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Coding Of 2 Pages Only – WordPress And CakePHP

We are a collective buying company, operating in the same business model as groupon and LivingSocial.

We have hired a designer to make a refresh of our current website, and have two psds which need coding.

1) We need to code the landpage in wordpress and valid W3C code for SEO purposes, as this page will only contain links to our main page where the daily deals are displayed. There are 6 boxes in this webpage which will contain images and the price and discount value of each deal, so this needs to be controlled by the wordpress CMS.

2) Our website is currently all developed in cakephp, so the PSD for the deals page will be coded in cake as well.
All the basic modules are already implemented into our current website, except for a new funcionality we will need in order to allow us to print cupons with more then 1 code.
All the rest of the functionalities are to be maintained, so this will basically be a change of design task.

Both of the files are attached

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Install Script On Xoops Cube And CakePHP..Fix Xcube Problems

Sites are made on xoops cubes and another site on cakePHP. Having problems installing the xoops cube and cakePHP on new server, if you can fix this problems let me know.
Give me sk yp e ID we can chat more and i will pay you on freelancers.

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Web Application In Cakephp

We need an experienced cakephp programmer complete my web application. . Some work is already complete.

The site is a social networking site plus a backend of member management tools for Karate school owners.

Please do not bid unless you understand my terms.
1) There will be no payments until the project is complete. I will escrow. If you attempt to even ask I will cancel the project.

2) The project needs to be completed within 30 days. In the first 5 days you need to show me what has been done or I will fire you.

3) if you are a company do not bid. I want a developer who is looking to earn some money.

Please go to to view details. login admin/admin

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Integrate Payment Gateway Interface In Groupdeal CakePHP

Looking for an expert to integrate a payment interface in my GroupDeal website runing on cakePHP.

The payment interface is offering LiveUpdate and IPN.

The following functionality is needed:
1) Redirection to payment website for performing payment
2) After payment has been processed, redirection back to my website and update my website via IPN.

Payment interface documentation is available in english including examples.

PLEASE only expert bidders. This is not a play around project.

Only serious bidders with timeline and exact pricing.


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Groupon Type Site – Already Have The Script, Need Design

Looking for an experienced designer who knows grouponpro software at

We want a minimal, clean, yet clearly branded website. Already have a logo and color scheme for you to work with. The best example of what were looking for is something similar to

we will only accept serious bidders with strong experience in PHP, javascript, CakePHP Framework.

we also need some simple tweaks on the functionality of the script

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PHP Programmer – No Companies-


Local Phoenix Web Development company needs additional programming help on a project basis. You would be working approximately 20-30 hours per week. Are you the right fit?

We need a PHP developer that is strong in developing in PHP 5, specifically in OOP. So you can build or use PHP classes and use object oriented methods without a sweat. Youre familiar already with using basic libraries like PHPMailer and Google Recaptcha. You know how to use PHP to output responses in properly formatted XML or JSON, and parse through XML and JSON responses. You know how to write clean code and use DRY principles (and what that means).

We also need someone STRONG in using PHP frameworks, specifically CakePHP. CodeIgniter is great too but we do a lot of work in CakePHP and that skill is key. If you also program well in Javascript (and know jQuery specifically) that is a BONUS.

You also need to have experience in working with and other payment gateways (like Paypal), and shopping carts. Pinnacle Cart experience is a HUGE PLUS since we have clients that use it.

You must work well under deadlines and can handle additional workload right now. You also are a PROACTIVE COMMUNICATOR and can take a requirements list or document and work through it on your own. You like to figure out things on your own but arent afraid to ask for help, check online documentation, or a book.

Our company works off of a new ticketing system. So you must be responsible enough to check your tickets(your work assignments) daily, and complete projects in the contracted time frame.

If this IS you…..we want to hear from you.

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Help In CakePHP + JQuery Ongoing Projects

I have a number of CakePHP projects that I am working on right now and I am looking for help with these projects on hourly basis. Most of these projects requires CakePHP, jQuery and CSS. Each project has its own trac + svn environment. I am willing to pay 10 USD / Hour. I will be estimating the number of hours for each task and will be expecting that certain tasks will be completed within these number of hours. I am a very experienced CakePHP programmer and I will be estimating completing the tasks for an average CakePHP programmer.

