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Convert ASP Site To PHP

I have a website that was programmed in ASP.

You can either convert the whole website into a USABLE PHP website or re-program the site for PHP.

All the files will be provided via ZIP.

No bids over $100 please.

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Convert Theatre Listings Site To PHP

This project is to scrape a sites current pages (approx:100) that contain theatres into mysql php frontend.
Site url:
Immediate start and quick finish required.

Ability for the public to submit new theatres with admin moderation interface required.
Approx. 100 additional theatres require adding once scraping is complete.

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Classified Ads Site (php)

Need a classified ads site READY MADE (no coding from scratch needed) with nice features. (ill tweak the layout myself)

Show a demo or screenshots when bidding in PMB.

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Vector/EPS/PDF Output From Flex/Flash/Magento Site

I have a magento shopping cart and customers can view products and then customize the products with their own text, they can change fonts and colors on the products, they can upload images, etc.

I have already built a flex/flash editor where the customers will customize their products. However, I must find a way to output the final customized image to a PDF and/or EPS file for printing. It must be a very high quality image (600dpi) for printing.

Some products are 5 inches by 7 inches in size. Some are smaller. Some are as large as 11 inches by 17 inches in size.

We will upload a sample image to Magento that has text, fonts, photos, etc. already on it for the customers to see. Then, there will be another image (hidden from the customer) that only contains the product design but does not contain any custom text, custom fonts, custom colors, etc. Once the customer customizes the product by adding the text they way, the images they want and the fonts and font colors they way….our system will output the high quality print file.


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We are looking for a PHP senior expert to help on the design and production of a web application powered by freeswitch (voip service similar to tollfreeforwarding dot com)
The PHP developer will work in team with voip Expert in order to make GUI including the users screens and interface with the freeswitch backoffice . this include multilingual website, registration and membership wizard, map powered directory and local agents registration and management.
Voip Expert is a very senior dev and will provide API alnd technical detailed guidance.
User GUI will include google map integration (geographical navigation) and will be ported on web and mobile and possibly desktop (flex)
We will require impeccable communication and analysis abilities before start to validate project understanding.
No payment escrow / only milestone payment on completed phase.
Please bid for about 50 hours
Details in PMB
No Spam messages please

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Php Website Fixing

Some hacker probably found an exploit or something in our website and its using it to load it and slow it down.
he is probably using some auto script that is bugging the website 24/7
i need an expert in php/mssql/java etc to fix all the website scripting and fix my IIS / website security so that i don`t experience any of this issues again.

current website link is
if i move the wwwroot folder back in the site starts loading slow and does not work any more

please help me asap !

website is already written etc , just need an expert to check the scripting , remove all the flows and possibly add security to it

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Site Done In Php

I need a custom php site made. Ive having the homepage, about us, etc made, but I have the profile page made. And thats where most of the work will go. Youll chop up the homepage etc, when I get those.

Im willing to pay $200-250 for this work. It must be done in 3 weeks or less.

The site will be like ab(remove_this) It will have all those links on the profile to the persons facebook, twitter etc page. You will just find apis that are out there to plug it into the site.
I will purchase a text app what you will put in so that the members can change the text to whatever font they want, but we wont let them pick the size.

Their info will be in a a little box. That box they can choose the color for and that box will extend longer if their profile info is long. Also next to favorites we are going to have buy buttons which connects to itunes. That will just be advertising sort of for the site.

Say they put in their profile They like


Thriller BUY

They click buy and it redirects to Itunes Thriller album.

The profile edit and dashboard need to be just as easy to use as ab(remove_this)

Also on the site will need to make a custom cms.

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PHP Conversion

Convert site to PHP

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Pop Up Email MarketingDesign & Implementation Into PHP Site

Please state clearly what part of this project you can do and what project you can not.

I will delete all bids that seem like they are pastes of what you can do etc.

SEE attachment for details

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Small Site To Be Done In PHP

Small site in PHP/MySQL. Please refer to PMB.

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Linkbuilding To My Website!


