We are currently using OsCmax.com v2.5 and need these modifications below.

Job Details

– Activate OSC MAX mirror site to our current www.hiphopville/testsite1 (offline) for "testing" so when changes are made they are made on test site first before being uploaded to main site.

– Activate our old OS Commerce site on a test site www.hiphopville/testsite2 (offline) so that we can see some of the customizations we did from 1998-2005 and reference them in our next phases of development.

– add language packs USA & UK seperately, they are currently combined for some reason. Also install Italian language package. all must work properly and pass our check out tests to be deemed completed.

– IP Masking for country to currency module. complete back end admin for IF IP is UK, then show GBP prices (forced), example 2 if IP is france , then show EURO prices. we used this in our old site and still have this code on our server so if you need it when can dig it out but in the admin i need a place to monitor which ips are forced to which prices and also add new ips to other prices as they become available. One of our biggest markets is in France which we charge in euro, our site is international so this is a very important part of this job.

– IP banner exchange. just as currency ip masking, we want to be able to uplaod front page banners per country to show in respective IP groups. so italian ip gets italian front page banners. with admin access to change and remove these banners.

– install our old auction blox system from our old os commerce site to be developed into the new one. im sure it will not work straight away, but we want to start to lay the foundation of the development which we will continue on a per hour basis after this project is finished.

– check affiliate module and fix banner photos, currently they are not showing after we upload them, you go to the generate code page but cant see the banner just a box with an X.

– MUST SPEAK ENGLISH and be able to communicate via skype, phone COMMUNICATION IS KEY.
– MUST be online working your hours or this project while I am online so that we can help you through each project.

– check our SSL with godaddy and make sure its installed correctly

Experience required:

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