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Ebay Sellers Wanted — High % Per Sale -300$ Per Day

We are looking for productive eBay sellers. At first you will be listing around 1-2 items daily , after a certain period of time you will be listing more . Some of our sellers are making $350+ a day.

—-Youll need an eBay account with a decent amount of Positive Feedback. You will be listing on eBay US & UK and sometimes Canada .
—-Your eBay, Paypal & Amazon account must be more than 6 months old. Preferably more than a year old.
—-You must have a valid, working and completely unlimited verified Paypal account which has been used often for transactions (So payments dont get held). You must not have any sending or receiving limits.
—You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list items and create sales reports.
—-You should be experienced in selling; I will provide listing descriptions, images etc.; I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself.

—–Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now).
—–You will receive 10% per sale; you will be selling more than one item per day.
—–We will pay eBay, Amazon & Paypal fees.
—–Shipping for items is free.
—–You will send a sales report at the end of each day; items will be posted the next working day.
—–Your eBay, Paypal fees & commission stays with you when you pass on the payment.
—–Items will be shipped once I receive payment and tracking numbers will be provided with most items.
—–Support questions will be forwarded to me and I will write the reply to send.

Please include your eBay ID in PMB with your bid.

This is commission based Only , so your bid is just to start communications and to get started .
Thanks !!!!!

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Seller For High End Clothing And Accessories

Im looking for someone who sells on ebay to sell for me. These will be handbags and shoes. You must be familliar with selling high end stuff. Everything I sell is high end and authentic 100% guaranteed. I will pay ebay fees. I will pay $10.00 for each item sold. Must be able to use stock photos.

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Payment Integration With

I need to have the VOICE-PAY.COM payment integration made.

The user would click on amount ,invoice no and company name .

When he goes to the next page,he would be asked to fill in the details for his credit card.

We have an account with Voice pay.It needs to be integrated with the same.This is not a cart.This is one time purchase and the user enters the amount here.

You need to have payment integration skills.

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Call Centers To Sell Credit Repair – We Pay $50 Per Sale

We are a credit repair company in the U.S. seeking call centers who would like to use their own leads to close sales for us. We pay $50 per sale.

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Need Signups

I need 50 – 500 Signups

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URGENT EBay Sellers Needed| $100 Per Item.

I need at least 5 – 10 sellers, who have eBay seller account preferably with feedbacks and know how to create one if needed to.

You will be posting around 10 auctions or more per week and you need to post it on eBay US ( I will e-mail you the details of what auctions to post up
(including images, descriptions etc., its just copy + paste) daily.

This work should take less than 1 hour per day. I need someone who can post the auction quickly .I will pay all seller fees that eBay will charge you and your pay.

If youre interested, please PM me ASAP:

IF you able to start work immediately you will earn $150-$200 per item sold + eBay and paypal fees ! You need to have verified PayPal and some feedback.
I want YOU & I to build trustworthy, mutually profitable, long term business relationship.

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Can You Writer On Legal Issues In The US? $2 Per Article

I need someone who can write on legal issues in the US. I have tons of legal works. If youre a lawyer, or a law student, thatll be nice. If you think you can write, pls place your bid. I can pay $2 per article.(350 to 450 words)

Pls as soon as possible.

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Can You Sell This IPad Case

Looking for individuals to create accounts at the following link in order to sell my product:

You will receive commission on every on that is sold. Please contact me with your thoughts/plans/etc for pushing this product. If you are confident you can increase sells for this product and have a good track record Id consider paying a fixed cost for you to execute your plan. I would check your effectiveness by viewing your affiliate sales statistics.

In addition to the revenue you receive from Quirky, Id pay a extra $2 per case sold (200 max). Product just launched yesterday, Google Quirky Cloak and look how much buzz the product is generating. Easy Sell

2 dollar per case bonus would be paid after product hits presale numbers to ensure users do not commit to purchase and back out.

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200 bingo articles needed , $0.3 each

Write any topic about bingo , online bingo , free bingo ,uk bingo ….No restrict .
400 words pre articles .
200 articles needed .
$0.3 per articles

I can pay $60 for the 200 articles.

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warning when I open my customer website

open and you get warning of malicious code

I want that removed from backend

I can give cpanel and ftp

I need it done now and can pay max 25 usd

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MS Accs

Hi Everybody,
I need myspace 30 accs per day for 30 days.I can pay $30 for the whole project.I will give you profile and images.The money will be in escrow.I will pay in two times.After 15 days and 30 days.The accs should be last for minimum 15 days.At the end of 15 days, i will pay for only working accs.I will choose experienced provider immediately

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Writers needed URGENTLY for longterm work.Starting at $1 per 500 words.

We at Poweronics need fresh as well as experienced writers for longterm ongoing article/content/essay/report writing projects.
We can pay $1 per 500 words artcile/content for original writing in start.We are willing to increase the rate in future if feasible.
Please read following details before bidding:
1.You must be able to deliver minimum 2500 words(5,500 words articles)daily/24 hours.
2.You must be able to meet deadlines.Delay may result in payment cut or no payment at all.
3.You must check your work at copyscape before submitting.You may have to rewrite if your articles fail copyscape or have spelling/grammar mistakes
4.You will be paid through paypal after completion and approval of articles.
5.You have to send a sample with your bid.
Please bid for 30 articles to begin with.

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Need someone to tune up my WP theme

I need someone who knows WordPress.

The job is small, just tune up a little bit my wordpress theme

The tasks are:
-Adding a table (not literally) with tabs just like the one on (the one over the content with 3 tabs)
-Tune up the comment form
-Make trackbacks look diffrent for normal comments
-Create a top bar (like the one on that shows different posts. Like a blog netowkr bar that shows the last posts in each blog that belongs to the network. The bar will be located in my 3 blogs.

Im looking for something cheap, but if you have good experience I can pay more.

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700 Words Articles Required , $1 Per Articles

Bingo sites reviews articles

Please note :All the articles should be complete within 7 days (1 weeks), If you cant ,dont bid please .thanks.
the articles for $1 per articles ,If you cant accept , dont bid please .

1. You must be familiar with online bingo
If you are not familiar with online bingo , Dont bid please!
articles examples :
Gala bingo reviews
mecca bingo reviews
2. Min 700 words per article
3. Good SEO write format. Important !
4. No plagiarism , please check on before you submit to me .Important !
5. All articles to be grammatically correct with no errors in English
6. Complete all 40 articles within 7 days
7. $1 per articles Max , I can pay $40 for the 40 articles.
PM me one sample if you can.

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Posters: Forum and Comment

I need forum and comment posters.

1. You should have or you can find list of forums that allow signatures.

2. You should have or you can find blogs that allow comments. If you can find dofollow blogs, that would be good, but it is not necessary.

3. Your post on forums and blogs have to be approved.

This is a long term project. I can pay $0.15 per post on comment or forum. I would prefer you to be able to use different IPs because I have 6 different URLs. I am willing to spend $3 a day.

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t-shirt print designer

Who can make a full cloon of

Including the database behind the front to import

products, sizes, colours, prices.
printing possibilities FLex, klock, fluor, transfer
fonts with sizes

Furthermore the artwork must be trnasfered to aan A3 printready PDF high resolution.

And an open architecture to implement local paying systems like credit card payment or alike

We want to have the source.

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