php framework

budget : 40-50 USD

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