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500 Subscribers, Comments And Ratings For YOUTUBE Channel!

– No bots
– No fake accounts
– No youtube violating techniques
– Real people
– Guaranteed results

Please – bids from serious providers only.

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Simple App For Iphone/Ipod/Ipad – For Our

we need a simple app to match the look and feel of our website

We want the app to have a quick splash page, show our logo, currently playing song or show(can be pulled from servers)

We also want the ability to change that images and links to stations our selves when needed, and would like the ability to have 1 advertisement spot on top of app also controlled by us. We also want to have a feature to give user ability to share the app in the form of a link to a page we will create on to showcase this app.

To summarize this project request is to develop a custom iphone app to stream our shoutcast AAC+ radio streams for 2 channels. We want a splash page with our logo, then have users land on a page with the hip-hop station playing. We only want stop and play buttons. We want the stream to automatically start when app is launched. We want to have a selection from each channel to switch to the other channel. (we in-vision a simple drop down) The default station page would be the Hip-Hop Channel, with a choice to switch to the electro channel) and we also want a feature to share the app and point them back to a page hosted on our site.

Budgets are tight for us with all of the bandwidth cost so i figured I would put this project out and see what can be done.

Also not a deal breaker in anyway but we would prefer someone who understand the Hip-Hop/DJ/Music culture and someone who appreciates what we are up to…. Thanks to everyone for reading this request! Peace Scan.

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Jetty / CometD / Java Sample App

I want some code that demonstrates the basic functions of a Java client talking to a Jetty server. So I need one or more very small Java client Apps and a simple Jetty servlet. All The code needs to use Jetty v7 and Cometd 2 or 2.1.

Id like the code delivered as Eclipse project(s). The code must be well commented in English!

Java Client App(s) features
1. Add a new channel. Type in the name of the channel and create the channel on the server.
2. Remove a channel. Type in the name of an existing channel and remove the channel on the server. If the channel doesnt exist then display an error.
3. List all channels. Display a list of all current channels from the Server
4. Subscribe to a channel and receive messages which are sent to that channel. Type in the name of a channel and a username. If the channel doesnt exist then return an error.
5. Send a message to a channel. Type in the name of a channel and a message.

I think that 1,2, and 3 can be the same app, but Im not sure if 4 and 5 need to be separate apps. Im ok with 5 separate apps if that is quicker. The UI can be command line, console or gui, which ever is quickest to develop.

Ive also one servlet developed using cometd which runs on the Jetty server and handles the Java client apps client requests.

Please indicate your experience with Jetty/CometD and how quickly you can deliver.

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Youtube Partner Channel Design


Over a month ago I became a youtube partner.
I am looking for someone to create a cool Youtube partner design, with an interesting (male) background. Along with a banner at the top of the page. (including Twitter, facebook – and a future possibility for a website url)

I am then looking for a Video page banner which will appear the video, which matches the Youtube Partner Channel pages design.

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SEO For Existing Blog And YouTube Channel

Im looking for an SEO expert to help promoting our existing blog and YouTube channel to target audience.

Were in a the camera industry and ONLY want to attract people who are interested in photography, be they amateur or professional. We do not want to attract all people. So no spamming, no cross-linkings, bulk or chain emails.

We have our own content providers and we update our blog and YouTube channel thrice a week. So what I need is someone who is able to attract our target audience to read the blog and watch our YouTube channel. This job is strategic. You are required to provide marketing and SEO strategy, not only coding works.

WHITE HAT only. You must observe all guidelines from search engines and NO DECEPTION whatsoever. You must ensure that the content a search engine indexes and subsequently ranks is the same content a user will see. No hidden text, no porn links, no spam. This is a long term marketing project so we are not looking for short term result.

Interested parties, please send me your education background, work experience and profile with similar projects handled, preferably with links, and references from your previous buyer/employer. Please also send a brief proposal on how you will handle this job. If you have long term strategy, please include it in your proposal.

I use this project to test water and expect to see some result in 30 days. I dont need dramatic increase in viewers/readers. I just need to see a steady increase on traffic and confirm whether the strategy works. If it does, it could become a long term project for our company. So bid only if you consider it as long term strategic project. No quick money earners please.

We can only pay with PayPal. If you cant receive PayPal payment, dont bid.