Im looking for backlinks to my webpage.. It would be great to see my link on websites with pr 4 and higher!
I want to have a higher pagerank!.. Can someone help me ? if there is some that can help me.. I want to see on which pages my site is listed.. so I can see by my self what is the page rank of the website..


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On Page Optimizaton On 2000 Page Site In PHP

I need a quote to re-do the on-page optimization for a 2000 page website designed in PHP.

Please apply in you have at least 2 years experience in web contruction, SEO and working with php websites. Only freelancers with good feedback need apply. I need you to show me some of your SEO work in your email to me. If you do not send a PM explaining your experience, skills and why I should hire you please do not apply.

Must speak good English and get this project done in a timely fashion.

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[069] PHP Fixes

Church Site Fixes

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Convert Utube To Mp3

Im looking to create a script that will convert youtube videos to mp3. The user should be able to provide the youtube url, or search for the video through the script, and then download the mp3.

Wed like all of the features as seen on this site – [CONTACTS REMOVED BY ADMIN]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Existing PHP Site – Bug Fixing, Edits Needed, Help Posting

I have an existing, dynamic registration site that is close to being complete. There are several pages that use text editors. There are two registration forms that post to a database and submit emails.

1. I need to fix the text editor on two of the pages, as the toolbar doesnt load in the admin.

2. I need pdf uploading capability on 2 of the pages. They currently have text editors. You will also have to create these two pages on the front-end, have them pull text that was input from the database, make the pdfs they uploaded downloadable and add protection to each page.

3. I need the ability within the admin section to "turn the site off". Basically, I want to replace the live index page with a coming soon page. You would need to add a text editor page in the admin, add a link in the admin to that coming soon page text editor and add on the functionality to the live site.

4. I need the ability within the admin section to upload 3 different photos. The photos will already be sized to the exact dimensions – so no resizing needed. You will then need to set up these photos to display correctly on the front-end. They are currently in a single-graphic montage. Simple html programming can make 3 pictures displayed the same way.

5. I need you to convert what are currently 4 graphic banners into html text. Then add the ability to edit this text within the admin section – and add links to these editors from the admin section as well.

6. I currently have an area in the admin to view the registrants and export that data. The registration forms and database structure have changed now though – so need you to update this admin area with the new database fields.

7. Work with me to test the site out, as well as the new forms and make sure everything stores to database and works well.

If you do a good job on this project, there will be immediate, future work from it – like adding on cart functionality. That will be posted as a separate project.

Please ask questions that you may have before bidding on this project.

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(URGENT) Gay Dating Site (adaptation Of An Opensource) – PHP


i need to create a similar copy of a gay dating site, by making some adaptations to an opensource php script.
The script is osDate by Tufat and i need to make real-time alerts of winks, visits, favourite members… (also image management) and change layout. I need a new design mostly for the homepage
Im looking for a long term job relationship and i want to work with people that have good attitude to the project and feel it as theirs.
I need them to work on this project most of the time as i need it urgently.

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PHP Site Within A Site That Also Has Corp/ind. Sign In

I am working on a web site that has a requirement for a web site within a website accessible via sign in and password that will get users into a library area with two of three pages of library (ebooks, videos etc.) of educational items available to subscribers.

While we are going to have individual subscribers who will just log in through a sign in link on the front page of the site, we are also going to have a variety of institutional/corporate subscribers who we want to be identified in some way with both a institutional and individual identity which will stay with them when they are visiting the site. So we would need a way to generate a code automatically for the individual as well as institutional user.

I am open to any ideas – and I need a working example by June 23 to demonstrate to the client on June 24.

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RateMDs Type Of Rating Site – PHP, Drupal, Possibly Zend

I need someone to develop the backend of a Drupal based website that will feature user generated doctor ratings, similar to or

I will provide the architecture (sitemaps and wireframes), design and even the Drupal theme, ready to go.

Data records are already in hand.
Each record currently contains around 10 fields, (like name, address zip, etc.), but may be exapnded at a later time.
Users provide ratings based 5-10 questions, where they provide a 1-5 star rating.
Users may also provide a general text comment/review.
Questions/Rating form fields may be expanded and/or revised, at a later time.

