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Adpat Existing Php Site To WordPress

We have a clients site which we are converting to wordpress. Client has chosen a template and a couple of slider plugins, and we need someone with experience of wordpress to work with us to make the site perform and look like the client wants.

I have additional briefing notes for the shortlisted providers.

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Small Php Site Revamp

I have a small utility site that allows the sending of blogs to multiple NING networks. The site, as it is, doesnt look very friendly and is a bit confusing for people to try to use. There are also a couple of old defunct functions that need deleting and the editor used to publish the blogs needs updating so images can be uploaded from ones computer (at the moment, there is only the option to add them via URL). I would also like to insert a header image (that will be supplied).

I just want a tidy up of the site and for it to look better and be easier to use….

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Developper For Support Of An Existing Groupon Clone Site

We have a Groupon Clone Web Site running. (from for some customization work, like new templates, new enhancements, as well as new language support we are looking for a professional developer with the appropriate skills who can help us.

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Critical Php Site

Ive planned to make a critical site with php.
Please bid if you have confident on your skill.
Ill diascuss more when youll bid.

Happy bidding

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PHP Site For The Making

Php job.. To be done. Who wants to do it? You? You? Or You?

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2 Modifications In PHP Site.


My existing site is:
And soon it will launched for public. I just need 2 addons in site:

1) on the Join Page i.e I dont need so many fields, i just need Login ID, Password, Re password and email fields. Rest other information is needed in members area.

2) Payment gateway integration. Presently i holds CCavenue payment gateway, you need to include it in members area and once payment done member should be marked active. You also need to integrate Plimus payment button for International customers.

These are small task and quick one.

MAXIMUM i can pay is $25 + $50 = $75 for both task needed to end in 1 Day ONLY.

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Minor Adjustments To CSS On PHP Site

Very simple site adjustments on design of PHP site. Like changing background color, text color and moving some margins. Should only only take an hour for a pro.
I will have 2 sites that need the same adjustments. They use the same template.
No coding or graphic design. Just adjust the look of the site through the CSS that affect the PHP pages.

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PHP Site Minor Updates

For an active website we are looking for an experienced PHP specialist that can solve a number of minor fixes/user wishes. For instance a proper sorting order on a form, a form light redesign etc.

We request the following attitude:
– productive PHP development (PHP, Codeigniter experience)
– privacy of code/information
– good communication skills, knowledge of english
– available per direct

We select a developer based on hourly rate, skills and experience / references. We estimate the time needed as +- 30 hours with a possible extension based on the feedback. Please indicate your hourly rate and ability to arrange a skype video call.

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Php Site Project

I need to modify a script. My client bought software that does some of the functions he wants.

Ill pay $200-250 for this work. I need it done in 3 weeks or less.

What work he needs done is (and done in this order)

1. tie the script into his graphics
2. Setup the payment signup
3. Coop Setup
4. Funnels for replicated pages tie them into the new script
5. Basic contact setup – dont have to have it complete until after launch
6. Modification to the news section adding in calendar
7. Make to do section

Here is a full description of the work

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Php Site Made

I need a custom php site made. Ive having the homepage, about us, etc made, but I have the profile page made. And thats where most of the work will go. Youll chop up the homepage etc, when I get those.

Im willing to pay $200-250 for this work. It must be done in 3 weeks or less.

The site will be like ab(remove_this) It will have all those links on the profile to the persons facebook, twitter etc page. You will just find apis that are out there to plug it into the site.
I will purchase a text app what you will put in so that the members can change the text to whatever font they want, but we wont let them pick the size.

Their info will be in a a little box. That box they can choose the color for and that box will extend longer if their profile info is long. Also next to favorites we are going to have buy buttons which connects to itunes. That will just be advertising sort of for the site.

Say they put in their profile They like


Thriller BUY

They click buy and it redirects to Itunes Thriller album.

The profile edit and dashboard need to be just as easy to use as ab(remove_this)

Also on the site will need to make a custom cms.

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Editing PHP Site

Project as described for George

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Finish Php Site

I need a php site finished up. Its 60% done. Email me and I can send you more details. I need this work done in the next 5 days. Ill pay $250-300 for this work.

I will send you a word doc when you message me. It has all the requirements and like 7 pages of just more notes. Just stuff giving more details to explain parts. Note that I dont have a itemized list of what is left to be one. Just go through the site and check it all out.