I am looking for someone who can understand the written requirements and be able to deliver usable code based on the provided requirements.

I care about following CakePHP coding standards a lot!/view/509/Coding-Standards
and using the smallest number of code lines to achieve desired tasks. Sticking to this, results in faster development time and a code that is much easier to maintain.

Please send /post your C.V./portfolio + working examples of your best well written code. We can start by small task and as we get comfortable working together, I will be increasing the size of the given tasks.

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– 4006 Modify Some Fonction In Cakephp

Some fonction in cakephp

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Agriya Groupon Script Customization

Hey Freelancers,

We currently have an Agriya Groupon Script which is well written in CakePHP. We would like a customization on the template layout to be unique in accordance to our requirements. Furthermore, we might require minor changes in certain functions. It should not be too difficult as we have the full script with us and you will only be required to do some changes.

We will provide you our requirements to give you a better view and subsequently require you to be available on chat almost 24/7 for on hand discussions.

Demo of the Script:

Our project is urgent and will require it to be delivered by 2 weeks.

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Agriya Groupon Script Design Implementation (CakePHP)

Hi Freelancers,

We have an Agriya Groupon Script which is written in CakePHP, and .psd design templates wed like implement on the entire site. Due to the urgency of the project, we need an expert to help to implement it fast.

Example of the Script:

Will require you to be on chat almost 24/7 during the implementation for discussions.
This is an urgent project, and the site will be launching on the 19th of March, so I may need commitment from your end to be able to deliver in a week latest.

We need expert only with commitment. Please!

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PHP Developer

We are searching for a PHP developer for a longterm partnership. Our job is mainly related with custom PHP solutions and we use CakePHP as framework.

Successful candidates will have skills of working with CakePHP framework, finish task on time and have a good coding style.

Please bid only if you have more then 3 years of experience in PHP.

Please provide your latest works and also at least one example of a website written with CakePHP.

Also, please include your hourly rate and availability (can work x hours a day and y days a week).


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Transaction Component In Cakephp

We are building a cakephp application, that needs a plug and play ( easiest to put in place) payment /transaction component …

Following are general requirements …
Create a user login (no need to testing , just to access user id) … email, id , passwd ..

There should be a buy button … user can click on that .. and then will be taken to the payment page .where there will be options to pay via either paypal credit card master card , all possible options …

once all the steps are completed , if the transaction went successful, then update the transaction table with the transaction details and set flash message succ or call an empty function succ () { } …
if transaction failed then display the failure message and call a function fail() { } ///

then on the admin side .. admin should have the functionality to refund or settle dispute …

The important part is to build the component like that that we can easily place into or integrate into our site … we are ourselves programmer and need help to meet a deadline



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Swoopo Clone / Cakephp Based

I have installed a swoopo clone (the one is sailing around the web that is cakephp based), … well. I get it run almost 100%, only thing that i cannot do is get the bidding clocks to work… the hole site seems freeced… I bet the problem is the BidButler mode, but unfortunatelly i dont know much of cakephp framework to check that.


Check the site:

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Convert A Website In SmartyPHP To CakePHP

Need someone to convert a website in SmartyPHP to CakePHP, the developer will have access to a live site and most of the source code (there are a few files that are encrypted, but in most of the custom work done by 3rd party, these files were not needed). The cakePHP site needs to have all the functions and features as the original site. Once the original site is recreated we will need to work on adding new features and customizing the site. Please PM me for more information and provide your previous CakePhp project references in the bid.

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Cakephp Unable To Register $25-$30 Immediate Response

When trying to access my admin area a message pops up "email fail to send, contact administrator"

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Server Optimization

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MySql Database Expert

We need a mysql dba with strong knowledge of database performance and clusters. You will be responsible for the development and architecture of our analytics backend to shape our discovery engine. You should know database structure and instances very well. You sleep and dream of making huge datasets perform more efficiently.

Required Skills / Experience

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CakePhp/jQuery Experts For Long-term, Full-time Work

We are looking to hire medium to long-term hourly positions to work with an exciting, young, funded company on a world-class product. You will work with the latest technology including CakePHP MVC Framework, jQuery, and Flash.