Data record pages can be found by:
1. Browsing categories (Specialty, State/Zip, etc)
2. Search by Zip or City/State
3. Search by Name

Site will include a number static pages.
Site will include out of the box Drupal Forums and a Blog.
Site will also include Google mapping of data records using existing Druapl plugin(s).

Site will only include data records for USA in initial phase.

Open to any suggested functionality.

Other items the site will include:
General Site Search functionality
Space for Banner Ads/Google Ad Words

Site functionality will be expanded in Phase 2, at a later time to include:
User registration and profiles (Can add their doctors to their profile and be emailed when new ratings are posted), etc.
Doctor registration and ability to add to or edit profile information (text, photos, etc) and post responses to ratings.

Please ask specific questions about any other details not inlcuded here.
Please send samples of work, and resume or work history.

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Convert Existing Site From PHP To RoR With Sphinx

Need to convert existing site on RubyOnRails(RoR)with Sphinx.

Let me give u an overview about the site–

Couon Section:
it involves– coupon posting through merchant controle panel, coupon display as per the local US zip, coupon image creation on fly and coupon print.

Business Search:
it involves– business search by business name, category or tag and business location.

Business Listing:
it involves– display business details on business listing page, blog posting and display, blog commenting, business review, coupon display if they have any, user can join any business(B2C) or business can join any business(B2B). Every merchant can post, multiple business for multiple locations and can manage all the business related activities from its controle panel.

NOTE: I want to only those developer to bid who are very confident about handling site with HUGE DB and can make the search page run faster. Business search shouldnt take more then 6 sec.
Project should be develivered within 60 working days.

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Quiz Site Php?

I need a site where users can log in and view a list of quizzes and questionnaires.
Each quiz must create a score that is stored in a user space or dashboard for each user, providing a list of quizzes taken and the results gained in them.

I assume this would work best with php/mysql from my limited knowledge

I would like scope to re-design so basic css only and the code for the login, quizzes and dashboard needed but would like help with the implementation and how to create future content if necessary.

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Convert Utube To Mp3

Im looking to create a script that will convert youtube videos to mp3. The user should be able to provide the youtube url, or search for the video through the script, and then download the mp3.

Wed like all of the features as seen on this site –

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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TWO – Flex 3.0 Projects


We have two projects in Flex 3.0 .Need to get TWO providers to do this. Freelancers and Companies Welcomed.

Knowledge of any 3D engine would be preferred.

We are looking for people located in Delhi/NCR as it requires On-site visits as well.

More details will be shared with selected few.

Need to start this in next 72 hours.


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Flex Site Skinning

I have a Facebook app running in Flex that needs reskinning. Design is done by graphic designer as PSD, but needs to be implemented in Flex. Custom buttons, scroll bar, chat box, fonts etc. The job is to get the Flex version to match as closely as possible to the PSD elements. Im uploading screenshot with this post.

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Hotel Site In Php

Im willing to pay $160-240 for this work. Since I have so many projects I normally choose someone quickly. So make sure to check you messages that day once youve bid on the project.

Id like it to be in joomla, drupal, or wordpress, but I am open to a custom php solution if you have one.

The site is a travel portal based on Tour(remove_this) download solution
You can find documentation on http://support.tour(remove_this)

There is some design work with this job, but it is mostly programming.

A. Admin area:
1. http://www.hotel(remove_this)
I would like to use a geolocation database (about 35.000) which include all main travel locations with lat and long coordinates. this database I want to use as a autocomplete search box for end users and for suppliers when pointing their offer on a city/location. As it will not be shown as a tree, i want to make them available by default for all sections (accomodation, gudes, pack, etc)
Autocomplete should behave like it does in the search box on http://search.hotel(remove_this)
After submitting basic info data, on offers profile, the map should open centered on citys coordinates.
Lat and Long coordinates of each city are defined in the database provided.
Webmaster should be able to update the cities database.
2. I want to make different tipes of suppliers with different level of acces/rights. I would like to make this. i.e.: availability should not be editable for standard supplyer (only for gold) or only a certain number of offers will be possible to publish i.e.: standard users 10 offers, gold users 50 offers.
Here is a list of tipe of users. See below:

