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Simple Pre-loader Action Script Needed


I designed some animations in flash for my website. But its a bit too big.
So I need a pre-loader which can use my graphics ( two hands showing 1 to 10 with fingers) to show how many percent were loaded.
And for different pages I need to be able to load external SWF flies in the same page.
And can I export it in HTML5 format as well ? So when someone with ipad opens it up it changes to html5 ?


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External Voting Button

I currently have 2 sites. One is built on Hotaru CMS with voting / bookmarking script. I added the External Voting Button that allows users to add the voting button to their websites. I want to add the voting button to my website number 2 which is built on buddypress. I want this external voting button to be added to the buddypress bp_sitewide_posts_widget. This would allow users to vote on individual blog posts throughout the buddypress community.

Hotaru CMS uses this script <code><script type="text/javascript">submit_url = "URL OF THE POST";</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></code> to add the button to external sites with multiple posts. I need the code to be written on buddypress, that dynamically inserts the url of each feed from BP-Sitewide_posts_widget.

This project requires someone with extensive knowledge of the Buddypress core.

01/29/2011 at 0:46 EST:

I think the external voting button has to tie into the buddy press script <?php bp_activity_action() ?> , but I am not sure how to do that?

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Get Value Of Input Field

This is example url:,CRK&a2=PRG&return=0&d1=161210&d2=

I need two things:

1. get name of the destination city (Prague) into variable somehow (it should read value of div or something like that)

2. want to make function when someone click the button (alert is enough for testing purposes).

Please take a note that i can modify only headers and footers (no ftp access).

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Bot For An Old 2d Iso

I play an old 2d isomentric game called The Myth of Soma (similar to legends of mir / diablo 1)

I am looking for a bot that will detect monsters on the screens and auto attack one at a time (left click and hold)
this would preferably be an external program as opposed to a client edit.

for any genral gaming info go to

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Audio Play Button

I have a blog site call and we want to be able to do audio interviews and play them in our posted blog articles. I had a freelance make me one earlier this year but for some reason it would not play in several browsers, which is very annoying to our viewers. I need one very simular to the ones found on these pages;

I need this done asap

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