Skills summary

We need developers with who qualify as an experts in PHP as described below in the Skill Requirements section. Our platform is built specifically on CakePHP and substantial CakePHP experience is required. Expert level jQuery skills are also required as well as experience with MySQL, Apache, and Linux.

How to apply

To apply, submit the following items. If any item is missing your application will not be reviewed. Use the Skill Requirements section below to make sure you are properly demonstrating the skills we are looking for.
1. Links to CakePHP applications
2. Links to CakePHP source code you have written (github or .zip attachemnt etc.)
3. Salary requirements or hourly rate
4. Available start date

After two weeks, we will contact qualified developers for Skype interviews – the interviews will be roughly 30 minutes in length and will include verbal case studies to test programming knowledge and aptitude as well as some knowledge questions about CakePHP. Interviews need to be completed by the developer who will be working with us, so if you are a programming firm we will need to speak directly with the developer.

Skill Requirements

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CakePHP Coder Needed

We need a Cakephp guru to help us build a social network. This a geo location based review social network similar to and We have an inhouse designer and requiring coding only. We want to start asap.

Coder is not designing but will have to assist with wireframing to make sense with code logic

Must work weekends- Must have two resources coding the work, Must provide documentation of code

Must provide references. We will pay per milestone- We utilize paypal for our protection.

the site will habv

* Blogs
* Customization
* Favorites
* Reviews
* Free & Upgrade Accounts
* Friends
* Forums
* Links
* Maps
* Photos
* Playlists
* Reviews – facebook like

We hire one coder and looking for one more. We will be using express engine as CMS with codeignitor MVC pattern

comments and photos to check ins and archiving all of this activity on a history page,

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Website Fix (PHP / SQL)

Ive got a website that I just setup but Im having a few issues that I need help fixing.

1. The site is supposed to use cookies to recognize return visitors to direct them to the appropriate page. A. New visitors go to the subscription page or B. Return visitors go to the main page.

2. I have a database variable that is supposed to calculate a dollar amount my users have saved, but it is not working. Im not sure where the issue is.

I imagine the fixes are easy for somebody familiar with PHP, cakePHP, and SQL experience.

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CakePHP Pro (inkl Twitter API And GeoIP)


I am a Developer myself, but as I never have worked with CakePHP and I am on a tight timeline I am looking for an CakePHP Expert/Insider to add some features to an existing CakePHP application.

I only working with SINGLE FREELANCERS (if your profile speaks about "we" do not apply!)
I only work with people woe SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH (you dont need to be a native speaker, Im not either)
You must have a proven record of CakePHP work. (Would be nice to see your Git reps or something)
You must be available on SKYPE for chat and voice.

This is a quick and nice gig – and if it works out fine there might be more work to come, so I am looking for somone I can work longterm with.

You must be avaible (roughly) around EST business hours.


PS: Sorry if the above job discription is a little harsh – too much wanna bees spamming here…I am a nice guy once we get to work 😉

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Penny Auction Template Design


Im looking for for a template/theme to work with phppennyauction. The design would be similar to and or images/auctions rotating at the top, with auctions below it. The software is written with cakePHP and is all theme based utilizing .cpt files.

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Add A Payment Gateway To An Auction Website

Hello you there.

Have a very simple mission: add Pagseguro (brazilian payment gateway) to an auctions website in CakePHP which already have 3 gateways configured. I have installed the cakephp plugin provided from pagseguro but want somebody to make the modifications needed as explained in (its portuguese). Help for the portuguese translation will be provided if needed, but first I want you to try to translate this by yourselves.

Need this to be done today or tomorrow. Please just bid if you have the time to accomplish it this week. Probably will choose the bidder today.

Please dont bid more than $50. Less than this ($30?) will be very welcome 😉

Thanks very much!

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CakePHP Part Time Job

Looking for someone to extend functionality on our website built on CakePHP.

The website is a swedish event website for night clubs and bars. We want to add new functions and improvement on current code.

