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Get Images From RSS Feed And Display Them Full Screen

I need a simple app that will take all the images from, and display them full screen as a tab bar application.

– I dont need any titles or descriptions – just the images to be displayed full screen.
– It must be a tab bar application with a tab for an info screen
– The user must be able to "swipe" back and fourth in order to change pictures
– It should have a spot on the bottom for an ad view

I need this app to be done in 1-2 days MAX, so please ONLY bid if you are able to do it in a day or two.

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Banner Ad Modification & Change Pictures

Maketick Inc. failed to complete a project I was working on with them and I need someone to finish some details on the project. If you would like to bid on this project, submit a bid for $10 and I will send you the address for the web site. This way I will know you read the project. You can then look at the number of ads and pictures that will need to be changed. Then submit a revised bid and delivery time.

Banner Ad modifications to comply with standard banner sizes that can be changed from the CMS. The banner
sizes and positions will have to be modified accordingly to fit standard size ads. This also includes adding new banner positions to the pages that currently have placeholder ads. Ensure that this affiliate management process is set-up and functioning correctly.

Change out Most of the pictures on the site to new non-copywriten images.

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