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Module For The CMS Dolphin 7

I need for someone who is familiar with Boonex or Dolhpin 7 social networking sites. I have one and I need a classifeid module added to my site.

Here is a sample.

You can find it on this page.

Must be able to do this in no more than 2 days.

Please no bids over $150 I will not accept.

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Module For The CMS Dolphin 7

Need to make analog service virtual dating
Here is the link to view what this is about

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Jquery Slideshow Module For CMS


Im looking for someone to create a module for a CMS that enables people to create a slideshow based in Jquery.
People will be able to create and upload images and edit them in the templates code later.

Thank you

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CMS System Development Help

Hi all.

I am looking for a reliable and skilled PHP, AJAX, WEB2.0 developer that can finalize my CMS system to my spesifications.

I need someone that have the touch and eye for a eyecandy system, this meaning that when developing, making clean and reliable scripts with a simple and good looking GUI for the users.

Good knowledge of other GNU CMS solutions (joomla, mamboo etc) are preferred!

Admin backend:
– complete some of the parts that are not 100% developed.
– library system (upload files with possibility to use with the wysiwyg editor, fck)
– page statistics and reports (completion or rebuild site stats system).
– handling of site menues
– Module addon system (a simple system to be able to create and upload new addon-module/plugins)

And a couple of other modifications

– functions and classes to display content (SEO functions built into cms).
– Menu handling
– secutiry handling

The main core system is basicly 90% ready and should not be a big job for a skilled developer to modify and complete. I have some spesific demands of the cms, and with the current development team it is taking to long to complete due to language issue and unreliable developer.

If you believe you are the man/woman to do this, and if you do an EXCELLENT job on it, I have 2 more projects that need developing/completion that I will strongly consider you for in the near future.


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ASP – Gallery Module For A CMS

We need improvement done on a gallery system, all of our team is currently busy on other projects,
we need an extra hand to help catch up on our deadline.

Here is the task description :

We have a content management system that enables our clients to modify the content of their websites
Each page is linked by an id number (i.e.:index.asp?id=4)

From our cms admin pages we can modify the site content

The current gallery system, has a one page admin section and is integrated in our cms.

The current gallery system allows our clients to:
– upload images
– delete uploaded images
– add images to the gallery (using a .mdb database)
– order the images in the gallery (from 1 to the number of images)
– modify the images in the gallery (Modify text, name and image file)
– The gallery images will show in the page that has id 4 (which corresponds to the page named "Gallery")
** So here the problem is that the gallery can only be displayed in one page –

We need these new functions added :
– link every image to an "image set"
– Have the possibility to view the gallery in other pages than "Gallery"
– Add the possibility to select what to show in each page:
– Show only one specific image set
– Show multiple image sets
– Show all image sets
– Dont show any images""
– In the admin section client will have to choose wich image set to edit
(so that the admin section only shows images from selected image set)

Only bid if you agree to the following :
– You must have a good eye for detail, be thorough, reliable.
– You code has to work exactly the same in Firefox and Internet Explorer, work will not be considered finished unless this requirement is met.
– It is really important that you achieve a professional finish to your work, no unfinished work will be paid.
– You must be able to communicate your process through yahoo messenger, without delays.
– You have to be 100% on this task until its done, do not work on an other project at the same time.
– We will pay you at the completion of the work.
– We will not pay into escrow, will not be paying in advance.
– Our payment terms are rigid – so once your bid is placed and accepted, no negotiations.

We are reasonable people – we are fair and honest and we expect the same in return from you.

Looking forward to receiving your bids and looking forward to finding a great person to work with.

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Drupal: Mini Module

Some years ago I was a phpCMS user and used this module:
It is an indepentend php script which can be easily included within php as Drupal allows.
I would like to do this without writing include() or require_once() on my own within the drupal CMS. instead i would like to click "add module block" or something like that and it may come into the site.
So it is really a very very simple drupal module.

I need it to be finished in the middle of next week (April, 8 latest) and will accept the cheapest bid which is serious. Please only add a bid if you are aware of writing a drupal module to make sure, it will not take you much time.
I was able write a typo3 module for this case, so i know, it will not mean much effort. But I have never written a drupal (v5/6) module which is said to be even easier.

Looking forward to your message.

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