We require very high knowledge and experience in the following:

* CakePHP Framework

-Great if you have design skills as well

The kind of person we want:
*Enthusiasthic (if you just want to earn som quick money, please dont apply)
*Warm person that communicates much (read more about our company below)
*Freelancer (company is fine too)
*Send a PM with the topic "cawi cakephp" so that we can make sure you have read the description

Part time job
This is the way we will go about:
1. You will get a test assignment for 3 hours. You will get paid $30 for these 3 hours. Here we will get to know each other and you will show us your enthusiasm and skills in a small assignment.
2. If we are happy after the 3 hours, you will get a larger task for 10 hours work. We discuss salary here.
3. After this, if we go along well and understand each other, you will receive a chance for a part time job. Read more below.

Part time job details:
We guarantee 1 years work
We need 10 hours of your time every week, 40h/month
Salary: $500-$750 /month
We prefer working anytime between: 12.00-24.00 (12pm-0.00 am) GMT+1

In our company you will be one of us. We work on skype or MSN messenger. We are warm and happy people :). We wont give you orders and then let you work on your own. Instead, we will be discussing problems to be solved and how to go about doing this together.

Any questions? Please send a PM, will answer in max 24h!

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Developer To Change Platform Of Site – Quality WORK ONLY!

The new developer must mainly change the platform on which the current website is running. Best would be a modified tweaked Smarty PHP platform (which me and my friend were developing) or CakePHP platform, with an integrated Administration Panel for the most important sections of the website (both as website Visitor or website Member — Manage Profile pages).

– PHP based platform changed (SmaryPHP / CakePHP) with integrated Administration Panel
– MySQL database structure reconstructed and integrated within all the required pages
– Achieve local and overall logical functionality

I am sure the developer will require an well over 7 days time period to change the platform (unless he has a team behind or an already constructed platform template).

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PHP Website

How much is worth to make Odesk and Elance and Guru and freelancer sites together as 1 site with combined functions ?

excluding the odesk software that to use to install it on the computer we dont need that kind of software as it can be cheated 🙂

i have check all the basic demo rubbish scripts so dont offer them please.

We prefer the Site in CakePHP or Codeigniter Framework !

Thanks so much.

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Cake PHP Project

I have purchased a script that is coded in CakePHP, and I am looking for someone familiar with CakePHP. The job will consist in changing the current website design which I have and making minor changes to the code if needed. All is need is your experience with that the project is finish in a timely matter. I also need to upload a second CakePHP script to the server.

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PHP/Cake Website Layout And Graphic Implementation

Have a website that has been built on a CakePHP/MySQL framework. Have 2 PSD full-designs of the website as well as a flat HTML file with cutouts and placement of all the images/text.

Current CakePHP website has a default template that comes with the application. Need developer to be able to take PSDs/Flat HTML and CSS files and apply to the template portion of the CakePHP framework.

Around 20-30 different files make up the websites templating system.

Must have quick turnaround, very clean and simple coding.

Will give SSH access to a dedicated box to do the work. Am myself an experienced coder, but just do not have the time to finish the project.

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Changes To A Cakephp Website

I need work done on cakephp site . I need this done in 4 days or less Ill pay $100 for the work.

1 City
Automatically detect closest city: was not working when we tested Montreal so it needs to be fixed and for all cities. That

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Cakephp Make Psd File To Site

Project #10001
We provide the PSD image, programmer need to translate it to html by using cakephp framework.
ONLY the index page for this project.

There is some data you need to query from database, so, you need to deal with the controller, models, views and all other files that you need to deal with.

We have the psd and the database structure only.

Programmer dont need to deal with the login, and other features.
all other features will be posted in another project.

1. Must be able to do within 3 days
2. Must be XHTML 1.0, CSS validate with error and warning free.

All by escrow.
10% once you start the work.
40% more when you show us the working code in your server.
50% more when you send the code to us.

We will release the payment if the code is working and fulfill our requirement.

You can ask to have a look in our site layout before start.

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Boat Site Convert From Cakephp 1.1 To 1.3 And Add Features

Im looking for programmer to convert existing boat EC site which build with cakephp 1.1 into cakephp 1.3.
Not only converting but also need to add 3 features.
(1) Showing recommended boats on search results
(2) Adding users personal page which includes sharing movies, pics, and messages.
(3) Making this site to support multi-languages and multi-currency (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc)
It is a Japanese site but I will provide you full English design and descriptions so what you build is multi-language ready English site.
Need building experience with multi-language/multi-currency ready site in cakephp.

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