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Roku Channel Development And Live Streaming


-Roku channel development with multiple live channges and VODs
-All VODs will be provided
-Live stream will be run through Adobe encoder or Wirecast
-Within one app. We need multiple live feeds and VODs
-Need to find hosting provider that can provide live stream hosting compatible with Roku and can
also be compatible with other devices like iPhone and Android

***Only bid if
-Have experience in building Roku channels or willing to learn how to develop channels for the long term
-before bidding goto roku site and download the sdk with sample apps and understand the development of the app
roku providers more than enough documentation if you want to learn
– We also need help in finding hosting provider for the Roku channel. Wowza hosting is the best for Roku channels. Need quality and competitve price

**PM me saying that you went to Roku site and downloaded the sdk. You understand the project. If you dont PM me with your
bid, that mean you did not read the whole project and do not understand the details.

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Custom Youtube Channel And Facebook Page

Im looking to have someone create a custom youtube banner and give the page a nice feel and also flare up my facebook page. I run a Sports Product/Training Business called Project Vertical.

I would like something utilizing my current logo and perhaps a couple photos I can provide.

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Promotion And Traffic Building For Hip Hop Online Channel

We operate a leading hip hop online channel in Asia with content both in English and Chinese ( Main attraction of the site are latest videos from famous hip hop/RnB artists; fresh news and articles related to music, media and business of hip hop; music files from famous and up and coming artists; info about new talent on the international and local scenes. We are looking for help to promote the site on: facebook, myspace, local video channels and local search engines. We are mainly interested by these markets: Asia, Asia/Pacific and North America.

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Youtube Video Views And SEO

We need to increase the view of our youtube video – it should be very fair no junk click/ automatic clicks currently its below 100 i need around 5000 view of the video
my channel contains around 8 videos on youtube opensourcebista is the channel name.

kindly let me know the time and bid pricing either on a per view basis or the maximum views you can increase in 10 days of time – remember the views should be genuine. – no fake views

Happy Bidding!

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Ebay And Channel Advisor HTML Templates

We require someone with experience in Ebay Stores design and HTML listing templates for channel advisor. It will be ongoing work designing and updating our store and creating templates for new products.

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Roku Private Channel Develpoment

I need a Roku private channel developed so as to stream live video content from our website to the roku box. it needs to have our name/logo as the main icon page then have a multiple menu beyond that where we can select individual video feeds from different sites. if possible I would like to remove the roku name and icon from main page and replace with our own name or have our own name directly under the roku name on home page.

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Youtube Channel Background

I need a costumized youtube channel background, Please look at the examples of what I am looking for.

If you are able to do this please apply as soon as possible and send me some sample of your work.


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Simple Javascript To Interface Channel List To Embedded VLC

Real simple, i have a text file on a server and need some code javascript code to read this text file, display the channel names on the side of a VLC Embedded Player and when clicked start the stream playing.

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Youtube Channel Video Presenter

This is very interesting for us, 1st time we are trying something like this for our website. Itll be continues work for someone who love to seat in front of their video camera and record something for rest of the world. We would like to get some who has Uk,Aussie and US accent along with decent face for youtube.

You will be upload new news about company, weekly technology update, new project reviews on our youtube channel.

By profession we are webdesign and Voip based phone system company,

Is summery if you have nice face,voice and confident of facing camera please drop a few lines for us.

Keywords – Skype,Joomla webdesign, asterisk,internet, technology news

Budget – $ 50

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Custom Twitter Page And YouTube Channel


Ive just had a custom facebook page created and would like a twitter page and youtube channel to match.

Please refer to cbc televisions you tube channel for an idea of the layout we want there.

Look at such pages as and for ideas. They are crisp and clean.

We are also modelling our current website – and want to have brand continuity

Thank you

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Social Networking Site Upgrade

I have a social networking website a little similar to Facebook up and running…
I am looking for several upgrades…
I am not using Drupal or other any other software so keep that in mind…

I am looking for several applications to be embedded into the existing network
1) I want to add Send a Text message option to send a text through my sms gateway( I have also have the basic sms script ready for use)
2) I want to add audio and video conferencing application among FRIENDS Only(where they create a private channel and their friends join through a channel# and a passcode)
3) I also wanted to integrate Facebook through Facebook Connect!
4) I also want to include side banners for better advertisements!

I used up a lot of my budget in getting the social networking website built so I am looking for the lowest bid!
If you have a lot of experience and can deliver HIGH QUALITY, I will definitely consider your bid.

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SEO To Remove Negative Rip Off Report In Search Results


Google Search: elijah bells funeral service

Rip Off Report as the top result must be removed or pushed down.

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Roku Channel Development

We want to develop a new channel for the ROKU player.

We need a BrightScript programmer for that.

The application must be able to play live as well as VOD content from provided urls

Previous experience of ROKU app/channel development experience is must or preferred.

We have a Live stream already. We are in need of help with server setup and ideally a good deal with a CDN.

