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Voipswitch CDR Module


We need CDR module for our VPS to display and download call logs for our modules.

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Asterisk CDR Report

I need PHP script which which extract the following details from my Asterisk CDR for any given DID which is being stored in `userfield`.

> Date-Time
> DID (I am recording this is `userfield`)
> t1 (time when call was received)
> t2 (time when call was answered by agent)
> t3 (time when call was hung-up)
> t4 (Hold time: t2-t1)
> t5 (Talk time: t3-t2)

Fancy HTML etc is not required. Just simple tabulation will do.

Call Flow:
[caller] -> [Trixbox IVR] -> [Trixbox Call Queue] -> [Trixbox Human Operator]

I can send a sample of about 100-200 records from my CDR.

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Convert .PSD To .CDR Format With Layers For Business Card

I have two business cards front and back in .psd file . i want to convert that to .cdr file for printing . it must be layer based.

paying $6 for both cards .

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CURL Shell Script


We have a simple shell command like this:

for xmlcdrfile in *.cdr.xml; do curl -X POST –basic -u "UUUUUUU:PPPPPP" -d cdr=$(cat $xmlcdrfile) http://XXXXXXXX; done

which can be run to post files to an app server. It responds normally with a 200 OK. The addition of rm $xmlcdrfile before the done also deletes the file.

However,, if the post is unsuccessful the file gets deleted anyway.

We would like the above modifying so it can be safely run in cron and will only ever delete a file which has been sucesfully posted. In the event of an error, it should pass the file and process the next one.

Very quick job for someone who knows what theyre doing with shell!


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Copy & Paste Images From 95 Web Pages


I need someone to visit 95 webpages on my website and copy and paste all the images into a CorelDRAW file.

I need a separate CDR (CorelDRAW) file for each page and each image should have its own page within that file.

Each CDR file should be named with the link I give you (e.g. Nailon Plates will look like this: nailon-plates-02.cdr the 02 stands for the number of pages within the file, in this case there are two.

I will provide the page links in a word file.

The successful applicant will need CorelDRAW on their machine (no later than X3), and a web browser

Budget $50 – Bonus will be provided for fast service.

Thank you

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Asterisk / CDR Reports


based on asterisk cdr database ( mysql ) i need to have web based reports to help me analyse
the traffic in my server. Find reports i need :

1. Hourly traffic ( based on answered calls from a specific accountcode – including ASR | ACD |
Total minutes.
2. Daily Traffic ( based on answered calls from a specific accountcode – including ASR | ACD |
Total minutes.

You can use as model to start.

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Need To Edit DWG And CDR Files

We need to edit files (DWG and CDR) for 4 products.
Each product has 2 types of files:
– Product manual
– Dimensions

The product manual will need to be edited a bit with its current english content.
Also we need to create a French version of these files. We have the French text we just need to put it in the English format.

The dimension files will need to be edited a bit as we need to modify a few numbers in each.

Although simple this work requires great attention to detail.

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SaaS Data Billing Internet Application Platform

I am looking for a professional or team that can develop a SaaS application to process CDR from multiple mobile network operator (I will provide sample CDR) and present the bill to the client. The application will be hosted on a web server

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Custom Shirts For Screen Printing Company

This bid is to completely redo existing website. The Company is a full service screenprinting embroidery and promotional product company. The websites main feature is online designing as seen at and We expect to need no more than 20 pages at this time. We will also need another page similar to where consumers fill in the blank and a custom shirt is created visually-we will provide all shirt templates in eps format or desired format. It will also have a shopping cart page for crystals where customers will need to upload their art. We also have catalogs supported by another host that needs to be placed into website.We have our own in house graphic designer so all artwork will be provided in eps or cdr (corel preferred) there are existing websites out there I want to redesign to make our own. Please log on to the mentioned websites prior to placing your bid. We also need to be trained on how to use website. Website creator with previous screen printing website developement preferred.

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Openser Config With CDRtool

I have a deployment of multiple openser servers. I need to install and configure CDRTool to work with these servers to produce CDR records.

1. All post paid accounts
2. 2 OpenSer Servers and 1 asterisk server
3. just need to view, rate, and store cdr records in database.

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Asterisk Proxmox A2billing Opensips Multi Tenant System

Project Background

Current infrastructure
multiple high power servers running proxmox


–vm-application web LAMP
–tftp server LAMP


.. and so on

-remote host (static Ip outside datacenter)
-host proxmox

the remote host is part of the cluster for managment.

The project scope is:
1.) install + configure opensips or other as sip register proxy front and then register with corespdoning host/vm within network.
1a.) configure proxy or additional proxy as termination / LCR signaling switch
1b.) need gui managment
2.) install + configure a2billing to read cdrs and bill monthly recurring subscriptions to end clients business tenants or home users.
2a.) customize a2billing to look like existing compnay website
2b.) paypal api for billing integration
3.) design application web (mimick freepbx) that sits ONLY on web to access all sub hosts and vms local or remote.
3a.) design/look to look like existing company website.
3b.) single sign on page. Tenant (host name interpreter/lookup) login/admin name (admin for vm), password.
3c.) multiple user interface (vm / tenant admin, operateor / manager, end user)
4.) customize script for auto install of new vms to mimick all settings.
5.) Central TFTP managment web gui to manage vm/tenant phones from one location. extension lookup from vm / tenant drop down box.

Please Note: When bidding on project, please make sure you have understanding of asterisk, network configuration, opensips and a2billing. If sending PM, please include a statement or diagram that you understand what we are looking to do, OR alternate method you have already implemented.

Thank you,

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CDR Remediation APP needed for Telecom Business

We are in the Telecom business and need someone who is familiar with the industry that has or can develop an application that will allow us to compare call detail records between our system and the vendors system and determine where discrepancies exist.

When a call is completed, the CDR rated and stored into an MS SQL 2008 database. When we receive a bill, if the total number minutes in our system does not match the bill, or if the amount is wrong, then the vendor send us their CDRs in a flat csv file format. We must import this file into our system in order to compare their records with ours. The following must happen in order to do this:

1. Their fields must be mapped to ours before import. The app you develop must allow us to pick which fields match our fields. Some companies use a start and stop time, other do not. Some enter the rate information, others dont. The system must be flexible enough to allow us to do the mapping and then save this as a template for future use.
2. Their CDR times must be syncronized with our times. Every server uses a different time zone and not every one will use ntp. As a result, there will be an time offset in order to line their records with ours.
3. A threshold must be set for discrepancies. For example, if we set it to 2%, any CDR with a discrepancy of less than 2% will be ignored. Typically, the number of minutes billed between systems will not match exactly.
4. One the CDRs are lined up by time, the fields are mapped and the data is imported into our SQL databse, an analysis must be done. This will create the following report:

a. Total minutes we show
b. Total minutes they show
c. Total number of extra/missing records
d. Total minutes over/underbilled by the vendor
e. Total dollar amount over/underbilled by the vendor

Once the report is generated, a csv file will be prepared for download which will contain the information necessary to show the vendor what CDRs contain discrepancies. Within the text file, there will be their CDR and ours on the same line to identify the discrepancies. These will be the disputed CDRs. Disputed CDRs will consist of the following:

a. Extra/missing records
d. Minutes over/underbilled
e. Inaccurate amounts over/underbilled

If you do not have any experience in the telecom field or have never done such a project, I recommend you do not bid as explaining the entire business and process flow will take up too much of both mine and your time.

Thank you.

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Project for Meral


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