1. Can publish 1 offer with intro infos (no showcases) + descriptions
2. Can publish 1 offer with intro infos + descriptions
3. Can publish 1 offer with intro infos + descriptions + prices & availability + advanced features (full rights)
4. Can publish 10 offers with intro infos (no showcases) + descriptions
5. Can publish 10 offers with intro infos + descriptions
6. Can publish 10 offers with intro infos + descriptions + prices & availability + advanced features (full rights)
7. Can publish 50 offers with intro infos (no showcases) + descriptions
8. Can publish 50 offers with intro infos + descriptions
9. Can publish 50 offers with intro infos + descriptions + prices & availability + advanced features (full rights)
10. Can publish unlimited offers with intro infos (no showcases) + descriptions
11. Can publish unlimited offers with intro infos + descriptions
12. Can publish unlimited offers with intro infos + descriptions + prices & availability + advanced features (full rights)

3. Exchange rates for different curency should be updated through a xml or web service from Romanian national Bank or other global service

4. On the administration area for the hotel facilities there are customizable standard facilities. as different many residences have their own specific facilities like "condoms in the room" 🙂 in order to avoid to overcharge the list of standard facilities i would like to create custom list of facilities saved only for that user who uses them.

5. I would like to implement a Dutch auction (reversed auction) it means the traveler says where, when, for how long and which budget and suppliers publish/participate to the auction live on the portal. They post their offers on TW pattern. it means their offers will be saved as normal catalogue offers.
The Auction will function like on
"Employers" will be travellers (end users) while "freelancers" will be the suppliers registered.
In the public area a traveller will open an auction defining his needs on a pattern:
City, *
Type of travel (accomodation, package)*
Period *
Number of persons
Other information that are not mandatory.
Then suppliers will be able to submit their offers
-either by creating new ones and save as catalog offers too
-or by bounding their already created catalog items to the auction.

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Ringtone E Commerce Site PHP

We are looking to have built A ringtone Ecommerce solution. We want to be able to sell ringtones as straight digital downloads as well as ringtones sent directly to cell phones via SMS.

verify users mobile number activation code should be send to their mobile.

be editable from admin panel.

user should can send sms ,mms, video, wallpaper ,ringtones,music,mobile game to any mobile number.

free mms or ringtone and paid section

mass newsletter or sms or mms to all registered user function

schedule function for send specified content to users mobiles

quiz section and rating

send different notification to users like: upgrade your membership , your credit will be expire in …days, or any other that can be edit by admin-panel

under any wallpaper or ringtone or other content these linked require send to friend, buy ,download ,listen or show ,more info, download direct…..

integrated ecommerce shopping card for add any products

different section and categories like mobile ,wallpaper ,programs,games,ringtones

automatic schedule for send joke or horoscope content

user should be can chose which content want to receive in their mobile every day ,week or month for example joke ,horoscope ,games,
this content can be edit as paid or free by admin

Also the ability to sample the different ringtones.

If you can do this type of project, especially if you have done this type of project, we want to hear from you as soon as you can.


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Update Oscommerce To Php5

I am looking for a programmer to update an existing osCommerce webshop to run on a PHP5 server. It is a customized site where all the files haven altered manually:
The job has to be ready today or tomorrow.

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Assist in development of php site for familes

will provide more details upon request

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FLEX _Actionscript guys

Hi, we are looking at the moment for extra partner. This partner must do many FLEX – AS 2, 3 jobs.

We looking for long term partner only SENIORS (no Juniors)that can work for cheap rates, we have plenty of work.

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PHP coding needed

I have a PHP site, a portal with userprofiles, which needs to be upgraded with some new features.

I have uploaded a description of the features i need to have programmed.

Please contact me if you are interrested and feel free to contact my with any questions regarding the project.


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DMOZ listing Help

If you can guarantee our site (PR2, good site) get listed on DMOZ, bid on this project.

Will wait for max 2 month for result. Youll be paid only when site is listed.

We are flexible on category you chose for the site. Getting it listed
is more important than get it into the exact category.

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