Must have Roku and brightscript channel experience.

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Streaming Video App Needed – Roku, Android

Application is needed for a streaming Roku player. SDK is provided and simple programming is needed to intergrate the contents into the app.


-Custom white lable Roku channel with Live, on demand, and playlist
-Ads needed to inserted from video ad network (Yume or other leading platform)
-Live feed can changed through xml
-Intergration with live hosted stream

Sample templates and SDK is available on (Posting of contact details is prohibited by

Payment will made after channel is live under channel store. 5 more projects will be awarded once project 1 is completed
Provide samples of previous work.

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Need Subscribers To My Blog And Youtube Channel

I need legitimate subscribers to my blog and my youtube channel.

If you think you can do it, inbox me and I will give you links to both, and you need to tell me how you will go about getting subscribers.

I would like as many subscribers as possible, and pay will depend on the amount of subscribers you can get.

Any questions let me know



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Roku Channel Development

I have a lot of work for developers that can develop channel for IPTV Set-top boxes such as Roku, Boxee, PopHour, Andriod, Apple TV, Iphone, Ipad and etc. We will start with one live channel and sub categories in it. Please dont bid on this project unless you can deliver quality, bug free work and can handle a lot of work.

This is a simple project that will have much more work to follow!

We want to develop a new channel for the ROKU and other Players.

We need a BrightScript programmer for this channel development.

The application must be able to play live as well as VOD content from provided urls

Previous experience of ROKU app/channel development experience is must.

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Installation Of Pirum Pear Channel

Looking for a developer that is able to install + test + document (few lines are enough) a pear channel based on pirum-project.

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RTMP Site Streaming

I want a very simple system for rtmp live broadcast its just a few hours of programming. using red5 for generate rtmp address, 3 pages 1 – page for type the channel name and acept terms. 2-page for show the details about the stream, rtmp, stream field, link to channel 3- play page using jw player, embed address and viewers number) users use adobe flash media live encoder for broadcast.

Programming language: PHP
Database : Mysql

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Youtube Channel Promoting

I need someone who can promote my channel/get me views so I can reach at least 1000 subscribers quickly

– They need to be real people who are legitimately interested in my channel.

– My channel is a scienced-based video blog talking about interesting things in science and other news, with a comedic aspect.

I will message my youtube channel to the person I select.

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Installation Of Pear Channel In Preinstalled Environment

Looking for a developer that is able to install this:

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Roku Application Channel Development

Aloha Developers!

Are you looking for steady work? There can be dozens of these channels when this project is completed so do not respond unless you can handle creating more of these Roku channels.

This is a simple project that will have much more work to follow!

We want to develop a new channel for the ROKU player.

We need a BrightScript programmer for that.

The application must be able to play live as well as VOD content from provided urls

Previous experience of ROKU app/channel development experience is must or preferred.

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Need Youtube Channel Customization

Need youtube channel customization.

paying $15 for this .

PM me with your past work on youtube channel

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Iphone / Ipad App For Live Streaming


we need an application for video streaming for ipad and iphone.

Description: the user opens the application and views the channel list with title and thumb (this data must be downloaded by the application from our server by http request. together with this data, our server, will give the url/ip address for streaming server but this option must not be shown to user in aplpication and use only for show the streaming).

The user click in a channel and the application show the live streaming, protocol is m3u8 supported by quicktime.

The user have one month to free access on every channel, after he must pay a subscription with credit card (channel for channel) for example for 1 month, 6month or 1 year (all channel have the same price). The data about subscription must be download from our service (list of: title, duration, price).

So after the first month the user can access only for the channel where he have valid subscription, and it can show all the channell with valid subscription in a tab of the application for rapid access on them.

The applciation must be in Italian and English language.

we need also the pubblication of the app in the appstore.

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TV Channel Consulting

We like to start up a local television station, but we like to do it good.

Im looking for somebody who can help me creating an environment for an online television channel (e.g. youtube channel)

You are a cameramen, broadcast professional or a studio guy with proven experience.

We have nothing.

This consultancy job will include brainstorming about
– The list of video equipment we need, and why we need it
cameras, microphones, lights, studio stuff, processing
– Mac hardware and software with their strenght and weakness
– Intelligent overlay generators, newstickers, logo placement, general branding
– Sourcing a professional cool general concept, channel teasers, intro movies, ad block, news intro production supplier

regular consulting job for the right, creative and experienced person

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Roku Channel

Small Online TV network providing niche product information channels.
We are interested in creating ROKU channels (apps) where users can watch our broadcasts.

Please PMB for additional information if required. To start, only one channel will be required so please base it on that and static content.

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