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Maintenance Of PHP Site (uses Pagination)

Am looking for someone to do some minor maintenance to an existing site (moving some items from sidebars to footer, minor graphics tweaking, etc).

For a reasonably experienced developer with PHP and some pagination knowledge I estimate the work effort to be about 3 hours including time to get familiar with the site.

Almost all the people that I have worked with on here have developed into more permanent roles, and this one is no exception. This update will be a try-out for a larger project that will be starting in about 3 weeks.

I realize that this project description is vague. Details will be provided at a later time or through private message board.

Payment terms:
Due to the small size of the transaction, full payment will be made upon completion of the project.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to working with you!

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Enhancements To Existing PHP Site.

I need some enhancements done to an existing site. Currently site uses mostly tables. Would like site converted to floating CSS. I would also like some minor enhancements to the site.

The site is at

When searching, it currently only returns products from sellers. I would like it to also return Teams looking to buy.

I would like to remove the "Browse by State" box and replace it with just a dropdown containing each state. I want to beable to choose a team (That I belong to) when I am logged in and view its other members. If I control the Team, I want to beable to modify the data associated with it.


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Tech Support 24/7 For PHP Site

Looking for 24/7 tech support for PHP sites. Quick responses and double checking your work.

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PSD Integration In PHP Site


Due to quite a few timewasters and non readers, I must repost.

I want to hire someone who is proficient in integrating PSD files to PHP sites.

Meaning you will convert to HTML and integrate the file.

If you have the skills then show me. If you take more than 20 minutes to respond to
any question, you will not get the project, so slow people can save their bids.

Budget for for first project is $150 MAX

Spammers subject to being reported to Freelancer

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Symple PHP Site Fixing

Dear Coder

I have site built in PHP,
due to some reason site is not working so need to do more analysis and fix the problem,

No any time waster because this is third party client so we need ASAP


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PHP Site Audit

I am looking for an experienced PHP programmer to do some testing of the PHP programing for my new membership site. You must have good English and use Skype as well as email for communication.

The site is

I would like a general look at the programming to make sure the site is optimised for SEO and there are a couple of issues that Id like resolved.

1. When I open the site in different browsers it appears magnified, I have to hit zoom out twice for it to look normal.

2. When the site is opened in different browsers sometimes it wont load and sometimes part of it wont load or the formatting on some pages is out.

Obviously I need the site to open perfectly every time and in every browser.

The winner of this project is to provide a short report outlining what issues they think might cause problems in the functioning of the site and what needs to be fixed.



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Blog Site Clone

I need to clone an iPhone blog
youve to study the blog, I want exact clone with different color scheme
please PM with price and time frame to complete


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Blog Site Clone

I need to clone an iPhone blog
youve to study the blog, I want exact clone with different color scheme
please PM with price and time frame to complete


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Dating Site Clone

Looking for an adult dating site, with simple features. Please only bid if you are comfortable
working with adult content.

I want something similar to I have chosen Python or PHP as language
and considering MySQL backend. You can use AJAX in the front end if you wish to make it more user friendly. But not required.

All features including admin section with the ability manage users, banner ads ect.

Our budget is very small, only bid if you can do with in our budget ($300). Please post past reference when you apply

Thank you.

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We need to have all the functionallity of these type of sites:,, I would prefer developers that already have a start on this or a website that they have created. Experience too.
Thank You

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Clone Site

We would like a site developed similar to this:

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Clone site


Im looking for a price comparison script / solution.

And I know a target site is made of osCommerce, if you are familar with OSC, plese PM me and I will pm the target site.

The script would accept .CVS, .XLS (maybe .XML) files containing items and prices from an admin panel.

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Easy job – clone a landing page


I would like to hire you, to clone an existing landing page design.
This project will take less than 2 hours to complete. It is easy.

You dont need to provide a content. Ill provide it in a Word document.

You will, however, need to clone the structure and the look and feel of this landing page:

I need the exact structure cloned, table above, intro paragraphs, then names of courses and review paragraphs, along with images of products (you can take them from the cloned site).

Just add H1 and H2 in css for headlines.

As for the heroshot image, please use a relevant image of a young man playing guitar (instead of smart guy), or any other image related to guitar playing.

My domain name is (you can name my site as "Guitar Courses Guide")

This is easy project. My budget is a maximum of 60$.

I will be paying FAST through Escrow

I want to thank you for reading my project. I appeciate it.


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